Ron Spier Email-2/26/07

Posted: June 29, 2008 in EMAILS-RON SPIER
The following is my response to Ron Spier after receiving his email informing me that he had been told by Kevin Francke that Greg Johnson was attempting to come forward with information, and Greg was going through Karen Steele, Frank’s ex-wife and attorney.
Sent: Sunday, February 25, 2007 9:50 PM
Subject: Re: Greg Johnson aka Greg Kellcy
I guess my first question is how in the hell did Greg know how to contact Karen Steele, and from a jail cell at that?
Next…why is he coming forward now? Because of pending charges? Same ‘ol shit, ya know?
Also I’ve never considered Karen Steele an ally in doing anything to help Frank. Her priors are just the opposite.
My guess is Greg is looking to get bailed out somehow. If Kevin bailed out Jodie recently, maybe Greg caught wind of it. Just a speculation. I don’t know and really don’t care. It stands to reason Greg doesn’t know shit, and even if he does it aint gonna help unless it’s something that can be argued in an appellate motion. The guys a criminal! Aint nobody paying attention to Meg who is clean as a whistle. Why would anyone pay attention to what this guy has to say?
We’ve already got an argument of exculpatory evidence that was suppressed (Meg’s story) and don’t have a lawyer to argue it or anyone to support that argument like Kevin or Francine, so what could this dude possibly have to say that would have more credibility than Meg Hanson. If Kevin or Francine ran with anything this criminal said over what Meg has brought to the table that would be ludicrous.
Sorry to sound so pessimistic, but damn, there aint even an appellate court to argue to yet under the circumstances. Hadley missed the deadline for filing an appeal on the ex post facto issue, so now we gotta wait for his motion for an extension of time to be addressed. If that motion is granted then we gotta wait for the appellate court to rule once again on that same ol waste of time argument.
All this waiting for a waste of time argument before we can go to the federal level.
So if dude has anything worthwhile to say, I say Kevin needs to get busy and hear it. How making phone calls to you spreading gossip is accomplishing anything is beyond me. No offense.
Sounds like Kevin’s still playing games. He must be fishing for something he thinks he needs to get out of you surreptitiously. Maybe he’s just trying to make out like he’s doing something.

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Re: Greg Johnson aka Greg Kellcy


Mon, 26 Feb 2007 04:13:05 -0800
Either Greg really HAS been saving something for a rainy day or he’s still full of shit…my guess would be the latter! But you never know. But Thanks….I needed your input on this anyway. Back in the day…Greg & I both played guitar & we spent a lot of time hanging out making noise but then things begin to surface about him I started keeping my distance. Then later on we found out that he had snitched off several dealers & a lab or two. No one has really seen him or able to get their hands around his neck since. If anything new comes along…I’ll send it to you anyway!  Take Care!    Ron
Kevin Francke disputes Ron Spier’s claim that Kevin told him about Greg Johnson’s attempt to come forward with info. In hindsight, we now know that Spier’s claim of Johnson attempting to come forward was true. If Kevin didn’t tell him, who did?
In hindsight, we now know that Johnson’s attempts to come forward were apparently falling on deaf ears from 2/25/07-6/25/07, as Tim Kellcy emailed me on 6/25/07 concerning info they wished to share, and also contacted the Willamette Week on the same day. By February of 2007 it was not uncommon in my opinion to see Kevin Francke ignore potential worthwhile information. He has ignored every single piece of info that has been obtained through my website since the Shorty recantment.
According to Spier, Kevin shared the info with him during a phone call. That means it’s Kevin’s word against Ron’s word. I never told Kevin that Spier had informed me of Greg Johnson’s attempt to come forward until months later. I also never received word from Kevin himself of this fact.
I believe Kevin did indeed tell Spier about Greg Johnson. Just don’t know why unless there’s some connection between Spier and Liz, and Kevin is attempting to keep it from being uncovered.
Kevin himself has been attempting to discredit Greg Johnson from the beginning. Why? Apparently the WW has "come to believe what Greg Johnson is saying." The following is an email I received from Kevin Francke just a couple of weeks or so ago. Right after I received the letter from Greg Johnson…
Kevin Francke <> wrote:
I am, continue to be, very circumspect re: Greg Johnson. 
While he was a known assoc. of Tim’s, he was on Tim’s "Shit List" from papers that were in Tim’s storage locker held by the county after his murder.  Also, Greg wasn’t part of the circle of people that Tim was moving through to arrange the murder.  Dave Rabe, and Robert "Zinc" Nicholson were the ones that intro’d Tim to Melody.  Tim was very tight with Rabe, who was the step-son of Jimmie Ennis, a major cook that was supplying crank to Tim by the kilo(s).  He’s currently doing life at club-fed, taking a plea for a life sentence…doesn’t make much sense til’ you consider they were squeezing Rabe and Ennis couldn’t risk info getting out through the kid.  Rabe had all of Tim’s car titles in his name at the time of his death. 
Johnson was a punk, and I spent many hours with him on many occassions.  The last time I saw him I had him bent over a bartop at Jerry’s Silver Dollar after he damn near got me killed along with Liz, Anthony and baby-Grayson, for snitching off to the cops real info, and bullshit; me having a lab in the trailer out on Center St., for bs instance.  It would have been very ugly had they come in on a no-knock.
All of that notwithstanding, if he did pull a rabbit out of his ass, I would certainly look at it; might be a gerbil!
Bent over a bartop, huh Kevin? LOL! Kevin used to tell me Shorty was "on the no-option plan" prior to Shorty agreeing to an interview with the Trib, yet when presented with numerous opportunities for him to tell Shorty that himself, he didn’t exercise those opportunities.
Kevin can jump in here anytime and attempt to try to straighten me out, because I don’t like suspecting him of hindering progress in this case anymore than anyone else.
  1. Unknown says:

    Rob, I guess you forgot that there was others that knew Greg Kellcy was coming forward, and I had e-mailed, Ron, to ask him what he thought?  He just asked if Greg had anything important to say?  Frank had written to me to let me know and hoped that this was on the up and up.  I had e-mailed, Kevin, and found it was true that Greg was trying to get this out and WW might hear his story.  The rest is history, because Nigel came through with an earful.   JHall

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