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Billy Jack Haynes #5

Posted: February 29, 2008 in Billy Jack Haynes
Here’s the fifth email I received from Billy. Hang in there everyone, it gets better. Just layin it on ya like it happened with me. I’ll be commenting soon on all this as well.

Wed, 21 Nov 2007 17:55:05 -0800 (PST)


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michael franke murder

Rob there was (2) multnomah county police cars parked in front of my rental room of a house where I live at 2:30pm my yime 4:30pm yours. I’m well aware thanks to your e-mail that phil has talked to bruce probably phil may or may not know what this will do, and how bruce will react (bruce anderson is extremely pwerful rob) I’ve seen him in action. I would’nt put it past bruce to plant drugs on me arrest me and have me murdered.
bruce once told me he is the best worker or con man in the world and I was a close second, In54 years of life I’ve never seen a more hateful human in my life, kind a like vince mcmahon and I have listened and done what he told me what ro do. Stanford and katherine dunn are bruces to this and that students.
I ‘m asking you to e-mail WWeek writer Naquiss and ask him if he recall me in the summer of 2005 meeting him and asking about the 1987 WWeek article written by katherine dunn as a freelance writer, Nigel came through and found the article which now phil stanford has how???? Dunn wrote 3-4 more articles in 1994 in the PDX that called me the butthead of the month my head coming out of a human asshole, and the skanner, and another boxing article all negative and probably paid by bruce.
I recall bruce telling me many times to leave oregon, and my resonse was i was born and raised here as was mt boots and trunks. I dont fear bruce in fact I want the challenge, of my life to hold a national  press conference with you there of course and all bruce has is lies, not his side making any effort to free frank gable, when there has never been any evidence to free him cause if there is a re-trial many top oregonians are going down for the count arent they rob.
I sincerely think with your and my honesty we can free frank gable, and with the help of the public put goldy, bruce, mcalsister, giusto, penn, abel, and many more behind bars and in the public opinion forum.
I have much more to say as my memory returns faster. You’ve done frank gable such a good turn and good deed, for fuck sake man every human has a vice of some kind,(everyone) I’m reading more of your research now daily I get tears in my eyes from your truth, and I don’t want nothing but the truth either
Rob Taylor!…I’m going to be killed bruce told me this once if I ever crossed his new york accent path, through boxing or wrestling or frankes murder, and I was always checked for recorders for real man, the man is smart rob but he can be beat.
We must act extremely soon phil wants money, he wanted to write a book on me also, I’m  only
interested in getting an innocent man frank gable out of prison, give the million to frank gable for 16 years of hell behind bars. i want mu conscious cleared, I dont know what to make of kevin, godlove, bruce, or phil maybe $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ is their motivation maybe not, but you and I in less than 48 hrs have mirriored one another with the motivation to free frank gable, and without your site it would have never had a chance to work.
I’m the only living witness to frankes murder , but I saw the oregon state police their, as well as marion county squad cars parked at the dome bldg prior to frankes murder parked for 2 hours, they did move their patrol cars a few times, but if there consciences could clear and come forward to help us my god!
Once again I’m going to be killed and or blackmailed so let us talk further and have a national press conference Rob Taylor,  your the man Im not trying to take over here but I can handle bruce I honestly belive so, hes sintimidating to others like phil, katherine,etc…..thanks for your honesty Rob Taylor, though confused at sometimes honesty is what I stand for, wait until you see crime photos before
I had my face reconstructed at OHSU ICU Jan 10th,2006, I’m getting prepared for a war Rob Taylor the Wrestlemania-and-UFC combined!
to Rob Taylor (the man)
sincerely, BJH

David and Nic Sheff offer their own perspectives on Nic’s meth habit.

I’ve added both books to my book list on this site which include links to where you can read excerpts.

