Phil Stanford’s Recent Francke/Gable Column

Posted: June 5, 2008 in Francke Case
Was anyone surprised, (or amused like myself) at the recent exchange between Kevin Francke and a retired Portland cop who uses the handle "Ret" in Phil’s recent column?
Kevin’s personal attack on Ret came after Ret asked some very fair questions and offered comments pertaining to Kevin’s initial post. This is beginning to be rather commonplace for members of the Francke and Gable families in my opinion.
Kevin essentially lashed out and accussed Ret of being a former corrupt cop himself, and offered to build a monument if Ret could prove he had never as much as dipped his hand in the cookie jar while being a cop.
That was interesting, considering as Ret pointed, that Kevin didn’t even know Ret’s real name. For some reason Kevin lost his composure in his exchange with Ret, affording Ret the opportunity to contain his, and exploit Kevin’s lack thereof. Some may now be left with the opinion that Kevin Francke feels there is corruption under every rock, and afford him even less credibility.
None of this surprised me as Kevin once tried to tell Meg Hanson who she actually saw repairing the copy machine in the Dome Building on the day of the murder.
Another interesting note is Kevin’s timing on first offering up info he obtained from Louise Glass (LG).
Confirmation by DEA agent Roger Miles of his association with LG was obtained well over two years ago, and I find it amusing that Kevin now, for the first time, offers up a slice of the LG saga in the form of hearsay as a comment in Phil’s column, and while Phil is allegedly still trying to confirm whether Stephen Daniels was indeed Hoyt Cupp’s inmate clerk.
If LG’s story is of any value, shouldn’t it have been told by Nigel Jaquiss following his Greg Johnson story as I suggested at that time? Shouldn’t it have been told with comments coming directly from LG and Roger Miles themselves? Of course it should have!
One thing’s for certain, Nigel was definitely interested in talking to LG and using her story as a follow-up to his Greg Johnson editorial, and Kevin has obviosly now shown he believes LG’s story to be of value.
So what’s Louise Glass’s excuse now?
If I’ve somehow got this all wrong, then Kevin needs to set me straight and explain why he is allowing his actions (in many forms) to continue to hinder the advancement of a resolution to this case or to get people on the bus with the rest of us.
I texted Liz Francke earlier this week to inquire what compelled Kevin to say the things he said. She replied telling me Kevin says, "he’ll say what he wants and knows." That was his opportunity to reply to me via email which he has chosen not to do.
"So, we get what we have right here. I don’t like it anymore than you do. Some men you just can’t reach.." LOL!
Actually I do like it this way. With this blog averaging hundreds of site hits each week, there are indeed inquiring minds out there wondering the same as I.
Ya know, at least Phil Stanford has the decency to respond to my questions. Phil’s explanation for not following up on Meg Hanson’s story is because he simply believes Dennis Plante over Meg Hanson.Surprised
Besides, he only has a certain amount of column space, and the reporters only get three days or less to work on stories.Eye-rolling
Still, if Phil believes Dennis Plante after talking to him, then I’d love to hear Plante’s explanation on why he asked for unprecedented access to the Dome Building that night to finish repairs on a machine that he left in pieces, and that should’ve only taken him 30 minutes to fix like the other guy who eventually showed up to finish the repairs. There’s a lot of connecting dots in Meg Hanson’s statement, just as Kevin was trying to point out with Louise Glass’s story.
And now that I mention it, why didn’t Plante return to finish the job?
I think Phil has eough time to call Plante again, and enough column space to print Plante’s answers, and I also think it would be one of the most interesting and credible stories on this case that any of us have seen in the media for years. Much better media fodder for folks to comment on than a hapless plea to Oregon’s new Attorney General which everyone knows will most certainly be ignored.
Like Phil always says, "you can’t begin to know who killed Francke without knowing who the Man in the Pinstriped Suit was," and perhaps the true identity of the copy machine repairman as well.
  1. I read that you made a movie about Frank Gable and I am sorry that I missed it, but will look for it. However in 1993 I met the detective, Randy C. Martinack, who worked at the DOJ at the time and he told me that he took the taped confessions of the real killers and was told by his boss that he was going to have to bury that tape and that Frank Gable was to be a patsy for the murder. I will take a polygraph anytime any place, and Frank I am sorry it has taken me this long to get this to you, but I tried many times but was trying. I did smuggle out a 44 page letter from the most secure unit in the OSP to Oprah Winfrey, and according to the cops at Baker City minimum prison she came but was reused access to me and that was in 1996. my phone will be on till 8/6 and it is 541-297-8136

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