Billy Jack Haynes-Email #2

Posted: February 22, 2008 in Billy Jack Haynes
My response to Billy’s first email…
Rob Taylor <> wrote:

Awright Brother…you got my attention. I’m not sure what to say at the moment cuz my head is filled with so many questions. Your email kinda jumps around a bit. Like you’re trying to say it all in one email. Not a problem, but it does confuse me a little here and there. Guess if there was one thing I’d ask, it’s if you could slow down a bit. Be more precise and specific with names, dates, places, etc.
Would love to hear more. Maybe we could do a phone call too if ya like. Would love to meet you in person but I’m figuring you’re in Portland and I moved to Des Moines, Iowa last year.  
Anyway, toss me a reply tonight if ya get this and we can go from there. I’ll be home all day tomorrow. BTW, I’m two hours ahead of ya over here in Iowa. Like I said…lotsa questions I feel like asking. Just not sure where to start yet.
Anyway, looking forward to corresponding with you. I watched a couple of videos of you on YouTube. haha! We have similar personalities!
Thanks for the compliment on the website. I’ve put alot of heart, soul and time into it. I want these motherfuckers so bad, you have no idea. Hope you didn’t miss the part in my website where I went to McAlisters house in Arizona. Ended up calling him a punk bitch pedophile to his face and started snapping pics of him. I wanted to drop the punk right there let me tell ya, but he was already on his cell phone calling the cops on me. Still, it was an exhilarating experience.
Anyway, get back to me, ok? I’m near my desktop computer or laptop all the time.

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Re: need to meet in person


"Rob Taylor" <>
Rob Taylor I reread my e-mail and your right way to much info.
The first amd most important item i must first tell you is bruce anderson is a key player who was appointed executive director of the oregon boxing & wrestling commission, appointed by goldy at a high annual salary and new office in wilsonville oregon just minutes from his home.
What is important here rob is the point that goldy and bruce put the commission into the oregon state police in salem oregon close to michael franke. I had just completed prior WWF-wrestlemania 3 in 1987 and bruce wanted to have a well known name as oregon promotor.
Bruce was trying to impress me and called a meeting in his office in late jan of 1988. It was at this very meeting that I met for the first time goldy,scott mcalister, hoyt cupp, and 2 oregon state police. They all complimented me on being a great pro wrestler and that they would really like to see me become the next oregon statewide promotor! So to me looking back this was all a set-up job, bruce new before wrestling I was a strong arm collector and busted a few people up for money who did not pay their bills rob. This was when bruce pleaded with me to become a promotor and that the oregon state police would protect me from all outside promotions and even license me in a kangaroo court in early feb 1988.
I talked to my father who was my life and totally blind from diabetes, my childhood was horrific I was childraped but I never told my dad who would have jilled the pedophile. At age 15 I reached puberty and knew what had happened then and told my dads only brother uncle red who died hurrying back from a short haul truck haul in a brutal wreck. One month later I told my mother who then confronted the pedophiles her sisters husband and was beaten in the head, as I was beating the pedophile and to shorten this up died 3 days later in the hospital that I knew she was smothered to death by her sister with mother being the only witness, sorry I got off in another direction.
I’ve been a violent kid ever since and got into boxing and wrestling with world champions sparring partners like quarry, tate, ron lyle, etc….I got into pro wrestling as a dream my dad had for me instead of being a janitor after breaking my right hand in the boxing ring in 1977. Now that this is over rob I’m just really impressed by your freefrankgable website that I honestly knew nothing about.
It was now that I was given the OK to become the staes second ever promotor by my blind father from diabetes. I was really being suckered in by this fuckin bruce anderson who was really a lobbyist from new york who helped get goldy elected governor in jan 1987, so goldy returned the favor. I was introduced to these all high up oregon state assholes I could have cared about, in sept 13th,1987 I opened my gym in oregon city with hulk hogan there with 10,000 fans to see him.
