Ron Spier Email-Including Louise Glass and Robert Daniels-5/12/06

Posted: June 30, 2008 in EMAILS-RON SPIER
The following is a portion of an email I sent to Ron Spier, and who he in turn forwarded to Louise Glass and her son Robert. I’m bringing attention only to the portion which Spier edited in his forward to Louise. His edit in my email is where he changes the name "Steven Daniels" to "Robert Daniels. You’ll see why by the time you’re finished reading this post.
Sent: Wednesday, May 10, 2006 8:26 PM
Subject: Re: Administrator?
LG has big history that only a select few of us know about. In short, she worked undercover for the DEA as Robert Daniels wife back in the 80’s.
From: "Ron Spier" <>
To: "Robert Daniels" <>,"Louise Glass" <>
Subject: Fw: Administrator?
Date: Fri, 12 May 2006 20:27:57 -0700

Hey Louise & Robert,
 Here’s one of the "E-Mail Proofs" I was telling you about. The truth is in this e-mail…or at least some of it. He led me to believe that you…Robert Daniels was married to your mother "LG" & that you founded Coyote Chemical or Research & that he needed to find you. Put yourself in my shoes…think about what you asked me & what he says in this e-mail. What would you think? There’s just too fucking much bullshit & back stabbing coming out of him…& then he has the fucking goul to….not once…but twice….to watch my back! Take Care for now!  Ron
This next email that Ron Spier sent to Louise Glass’s son Robert daniels is quite a doozy…
From: "Ron Spier" <>
To: "louise glass" <>,"Robert Daniels" <>
Subject: Re:
Date: Fri, 12 May 2006 19:27:43 -0700

Hey Robert,
Remember how he gave up your mother like he did & we talked about flushing him out in the open? Well…he’s out in the open now.
Just so you know…I’m sending this e-mail to your mother also. I hope it’s okay with you as I really don’t have anything to hide from her & you probably don’t either.
When I first heard about his site & logged on to check it out…I became interested in who Rob was & what exactly his part in all of this was because back in the "Day" I knew about everyone in all of the various circles or at least heard of them.
I & many of my friends back then don’t remember anyone named Rob Taylor. His site seemed okay & he seemed to have a lot of passion in solving this mistery & freeing Frank Gable & I actually respected that. I read several of his posts & decided that although I had never heard of him…that he must be an okay guy.
But his connection with a piece of shit like Shorty kept bothering me. Nobody with even a little self respect would ever…in their wildest dream….have anything to do with Shorty…especially with all of the publicity about him hanging Frank Gable out to dry like he did. So I just sat back & watched & listened.
I guess what really struck a nerve with me & really pissed me off the most…& brought this to a head was when he gave up your mom & hung her out to dry & did it on his fucking web site so billions of people could see it.
Does he fucking realize that when he did that…He just put her life in danger? If he has a fucking bone to pick with her…then he should have taken it to her by e-mail or personal message…NOT put it out there for the whole fucking world to see. It doesn’t matter who she was way back when…who she is now…whats in her past or whats in her future….That was just plane fucking WRONG!
Then later on Rob & I started e-mailing each other…not a lot…but enough…& he told me that LG was really Louise Glass & that she was & still is a snitch for various cops & feds here in Oregon. Now he’s gone & hung her out to dry…yet again! He’s never met me or talked to me on the phone & has only e-mailed me a few times but yet he’s giving me….a total fucking stranger…all of this personal information about your mother & hanging her out to fucking to dry once again. Again….This Is Fucking Wrong!
Now on the other hand…Kevin Franke says just the opposit. Kevin says she’s damn good people…not just good people…but…DAMN GOOD PEOPLE! Kevin said she’s got a lot of balls & it took a lot of guts for her to come forward….what ever…FORWARD…. means. He conciders her a really good friend & speaks highly of her.
Our conversation about your mother was very brief & then we moved on to something else. So who do you think I’m going to believe about your mother? Answer: Kevin…without a doubt!
Now for the part about you! He said that you were Hoyt Cupps office clerk & you were running a clandestite company called Coyote Chemical from that office. Now you had already asked me if I had ever heard of that company & I told you what I knew & that was the total truth.
But I became suspicius because of what Rob had said & the fact that you had asked me about Coyote Chemical right out of the clear blue. It just seemed odd. Rob says YOU are the same Daniels that ran the company from Cupps office. So I began to wonder which one of you were telling the truth.
You had already said that you were NOT the same Daniels & that you were NOT related to the other one….& I have NO reason NOT  to believe you were…in fact…telling me the truth. Well…to be honest…I really didn’t care at the time but then Rob brought it up again & said he needed to find you in order to get all of the Franke Murder information he needed from you & that you had "Dropped off of the face of the earth back in 1987."
There’s a lot more but we’ll get to all of that another time. I think you get the jist of what he’s up to by now.
Now do you see all of this proof that confirms what he’s really all about? Remember…I told you weeks ago that I would flush him out & I did! I only sent him one of your e-mails then wrote a couple nasties that slammed you a little just to scare him into a panic & it worked! Sorry for the slam & slander but it was necessary to complete the task at hand.
Once I knew I had his crap out in the open…I sent him a couple of e-mails letting him know that I thought it was chickenshit of him to hang me out to dry like he did. Then the final nail in his coffin was to delete my membership on his site to cause him to panic even more. It worked! I checked his site from work & I see he has locked out the public so that only members could get in. Now he’s running scared!
Now for the $64.00 question…Didn’t I tell you weeks ago that I was going to do this? I just didn’t say how I was going to do it. Truth be known….I wasn’t sure how I was going to do it but I was just waiting for more evidence & sitting tight until I could pick & choose that magic moment. If you hadn’t of sent me back the e-mail of mine that he sent you…I’d still be waiting! Thats why I sent you an e-mail saying "Thank You for all of your help!" I know my methods are a little out there but the results came out pretty good.
I talked to DP about noon today & he’s on his way back from Iraq. I explained all that has happened since yesterday about Rob & I’m pretty sure he & a few dozen of his closest friends are going to Portland to visit Rob. Do you or do you know anyone who might have Rob’s address & phone number? DP asked me to see if I could try & have it by the time he gets back. If you can get it for us…I promice on my white skin & my mothers grave that I’ll never tell where I got it!
Last…but now least….Please Keep a real close eye on your mom’s safety & your’s! You both know for a fact that Rob put both of you out on "Front Street" for the whole world to see & there’s no telling how many other people he’s e-mailed about the two of you….like all of the e-mail he sent me about you & your mom.  I’m watching my back too! Guess I better go for now. Take Care & Stay Safe!   Ron
  1. Gary says:

    I am louise glass/daniels/Wharton/Hershey/suby/McInnis. brother. If you want accurate information you are welcome to contact me.

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