Email from Pam Quinn-AKA Granny

Posted: March 9, 2008 in Billy Jack Haynes
I received an email yesterday from Pam/granny which I’ll share as soon as my response is completed. It will be my last response to anything she may have to say to me or about me as I will not allow myself to be distracted in this manner.
Her recent email simply affords me an opportunity to address particular issues which I feel are important.
Blog site hits went through the roof yesterday. I guess I have everyone’s attention now.
On that note, I’ll take a moment to explain why I’ve recently chosen to share email correspondence with local Portland media, the Francke’s, Frank’s sister Francine and others.
Some may think I’m "burning bridges," but how can one burn a bridge that doesn’t exist? You can’t, so what’s to lose? After nearly four years of involving myself in this case I have learned much more than I ever would’ve imagined. Some things surprising, and some not.
My website was created to tell Frank’s story. It is the only platform in existence that does so, and quite well if I say so myself.
This blog is my journal or diary. It is my way of keeping a daily record of my thoughts, music I’m listening to, current events which are of interest to me, and things related to my passion of seeking justice for Frank Gable. Not to mention the fact I believe the most severe terrorist threat to america is it’s justice system. I can’t think of anything more obvious that poses a threat to each of our individual freedoms than that which I just mentioned.
My Blog is a reflection of my personality as well, if you haven’t already noticed. My way of showing transparency. Something I feel Kevin Francke should attempt to do in the wake of his marriage to Elizabeth Godlove, as it poses a reasonable amount of questions and seriously affects any credibility he may have been afforded.
Another little bird flew in my window this weekend. A comment on Pam Quinn/granny.
"Hmmm. I’d say she is very very very smart and sharp.

She is very good at finding information. She’s accurate. She sees the underlying issues that others may miss, and is more comprehensive than most people have the patience to understand. She doesn’t just scratch surfaces. She really applies herself to what she does.

If she is helping you, you are lucky.
If she is against you, I hope you don’t have anything to hide."


Funny, but that is precisely how I’d expect her to describe herself. I used to feel the same way about her, and still do to a certain degree, but somehow she has lost track of the objective, and the means required to achieve that objective. More on that in my response to her email.

Hopefully she will continue her efforts at obtaining justice for Frank and Mike without feeling compelled to further debate whatever I’m posting with regard to the Billy Jack story which she is solely responsible for injecting herself in the manner in which she did.

My intention of late is to share what transpired from the day Billy Jack Haynes first contacted me. That is what he wanted from the start. Press conferences, Nancy Grace, etc. This is part of the reason for not yet posting all of my emails to Billy. My emails to Billy are not the issue at this point. The issue is what Billy was bringing to me. As you will all be able to see, it wasn’t until granny instilled fear in Billy that press conferences and such might be a danger to his personal safety, as media and politicos are connected at the hip, and suddenly Billy was disconnecting his phone number and obtaining legal counsel.

I’m far from finished with this story. I’m working as fast as possible to get EVERYTHING posted, and I mean EVERYTHING!

One more thing I wish to make perfectly clear…as I posted on the WW’s website, I’m no longer seeking information from anyone. For the past three years everything that has been brought to the table has been ignored by the media and the Francke family, with exceptions for the Shorty and Greg Johnson stories.

My website is called, not "come tell me what you know and I’ll keep it to"

I fail to see how I can be accused of compromising myself when I’m no longer seeking information, and I fail to see how anyone could expect me to keep what they tell me to myself. That is simply an unreasonable expectation.

If anyone has information they wish to share, that is what I will do if you bring it to me. I would suggest contacting Frank’s federal appellate attorney Nell Brown for those who have pertinent information regarding this case.


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