Bruce told me he could make or break me with media and or politics. I shook everyones hand that was at the meeting and then bruce got me a big story in the oregonian(I have) and it was indeed a total scam or kangaroo court by bruce and hid appointed commissioners. It started out ok with a rented 40K sq ft bldg at $5K a month extra for me, after about 5 weeks this is when I told bruce I was through promoting and I was losing $6 grand a week, Bruce said you don’t quit on me, we almost came to blows. Then bruce who knmew I made well into the 6 figures annually in the WWF suddenly blocks everyone of my avenues, for instance my wife wanted a divorce seemed bruce or someone said I fucked a 17 year old oregon city HS senior which was a total lie cause my wife would tell you I had no sex drive from my childrape that I told 100% nobody including my dad, it was my secret.
MY wife left, I was losing my gym cause of a cominglement that my CPA did probably at bruce andersons request, my pedophile relatives sold my house still in their name out from under me, even after we put over 100K of improvements in the house. Don’t lose me rob taylor, now after retiring with my gym and house, I have nothing and it is my job to make sure that my blind dad does not find out anything. This is now Jan early 1989, and I’m broke except for a few thousand from my gym give away sale, I was offered $5K to beat up Michael Franke whom I did’nt know at all, bruce and scott told me he raped his own female 13 year old cousin, I was furious and wanted to take out my childrape on this perverted fuck!
But rob taylor you know now as I do from reading your website this was a total fuckin lie, in fact it was goldy as well as scott mcalister and probably bruce anderson who were the real "PEDOPHILES" man! I really wanted to beat the fuck out of this franke asshole i’m really sorry to say, I was a mark in a way converted by bruce and scott.
I was also a pain pill addict rob "VICODIN" from several surgeries from 2,500+ surgeries from pro-wrestling/boxing. I did’nt want to admit my addiction but when you have to take 1015 pain pills aday youre an addict, and I was and bruce knew it, and he told scott mcalister to.
I was told I would be paid  10K to beat the fuck out of michael franke who was a big guy with glasses, I would get $5K cash upfront and $5K after they were satisfied, I was told that franke was a man of high power, and they the state police could’nt do the job it had to be an outside job.
Then I met Tim Nativad for the first time who was in the office, there were 2 doors and they introduced tim and I. I had a 1986 toyota 4×4 pu that tim was to ride with me tommorrow and be shown where the dome bldg was, anfrankes parking spot where he would come to. I was to beat the shit out of franke before he opened the car door cause of the alarm he had. For 3 days/nights got dark early wed-thurs-fri I wentn with tim nativad, I never heard the word rooster that I remember.
then came monday the 16th or 17th of Jan??????I don’t recall, what I do recall is the fact that I would be going to the dome bldg alone in my toyota and park about 1/2 block away from the circle where michael franke parked his car. Tim Nativad would bedriving his own car 1/2 block away fromthe other side of the circlef franke. I was told as was tim that there would be an
oregon statepolice trooper standing by in case I could’nt handle franke. I told scott that I could handle many tougher than this pedophile punk, I then asked what the fuck would this
tim nativad be doing at the scene if I was beating him up badly, bruce and scott said he was a meth addict and was getting a grand as a safety angle. I smelt a big rat man, but I was so fucked up in the head wife had left a WW-willamette week article about me written badly, I was so mad at the world I honestly would have beaten franke to death as long as I had the state and marion county police backing me up.
I was paid $5K in cash all 20’s and also given a full bottle of 500 vicodin from a pharmacy, that was better than the money man to me anyway. What I recall after almost 20 years now is michael franke was late coming out or late getting off work, I was parked just outside the circle where franke parked his car. It was dark and cold and it was about 5;30-5:45pm when I noticed a oregon state police officer asked me if I was ok?…I said yes, and the state cop said franke must be working late, and to hang tough I was covered, I also noticed a marion county cop parked, and then would drive away and return to the circle less than 5 minutes later.
I knew instincually something was fucking wrong. This is when I first saw Tim Nativad being dropped off by aman car I could noy ID, what I do recall is tim nativad got into the oregon state police car to stay warm?…you go figure it out man…I never saw anyone except for a few civilians, I saw that
it was like a ghost town in the dome bldg, Then listen close now cause its been along time ago rob taylor, up until this time my record was almost perfect with the law  at age 35. It was
a state police trooper car who flashed his lights on and off which I forgot to say was the signal, for franke coming to the car. I saw the big man with eyeglasses almost at the car
and before I could get within 30-40 feet to the franke car tim nativad had a huge knife
and stabbed michael franke in the chest area and stuck the large bladed knife deep
I could see franke run toward the north side from the website that you’ve createde rob and
nativad high as a kite pulled the knife out several feet before franke had reach the stairs. I
felt totally set-up and I was told by both state and marion county police to take off
and not to say a fucking word to nobody or I would spend the rest of my life in the
oregon state prison. The reason in my opinion why nobody found franke body was
all because the oregon state police as well as marion county police as I now know
covered and or staged the crimescene for several hours tofigure out who they were
going to pin the murder on.