Father, son write about addiction – Biography and memoirs –

Here’s a little somethin I came across today that made me wanna puke…
Paper: Oregonian, The (Portland, OR)
Date: November 10, 1989

Summary: The Senate GOP leader vows to pay for using prison labor if
documentation is provided to him

Senate Republican leader C.T. “Cub” Houck said Thursday that he has
not paid the Corrections Department for his construction company’s use
of prison labor on a project five years ago.

Houck said the department’s prison industries program apparently never
billed Houck-Carrow Corp., in which he is a partner, for use of inmate
labor on a 1984 project at Salem Hospital. He estimated that the
company owes the department less than $240. Houck’s use of inmate labor for
the hospital is the subject of an investigation by the Oregon State
Government Ethics Commission.“All I need is the documentation and I’ll pay
the bill,” Houck said at a news conference in Salem’s Prime Rib
restaurant. Houck originally had called the news conference to release
documents that he said would exonerate him of any wrongdoing in the hospital

Houck-Carrow had a $28,000 contract with the hospital. The inmates were
used to salvage doors and other items from a building scheduled for

The commission began investigating Houck in June after a former prison
guard reported that the Republican senator from Salem had used
prisoners in a 1984 bank demolition project. Houck argued that he had used the
inmates at the request of prison officials. He said he had paid the
Penitentiary Industries program a competitive sum for the work, which
involved cleaning used bricks.

The inmates themselves received $3 per day, a sum set by statute for
the program. Now called Corrections Industries, the program allows
inmates to work building furniture and other items within the prison.
Occasionally, participants leave the prison to work on joint-venture projects
with private businesses.

The commission cleared Houck of using his office for private gain in
the case in September, finding that he did not profit by using prison
labor instead of private subcontractors. But it reopened its investigation
the next month after a former prison inmate alleged that Houck also
had used prison crews on the hospital project.

Betty Reynolds, executive director of the commission, has said that
Houck failed to disclose the second project under questioning by an
investigator. But Houck has argued that he is being harassed by the Ethics
Commission and refused to turn over documents on the project.

Commission members did not attend Houck’s news conference and did not
receive any of the inch-thick packet of records relating to the case.
Reynolds said she could not comment on the developments Thursday because
of the pending court case.

Houck, dressed in a dark business suit and wearing a U.S. flag lapel
pin, appeared confident that his statement would settle the allegations
against him.

“I stand here before you and my entire community today with honor and
pride,” he said. “. . . I have been personally subjected to a media
trial of rumors and innuendoes, which, I believe, have been disproved
beyond a shadow of a doubt.”

John DiLorenzo Jr., Houck’s lawyer, presented a half-hour defense of
his client in which he blamed the Corrections Department for poor

Corrections Industries “does not have so much as a file concerning the
Salem Hospital project,” DiLorenzo said.

Houck said he found a company memo from 1984 indicating that four
inmates worked on the project for a total of 48 hours. He said another memo
showed that he had agreed to pay the prison program $5 per hour for
each inmate, or a total of about $240. Because he could find no canceled
check or other evidence of payment, he said he assumed that the debt was

Darlene Fuls, fiscal manager of Corrections Industries, confirmed that
her staff was unable to find any record of the project. Consequently,
she said, she was unable to confirm the number of inmates who worked on
it or the terms of the agreement.

DiLorenzo said one explanation for the missing file could be that the
two Houck projects were lumped together. He said a review of Corrections
Industries records on the bank project showed that inmates were paid
for 37.5 days that they did not work.

Fuls said the Corrections Industries staff was not sure why the inmates
appeared to have been overpaid.

Although he was critical of Corrections Industries for not maintaining
adequate records, Houck defended Houck-Carrow Corp. for not catching
the apparent billing error.

“We’re like any other company,” he said. “We pay the bills when they
are sent.”

Houck said that the company handles between 5,000 and 6,000
transactions every year and that it would be impossible for him to oversee each
one. He said the company transferred its records onto a computer several
years ago, which complicated his quest to resolve the problem.

