Ron Spier Email–5/12/06

Posted: June 30, 2008 in EMAILS-RON SPIER
This is one of my favorites. It includes Ron’s alter-ego DP…
Ron Spier <> wrote:
I’m completely with you on the Meg Hansen thing too! We need to pool our efforts & help her identify this guy!

As to JR….I think his daddy jacked off in a flower pot too…& raised a "Blooming Idiot!" Have you ever noticed that him & rw always seem to have something either totally stupid or totally wrong when they post & it’s nearly always about the same time.
Another thing they both do that pisses me off is accusations they seem to do a lot of….aimed at various people. They seem to think that there is some sort of corruption hidden under every fucking rock near who every they happen to be targeting at the time. I post things sometimes to them & maybe throw them a "Good Boy" or "Good Girl" bone for the sole purpose of getting them to try & be nice.
You probably have already picked up on this & can see that I now have them in a frame of mind that I am changing their attitudes towards trying to be nicer, if in fact they feel that they "Must Post Here!" We don’t need more assholes coming in here & causing hate & discontent! Between you & I….I would be VERY happy if rw & JR NEVER came here & posted ever again. Neither of them seem to ever bring anything positive to the table….just bullshit, anger & a big fucking ego! Other than squeezing off a few rounds in all of their little brains…The best we can do at the moment & try & "Lead by Example!" Teach them how to be "Nice!"
Here’s a little different kind of news but keep in quiet for now. DP called me early this morning & said that he shot & killed a sandnigger in Iraq yesterday. He said he saw the guy in the top floor of a 3 story building in a large window & used his rifle scope to check the guy out.
The guy had a small telescope & a cell phone in his hand & was VERY interested  in the convoy that DP was in. DP was traveling from one satellite site to another to do some work for the military. After he shot the motherfucker, the Army cleared the whole area & an Army Major picked up the cell phone that the sandnigger had in his hand…& pushed "Send" & 6 IED’s (Roadside Bombs) blew up.
The Army CID’s & MP’s said that the bombs would have killed as many as 15 soldiers. So about 20 GI’s all bought DP a case of beer each for saving their lives. DP took all 20 cases of beer & threw a party but when I talked to him…he sounded like he drank ALL 20 cases by himself!
He was all fucked up & said he had a really bad headache. He also said that since nobody but the sandnigger got killed or hurt that the government probably won’t clear it to be released to the news media for awhile. DP said he took a lot of pictures of the sandnigger & the area mainly because the sandnigger might have a "Dead or Alive" reward on his head from the US Government.
There was no ID or paperwork on the motherfucker. Some of those assholes have anywhere from $5,000,000.00 to a $25,000,000.00 price on their heads. DP also said that if he gets a big reward that we…& about a thousand of our closest friends are going to the Bahama’s for an "All Expence Paid" vacation.
So that means…for sure…me, DP, you & your family, Kevin & his family might need to start packing for a two week trip to some really warm weather! Are you game for that?
Guess I better go for now & get a few things done around here. Take Care for now!   Ron

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