Tempe AZ Municipal Court Judge Michelle O’Hair-Schattenberg

Posted: May 14, 2008 in Francke Case
The following is a picture I took of Scott McAlister in February of 2005 during a visit I made to his home in Tempe, Arizona.
A little bird flew in my window recently to tell me the woman pictured with McAlister is Tempe Municipal Court Judge Michelle O’Hair-Schattenberg. A judge who hears a good number of McAlister’s Municipal Court cases.
Kinda puts a whole new perspective on this picture. Those facial reactions are the response from each after just hearing me tell McAlister I don’t shake hands with pedophiles.
I spoke to the judge during my visit asking her how well she knew Scott McAlister, and if she knew him in Oregon or Utah. She replied that she knew Scott well, but didn’t know him when he lived in the other two states. I made sure to tell her the name of my website in order for her to be fully aware of the type of man she was associating with.
Can’t help but wonder if the judge would’ve lied for McAlister had I waited around for the cops to arrive.
McAlister had just told the cops on his cell phone that a stocky, long-haired man had just threatened him in front of his house. Calling a pedophile a pedophile is not a threat. It was my opinion of the worthless piece of garbage I was standing in front of, and my opinion was based on the fact that McAlister was convicted of distribution of pornography, involving child sex films.
From a Oct. 13, 1990 AP wire report…

Ex-Oregon official jailed in Utah porn case


A former Oregon assistant at­torney general pleaded guilty Fri­day in Salt Lake City to a misde­meanor count of distribution of pornography, involving child sex films from an Oregon case. Scott McAlister, who resigned as the Utah Corrections Depart­ment inspector general in December, was sentenced to seven days in the Salt Lake County jail and began serving the sentence imme­diately. Jeff Sapiro, the counsel for the disciplinary committee of the Ore­gon State Bar, said he had been in contact with the Salt Lake County prosecutor and would forward the results of the case to the Oregon Supreme Court. The Oregon Supreme Court can suspend lawyers from practicing in the state for felonies and misde­meanors involving moral turpi­tude.

McAlister had been charged with second-degree felony sexual exploitation of a minor after auth­orities obtained two films that re­portedly contain child pornogra­phy. The films were taken from evi­dence in an Oregon case that McAlister was involved in during his 17 years as an Oregon assis­tant attorney general.

McAlister could not be reached for comment in the Utah jail. McAlister was arrested in Jan­uary after his former secretary, Linda Dreitzler, reported to feder­al authorities that she had found the films in a box of 30 movies that McAlister had given her for safekeeping. She said McAlister had shown her some of the movies depicting adult sex in hopes of convincing her to participate in group sex.

Dreitzler recently was paid $95,000 by the state in an out-of-court settlement of a sexual ha­rassment suit that she filed against McAlister and the Depart­ment of Corrections.

end of article


I must say, I am quite amused that of all the chances I had to approach McAlister, I picked the time he was being visited by a Municipal Court judge. If I’d have only known, but I never imagined such a thing after seeing her ride up on this…


It’s starting to make more sense now as to why McAlister whined so much to the Oregonian reporters about my visit and posting his pic on my website. I wonder if McAlister’s friendship with the judge was compromised by my enlightening visit? I doubt it. Rumour has it that McAlister is held in high regard around the Municipal court.

McAlister can run, but he can’t hide. Not as long as I’m around. Just ask anyone at the Municipal Court if they’ve heard of freefrankgable.com. LOL!

There are a few links on the internet relating to the Honorable Michelle O’Hair-Schattenberg, as well as former Deputy Prosecutor Michelle O’Hair Schattenberg. Just be sure to spell her name correctly. That was my mistake initially, and nothing came up. 

I did make a call this morning to the Tempe Municipal court and verified Michelle O’Hair-Schattenberg presides over that court and has for the past five years or so. 

Her Honor might want to reconsider who she chooses to associate with on her personal time. That is, if she’s honorable.


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