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My First Grandson!!

Posted: May 30, 2008 in Miscellaneous
That’s right! Got the call last night right after I got home from work. He’ll be my third, as I have two grand-daughters already. Here’s a pic…
Wait a minute…me a grandpa? Grandpas don’t listen to goth music and heavy metel big hair bands.
Do they?
Wish I was still in Portland to see him…as well as a few other people. Then again, fate has brought me very close to Johnny Crouse. Is it fate for some mysterious reason or just a coincidence?
Well, you all know how I feel about coincidence.

Memory Lane Photo

Posted: May 28, 2008 in Francke Case
ffgappeal 001
The above pic was taken in the summer of 2005 directly after Frank’s appellate attorney David Celuch argued Frank’s appeal to the Appellate Court. We are standing near the Japanese Umbrella Pine tree donated by staff of the Oregon Department of Corrections in the memory of Michael Francke.
Each of these people, in various ways, contributed to obtaining the Shorty Harden recantment which had just been published in the Portland Tribune that very same day, including the person who snapped the pic.
Julie Smith was the picture taker. She was a woman who had just obtained her private investigator license and was directly responsible for obtaining Shorty’s address through a DMV records inquiry.
I have spent a considerable amount of time the past week looking at this pic, and thinking to myself that these people are the true pioneers of the Free Frank Gable movement.
As I said, the Shorty Harden interview had just hit the newsstands that same day, and each of us were proud as hell to parade our happy asses in the faces of those Appellate Court judges in support of Frank Gable. Boy were we, let me tell ya!
We all gathered for a celebratory brunch afterwards which Kevin Francke generously flipped the bill for.
You might notice the word "innocent" is misspelled on the sign Hailey Francke is holding. As I recall, I said something to the effect of "come on guys, we can’t hold that sign up in this pic. It’ll make us look stupid."
Liz Francke said something like, "oh Rob, put a sock in it," and Hailey immediately piped up and said, "I’ll hold the sign mom." Guess you could say I considered myself "checked."
Bless your heart Hailey, and right on Liz!
Just woke up feeling a strange urge to post this video.
"Feel the new wind of change on the wings of the night"
As I mentioned at the beginning a couple of days ago, we’ve had severe weather warnings the entire Memorial Day weekend.
Last night a tornado touched down in Parkersburg, just 116 miles NE of us here in Des Moines. The storms here in Iowa are nothing like Oregon. Here in Des Moines we had quite a light show last night with all the lightning. Tried to capture it on video but my daughter had ran the battery down on my camera.
Here’s some video of the destruction it left in it’s wake. I want to actually see one of these, but they do scare the hell out of me. I’m grateful my Memorial Day doesn’t look like this.

The following is an email I received from Granny not long after the Greg Johnson story appeared in the Willamette Week.

Hi Rob: 😎

It took me more than a year of part-time thought , after finding your website to get a handle on this murder before we began communicating.

Nigel is probably a quicker study than me, especially because he seems to have a knack with cutting through male political BS, which is my first handicap (among many).

So my thoughts are that he is getting hit, via email from multiple sources.

He is going to go with what intrigues him first.

Even you and I are guilty of that subjective mistake, or subjective gift, depending on the perspective of the moment vs. our lives.

You know, I was thinking the other day, about how Francine wanted to shut you and Frank down, and then Ron Spier wanted to shut you an Kevin down.

Now it twists again, like a SQUIRRELY worm.

I don’t have to love the Francke’s or the Gable’s to see this murder and the subsequent conviction as an assault upon society, which in a turn of a spool means mine and yours, or you and me.

This eighteen year failure of truth may have the hallmarks of a modern Shakespearean tragedy, so enormous, that even the most gifted investigators (like Nigel) cannot find witnesses that will come forward. Fear always drives the truth from the light.

Unless those DOC search team members (A Shed fire) feel safe, they will never speak up again. Then the truth is truly lost in our lifetime, unless they have written journals or diaries, it will never be known.

Then you (we) have the victim #2, FRANK, (convicted of the murder) saying what he said in his most recent letter to you, and you have to step back, and once again understand, why he was the perfect patsy.

You went down to the trench level for both sides, and you came out of it, just another victim.

If you saw yourself the way others saw you, you would have quit then.
Those that supposedly were the very folks you were trying to help.

But you know what, they see ONLY what they can see. And you see what is possible. I think I do too. Many don’t see what is possible, they are stuck in the past, and have a hard time shaking it.

Here we are, individually (you and I) in collaboration at times and sometimes individually, trying to shake A TREE, that we can’t see the roots of, but we see the rotten fruit.

No wonder others question "our" motive/s, we are on trial before we even make a move to expose this bullshit.


I am just shooting from the hip, getting in the groove of the way "normal" people (mainstream) think, and the paranoid think, also. They seem closer all the time.

As always, I wait to hear how you see it. I see it from only my narrow perspective.

In the end………………….The stupid, and sleezy, like Pecyna, just fuel my fire.


End of email—-


We are all victims of this horrible injustice whether or not any of us choose to get in the trenches or not.