Spier’s Tip on Greg Kellcy

Posted: June 16, 2008 in EMAILS-RON SPIER

I will give Ron Spier credit for being truthful with me about one thing, and that’s the fact he apparently was correct when he emailed me on 2/25/07, eight months prior to Nigel’s article, informing me that Greg Johnson had info on the Francke murder.

Even more surprising if I believe other parts of his email is his claim that he obtained his info about Greg from Kevin Francke.

Here’s the email I received from Ron Spier…

Hi Rob!

Keep this to yourself for now…but Kevin Francke called me yesterday to inform me that Greg Johnson was back in Oregon. I told him that I already knew about it & that he was using the name "Kellcy" & it appeared that Kevin didn’t know any of this yet. But the reason that Kevin called was to tell me that Greg had called Karen Steal & claims to have a lot of information about Tim Natividad’s whereabouts on the night of the murder. That would be the same night Tim kicked Greg’s ass. Yep…Greg knew for sure where Tim was that night! He also says he has information that will proove that Frank Gable was NOT the killer.

This has always been Greg’s past M.O. is to set on or make up information to try & trade to the DA’s office in exchange for charges being dropped. I knew right off the bat he was lying this time too! He told Karen that he was with Tim that night in the car…which is bullshit. Greg got his ass kicked & left…walking! Tim was with me & several others playing Nintindo the rest of the night. I plain to keep quiet & see just how far he gets with this line of bullshit. You are the only one I am confiding in! If Greg somehow manages to get Frank released from prison…then maybe I need to just let it go…reguardless of who they try to pen it on. Tim is dead…There’s nothing they can do to hurt him now! This could go either way at this point but a huge can of worms just might get opened up in the near future & now you have a heads-up on it.

I’ll hang a little closer to Kevin via e-mail & cell phone & keep you posted.

After you’ve had some time to think this through…let me know what you think about it & if you have any questions you need me to try & get answered…just let me know!

Take Care for now!


Curiously, at 5:07am on 6/25/07, the same day Nigel claims to have been contacted by the Kellcy family, I received an email from Tim Kellcy which reads as follows…


Some old but valid information has been sent to me concerning the

murder of Michael Francke. The sender is an eye witness with direct

knowledge and is currently in the Oregon State Department of

Corrections. He has advised me that he wishes to come forward. My

question, Who can we trust with this info?

Please let me know. Lets first discuss this by email.




This was my reply based on the info I was already privy to from Ron’s correspondence…


Who can you trust? Don’t you trust the people you’ve already shared the info with? Yeah, not sure I would either except for Frank of course. Greg already has my address. I expected a letter by now but haven’t got one. There are some things I’d like to get clarified. Why do they have him at coffee creek, and what relation are you to him? What, did the whole family change their name?


Can’t help wondering what had been transpiring behind the scenes for the past four months.(from the time I received Spier’s email up to the moment Tim Kellcy contacted me and the Willamette Week)

Was Kellcy’s info essentially being ignored by Kevin Francke? Had Kevin bothered to share Kellcy’s info with the media or Frank’s lawyers? Since Tim Kellcy obviously felt compelled to contact me and the Willamette Week by June of 2007, one could safely assume that he didn’t think so.

Four months later, and a total of eight months after I first learned of Kellcy’s info, the WW finally prints Greg’s story.

With that kind of timetable we might be seeing another article on the Francke murder by Nigel Jaquiss sometime soon. Time will tell…


James Ronald Spier with wife Ginny


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