The controversy has taken a personal toll on him, Houck said. But he
added that a “steady stream” of supporters had telephoned him with

“They all say, `We know you, we’re with you,’ ” Houck said. “I have
yet to receive a negative call.”

New Johnny Crouse page for website

Posted: February 28, 2008 in Francke Case
Just got the page finished and published to the site. Enjoy the read…or not I suppose.

Johnny Crouse

Posted: February 28, 2008 in Francke Case
I’m putting together a page on Johnny Crouse for the website. Should be finished sometime today.
For now it will be like a temporary page consisting essentially of a copy and paste of various things discovered through hours of research by Granny.
I renewed my monthly $20 subscription to which gives me access to 50 news articles per month. So, let’s see if I can make the most of the 49 remaining articles available to me this month. The database provides access to all of the articles written during the investigation, the trial, and beyond. If anyone is interested in viewing a particular article, please contact me.
The following article by Phil Stanford while he was with the Oregonian is the first I’ll be sharing with you…
Oregonian, The (Portland, OR)

April 17, 1989

Edition: Fourth
Section: Local Stories
Page: B01

Index Terms:

Author: PHIL STANFORD – of the Oregonian Staff

Article Text:

We’ll have to call her Jane, as in Jane Doe. That’s how Kevin Francke refers to her.

Kevin Francke is the younger brother of Michael Francke, the head of the state Corrections Department, who was murdered last January. and runs a contracting business on the west coast of Florida.

And Jane is a psychic.

Do you believe in psychics? Well, Kevin wasn’t too sure himself when he went to see her one Monday night earlier this month, April 3 to be exact. But at this point he was willing to try anything.

The Friday before Michael Francke was killed, he had had a troubling late-night telephone conversation with Kevin. There was, he had said, “an organized criminal element” within the prison, and after he finished presenting his budget to the state Legislature in a couple of weeks, he was going to conduct a housecleaning.

Then, on the night of Jan. 17, Michael Francke was stabbed to death as he was leaving work.

Immediately after the murder, Kevin had told the investigators about his conversation with Michael. But for weeks now, the investigators had been telling the public they had no leads in the case. It made him boil every time he heard them say it.

And so, after a few weeks went by and it began to look like the official investigation into his brother’s death was going nowhere, Kevin started one of his own. That is why he was calling on Jane, the psychic.

Some friends in law enforcement had told him about her. Jane, who also lived in Florida, had helped the police on several occasions, they said. She appeared to have special powers. Sometimes the FBI used her on cases. We’ll see, thought Kevin.

He knocked and Jane answered immediately. She was a short woman in her mid-fifties. She motioned him to a seat in the living room and sat across from him.

At the time, Kevin says, she had been told only that someone named Michael Francke had been killed on Jan. 17, and that he was Kevin’s brother.

“Now, I’m going to sit here for a few minutes and write some notes on this pad,” she said. “If I look a little spacy, don’t be alarmed. Above all, don’t interrupt me to ask questions. When I’m finished, I’ll go over everything I’ve written and explain it to you.”

About fifteen minutes later, she looked up.

“I see a briefcase,” she said. “I see a hand going into the briefcase and taking out papers.”

“There were three men,” she said. “Two outside and one inside.” She described them and gave Kevin some names.

“I see two cars.” Kevin was beginning to wonder what he had gotten himself into here. None of the accounts from witnesses mentioned cars.

“One of them was parked half a block from the big steps that go up.”

And with that she began to describe the big domed Corrections office building, which as far as Kevin knew, she had never seen. And then she described in some detail the inside of the building, and the hallway leading off to the left where Michael Francke’s office was located.

“Tom could help us on this,” she said.

Kevin asked her who Tom was. Tom, she explained, was a psychic who lived in Sante Fe, New Mexico.

“That’s where your brother’s funeral was held,” she said. This was true, but Kevin says she had no way of knowing it. Then Jane asked a question.

“Do you know they have someone in custody?”

“No,” said Kevin, “not to my knowledge.”