I thought for sure I was going to be the guinea pig charged with murder of michael franke, I knew also that I witnessed tim nativad stab franke to death, and could’nt pull the long blade out, and followed franke while he finally pulled it out but had to have blood all over him man period! I saw no ambulance called, I saw just the one state cop and the one marion county cop cars when I left and in my heart all the way back when I reached I-5 north back to portland oregon that I was going to be pulled over and arrested for murder of michael franke. framed just like frank gable has been framed for the past almost 17 years what a miscarriage of justice man.
I drove all the way back to my apaprtment I rented for a month, out of my oregon city house I got fucked out of by the pedophiles. I got the oregonian and saw the murder story in the oregonian and read alot of lies, since franke was found late not much was said, my name was’nt mentioned and either was toim nativad.
I’m burned out mr Rob Taylor and I have a headache, I stand by my statements…If your wondering why I’ve waited so long, my family was threatened until my dads death on my 40th birthday, I was by this time a total blown pain pill freak for pain and addiction I could not function without vicodin or percocet 10-20 a day. I was recognized almost daily from wrestling but I hated myself rob taylor so much…I felt for frank gable so badly, especially after bruce set me up in a new promotion in 1994, then fired me cause I threatened to blow thr whistle on bruce and goldy, scott McAlister,the warden died, nativad died and bruce had his favorite writer katherine dunn always write negatively about me to ruin my career what was left after my dad died on my 40th birthday july 10th, 1993.
I was always told to let frank gable rot in prison or be killed or put behind bars for life as an accessory to frankes murder. I knew by then that I was lied to about michael franke being a child pedophile. It was really scottmcalster and goldy who were the real pedophiles who several times being a drug addict with pain pills was going to murder goldy,mcalister, and bruce anderson for ruining my life, even though I ran my own decisions these 3 stooges fucks were the real reasons for my failures in life after being financially free from pro wrestling. I was totally used, I tried suicide with a .357 playing russian roulette. I used one bullet and spun and pulled the trigger in my mouth as a ritual for about 2 months when a real friend saw me and took the gun from me.
In 1998 of may I had no money and was using my name to con some people money for pain pills including a 1996 radio show I had. Bruce Anderson and Scott mcalister would threaten me to put me behind bars for life with frank gable. Bruce always thought I had a recorder and would check me, mcalister went to utah like your web site has said.
In sept 2001 I would travel to every hospital in oregon and lie to the ER people nurses etc…..and say my fingers or arm, knee was broke and after ex-rays the doctors agreed and wrote me prescriptions for pain pills vicodin. God I was sick looking back, I tried overdoses twice on pills pain and xanxas but somehow pulled through. Most of my colleagues in pro-wrsetling done the same thing, over 75 are now dead before their 50th birthday but vince could careless in the old WWF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!No union,401K< or health benefits etc……………..I finally had a family who’watched me felt bad and took me in in 2002 of sept while I was on federal probation an
I got put on methadone and saw a regular doctor and my life seemed halfway normal
but not with Frank Gable behind bars for being framed.
I dont know the story of how tim was killed but he tim was the killer why screw frank gable?…I’ve been on methadone for 5i/2 years now and its saved my life Rob Taylor. In november of 2005 I told Bruce I was going to help frank gable try and get out of prison and bruce said frank was guilty. I went to have breakfast with jimmy longoria brother od Danny Longoria, I remember nothing except
for being beat to so near deat with brass knuckles rob taylor.
