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Posted: June 29, 2008 in EMAILS-RON SPIER

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Re: John Brey


Sun, 11 Feb 2007 17:00:44 -0800


I’m fine with being in the background for several reasons…one is I don’t have to take any attacks to my posts. I’m not looking for my 15 minutes of fame because I’ve already had it a couple of times….like when my lab got busted.

I made all the news channels then…but was never convicted for it. The charges started out pretty nasty but got whittled down to a conspericy & I won that one on an appeal. I got lucky!

I often see some people trying to hang on to the "Old Days" thru your site…back at the peak of their drug use when they must have thought their lives really meant something or maybe they thought that that was their peak. Sometimes I find something useful if you can carve off all of the tweek & get to the heart of the matter….but not very often!
Most of Kevin’s info came from tweeks that were tweeking at his expence & willing to say what he wanted to hear at the time. They had motive to say what they said at the time….dope! He should go back…find the one’s that are off the dope & start all over. I bet his views would be different on everything.
I remember hearing tweeks at the Eastwood Bowling Alley asking other tweeks if they would like to go with them to see Kevin Francke & get high for free. All they had to do was tell him a bunch of bullshit & the dope was free. I’ve never shared this with Kevin. Back then….Every doper had their motive….the big bag or to get money for the big bag. During the Francke murder investigation…all of these dopers started coming out of every nic & crany trying for the reward, dope or what ever they could get for their bullshit.
Tim being Tim may have said something to someone to try & act like he was involved or knew something in some way to try & act like a big shot. He wasn’t really any different than any other doper/tweeker. He was completely full of bullshit too…only he had a better source for dope than most. Thats probably what made him stand out a little more than most. In a lot of ways back then….I wasn’t much different either!
The only thing that set me apart from most of the tweeks was that I entered drug treatment & got clean years before the rest of them. Most of the people in my circle…within a few months…got clean too & we all stopped messing with the dope, got jobs, got healthy & got a life. The rest all fell or died one by one or went to prison. Most are still doing the dope & leading the life & are homeless. It’s sad but it’s their choice!
I feel strongly that Frank, Shorty, Jody, Tim or any dopers at all had anything to do with Francke’s murder. It had to come from inside corrections. There was only one motive for his death…to keep him exposing the corruption. When you sort through all the tweeks, the bullshit, the theories, motives, it all boils down to the same thing…"Exposing Corruption" within DOC! All the witnesses, Frank Gables, Shorty’s, fall guys, or anything else is ever going to change anything.
Mike was killed for one reason & one reason only…by someone acting on behalf of someone inside like Goldschmidt, McCalister, ect. ect. The tweeks of that time frame really didn’t know anything. They couldn’t have… because they never could have gotten next to the right people or in the right circles. Kevin will never except any of this because he feels that he has all of the facts & the truth. You & I know that he doesn’t & this is why we must keep digging….with or without him until we find the truth. Never give in or give up! It’s not within our nature!  Take Care for now!    Ron


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