“But they do,” said Jane. “They just picked up someone but they’re not telling you. His name his John Khhha” — she made the sound — “I think it’s a K.”

This, keep in mind, was the night of April 3.

A week or so later, Kevin, who was busy following up other leads, called someone in Oregon who is aware of what’s happening inside the investigation.

“Do you have someone in custody by the name of John K.?” he asked.

The man was shocked. “How did you know that?” he said.

After a few more questions, Kevin learned that the investigators were indeed talking to an ex-con by the name of John Crouse — it was a hard C, not a K — who’d been on temporary leave at the time of the murder.

He’d been picked up on an assault charge.

“When?” asked Kevin.

“April 2,” said the man. “Why?”

Speaking of Francine…

Posted: February 27, 2008 in Emails
A couple of years ago I did something I shouldn’t have. I jumped down Frank’s sister Francine’s back for a few different reasons.
So, in April of 2007 I sent an apology to Francine…

Thu, 26 Apr 2007 12:39:28 -0700 (PDT)


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"Francine Sinnett"


I’ll get right to the point.
I am sincerely sorry for attacking you and judging you. I have thought about this for months, and have come to the conclusion that I was very wrong.
I don’t like being judged any more than you or anyone else, and that is precisely what I did. I judged you, and that was very wrong.
People make mistakes, and I am no exception, but my heart is genuine and pure. I truly want to do something to obtain justice for Frank and Mike.
I can’t explain why I did it other than to say that I can be a very outspoken, opinionated, arrogant, and rude SOB at times. I still feel those traits can be used effectively if aimed in the proper direction, but yours is not one of them.
I have tried to put myself in your shoes all these years in order to understand your position better, but it is impossible. How can one do that without actually experiencing it? They can’t!
All the more reason I guess why I took offense to those I felt were improperly passing judgement on me. I say to them, "walk those miles in either of our shoes, then tell me what you have to say."
I was going to make this a public apology, and I will if you so desire, but I am at this time attempting to eliminate any trace of all the back and forth that went on between us and others.
Nobody else other than you is getting an apology from me. You are the only one I feel deserves such from me.
There have been some very interesting events which have transpired behind the scenes of late. It will be interesting, to say the least, to see how they pan out.
I am tired of the gameplayers and the phony people, and I know who they are and the games they are playing, although I can only speculate as to their intentions.
I know you have many distractions. The health problems in your immediate family and all. It is a cruel world.
My sister-in-law, who is married to my youngest brother has been diagnosed with breast cancer. They live in San Francisco and have two kids. The tumor is fairly large, but they can’t concentrate on it yet as they have discovered more tumors near her spine that have been addressed first. She recently had surgery to remove those, and I understand the operation went well. I can only hope she survives this. It is the most difficult thing my brother has ever experienced. There is nothing I can do about it though other than be supportive.
So I continue on in my fight to help Frank because that is something I feel I can do. I can make a difference there. I have made a difference there, and I will never give up.
I also feel I’m about as genuine as they come. I have no connection to your family, the Franckes, the Salem crowd or any of the players. No personal interest other than effecting change in a system that needs changing.
My efforts may end up in vain, but I will always be able to tell myself I tried. Man, how I have tried.
I may not be worthy of your forgiveness. That is for you to decide. There are others though that are worthy of your support and encouragement. They never attacked you or disrespected you like I did.
For them I ask you to reconsider and think about showing your support in the one platform that has now existed for three years and continues to fight for justice for Frank.
I ask you for myself too. Like I said, I felt I didn’t have anything to lose, but Frank does. I overlooked that, and I am truly sorry.
I’m asking for a second chance. Hopefully you will decide my efforts are deserving of such.
We don’t live that far apart now Francine. Shelly, Jennafer and I would make the trip in a heartbeat to visit you. Meeting us in person and sitting down to talk could be a good thing.
I hope you interpret this apology as sincere, because it is.
The following day I received a reply from Francine…
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Fri, 27 Apr 2007 14:33:39 EDT