I was beat within an inch of my life January 10th,2006, I was told that Frank Gable’s appeal was jan 12th,2006 and Bruce wantednto pay to have me shut up. I remember nothing and suffered some brain damamge, I have the phony police report as well as crime scene photos. The interesting item was that the longoria family claimed a 150lb TWEEKER beat me up, kind of a slap to Frank Gable. I talkede to former wrestling commissioner Bruce Anderson who told me what to say word for word and send the statement by myself out to (8) big named Portland people they were:
1)DA Michael Schrunk
2)commissioner Lonnie Roberts
3)Attorney  ?
4)Attorney ?
5)Bruce Anderson
6)DA John Bradley
This created alot of local heat, and I tried to help frank gable, but after reading bruce andersons statement that he wrote and I typed, nothing made sense at all. It was clearly obvious the portland police were lieing about my crimescene and that portland police officer was trying to kill me to shut me up on the frank gable case. I still don’t know who to trust cause Phil Stanford helped me a great deal with 5 stories in the tribune, but what Phil did’nt know was bruce was really the horriffically bad guy, and Philprinted a full page story almost word for word to make me look like I was a stooge, or rolled over like a rat!…I’ve never rolled over on a human being in my life, and though I don’t think Phil meant it, its Bruce Anderson who fucked my life up with media with his writer hatherine dunn WWeek ask nigel naquissabout our talk in 2005 downtown portland he gave me a copy of the 1988 WWeek bull-shit story told to katherine Dunn by Bruce Anderson, read all the 2006 stories that Phil
Stanford wrote on my murder attempt, I was so beat up Phil went with Bruce Andersons
statements, my mind was beat near to death.
Then in 2007 phil stanford had his life threatened and now phil knew what it was like, the multnomah county 122nd glisan office where sherriff bernie giusto was, portland tribune boss dwight jaynes, philstanford, and myself took DNA swabs and fingerprints to eliminate the three of us with murder or death threats in a letter wriitten to the portland tribune., we were all eliminated as suspects.
The Oregon state police, marion county police, and the portland police, as well now as the multnomah county police are trying to kill me or get me behind bars where they can kill me and its a fact. Bruce Anderson thinks frank gable is guilty for real Rob Taylor, man I wish you could interview this sorry fuck! It was after I took DNA and fingerprints at the 122nd NE glisan multnomah county office when after bernie giustos detective Torres took it upon himself to go to jimmy longorias where I was almost beat to death and tell the longoria family (known killers) my attorney was going to contact them, 3 days later I was stabbed between the eyes with a knife, what saved my life was instincts from boxing raising my arm up. This was totally uncalled for and should be litigation or sue bernie giusto and staff, bernie knows about me and goldy. as well as scott mcalister and bruce anderson its a fuckin click man, and fuck em all, I fear none of the asshole pedophiles.
One final item in my long 100% truthful letter to the best of my knowledge Rob Taylor I had several
portland police after me in north portland, I need to see the last 2 portland police reports, I went to portland adventist hospital in may-june 2007 and 4 portland police failed to follow
the ambulance to the hospital and take crime photos while I was beaten severely, I
told the nurses at portland adventists not to clean me up until crime color photos were taken
and no police even came to portland adventist, they know I’n involved with officer
paul park who killed a medford man in medford oregon, and know he tried to kill me
so they left this alone, also the portland police know I’ve said michael franke was
not murdered ny frank gable but Tim Nativad. I know I’ve left some items out Rob but to the best of my ability I’ve typed the total truth as I know it, I know people all over the world and
whether people like it are not the truth is, we need a national ress conference and
get frank gable out of prison, I’m not doing this for the million dollars Rob Taylor I
as probably you to want Frank to have 100% of the money, I’m a fuckin witness to
the murder Rob whos been threatened and a pain pill drug addict for 18 + years, I’m ready for thr press conference Mr. Taylor, the man who has guts like me, out of the same mold!!!!!!
sincerely & honestly yours
to Rob Taylor/free frank gable  how about "NANCY GRACE" Rob Taylor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
William "Billy Jack" Haynes
  1. Thank you for applying some time in order to post “Billy Jack Haynes-Email #2 | Free Frank Gable”.
    Thanks once more -Paulina

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    You actually put together several great tips inside ur blog,
    “Billy Jack Haynes-Email #2 | Free Frank Gable” Window Treatments .
    I may wind up heading back to ur web page soon enough.
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