Re: Apology



Needless to say I was a little more than surpised to see your E-mail today.  Your apology is accepted fully.
In the heat of the battle I believe that we have both said things we have later wished we had whispered into stone as opposed to saying them out loud.  That is probably the one problem with the internet, it is hard if not impossible to unsay something.
Things here are very hectic at this time, my new grandson has severe hemophilia as you may have read and my 17 yr old daughter is struggling right now and may have bi polar disorder. 
So I have my hands full helping with the baby and getting my daughter the help she needs before I lose her to her illness.
I have heard of some of the events you may we talking of.  I also am interested and hope that maybe things will start to unfold in a better light for Frank.  Sometimes I feel this is all and endless torment for my family. 
I recently leaerned from frank that our brother Glenn is missing, no one has heard from him in over a year so that also weighs on my mind.  He has always been some what of a lost and wandering soul.
Well I better go for now.  Take care, Francine 
I haven’t heard from Francine since.
Six months later the Greg Johnson story appeared in the Willamette Week. That was the "behind the scenes" stuff referred to in the emails above.
Someone alleging to be Greg Johnson’s son made a post and I responded to it as follows…
Rob Taylor  writes on Oct 23rd, 2007 7:38am




Screw your dad! He’s a lame piece of crap who is probably scared by his own shadow. If he is telling the truth then that means he’s kept quiet for almost 19 years. Why? That’s what I wanna know! Why did he sit back and keep quiet while Frank Gable was on trial for his life for something he didn’t do?


Why has he continued to keep quiet for the past 17 years that Frank has spent in prison? Because he was scared? Whatever! Jodie Swearingen wasn’t scared. She stepped up after her grand jury testimony and said "no way," I’m not gonna allow myself to be manipulated by these cops and prosecutors. Your dad’s middle name is scared. That’s the only reason he’s stepped up now. Because he’s scared of being in general population because he’s known as a snitch. PC’ed his own ass up.


All this is about trying to get transferred out of state because he’s scared, but even he should know wherever he goes he will be carrying that snitch jacket with him. Frank Gable can never get back those 17 years. He might never have lost those years if your dad had the balls to step up before the trial. That is, if he’s telling the truth.


He’s just another con with a story who wants something, and his story can’t be verified. Not to mention he fingers two dead men, and conveniently can’t remember the name of the person with Hoyt Cupp, although he recognized the person as someone from corrections. Maybe someone should be gathering pics of corrections officials during that time to show Greg so we can identify this other person. Course I doubt Greg will be able to identify that person unless he knows if they’re dead or not.




Two weeks later Francine posts a comment…



Francine  writes on Nov 7th, 2007 9:54am




Well as I catch up on the comments here I am reminded why I stopped paying any attention to Rob Taylor. As usual he is attacking people. Being rude to Greg Johnson son is not the way we the family of Frank Gable want witnesses treated. Rob goes on and on about why he did not come forward sooner. If people are being threatened I can see why he kept quiet. I take what Mr. Johnson says with a grain of salt. As it has been pointed out he is trying to make a deal, but then so was Shorty, Jody and many others who made statements. After all these years we just want to know what really happened. Not what may make us feel better.

One would think in the wake of Francine fully accepting my apology, and by the content of her response to me, that if she had a problem with my post she should’ve emailed me with her opinion. Oh well, proof that I was right about her from the beginning.


Mayweather to try wrasslin’ as part of WWE’s WrestleMania – Boxing – Yahoo! Sports

Frank will get a kick out of hearing about this. Frank’s a huge boxing fan.

Hey, might even draw a chuckle from Billy Jack.


Floyd Mayweather, left, faces off with Big Show at a news conference at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Monday, Feb 25, 2008. A $20 million payday awaits Mayweather, the undefeated WBC welterweight champion, when he takes on Big Show as part of WWE’s "WrestleMania XXIV" in Orlando, Fla. on March 30.