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At this time on today’s date eight years ago I was sitting in a cell in the fishtank of Nevada’a medium security prison in Carson City. I had been transferred there four days earlier from the minimum security fire camp in Tonapah, NV where I spent the last couple of months of my sentence.
I had spent my first year down at the fire camp in Ely, NV, just about five miles from the maximum security prison Frank is at currently. I spent the night at Ely Max on my way to the Ely fire camp, and it was definitely a memorable experience. Lotsa time spent "nose and toes" to the wall while CO’s checked my ass for contraband. "Bend over and cough" is their favorite line there. Was damn glad I wasn’t staying!
The max prison was on lockdown at the time, and had been for a couple, two or three years I think due to a riot that had jumped off.
I had spent my last weekend in the fishtank with a youngster who had just arrived on dope charges. Lucky for him cuz I had lotsa store in my personal effects which I shared with him, and pretty much left him everything I had including an extra $100 pair of Nike’s I had won in a pinochle game.
They finally called my name around 10:30am with the words I had anxiously been waiting to hear, "Taylor, roll it up."
That final walk through "the yard" was an experience I’ll never forget. Seemed like everyone I knew was out on the yard.
They walked me over to the administration area near the front entrance of the prison. This area was deemed "Mayberry" by the inmates due to the holding cells which looked like the jail cells from the Andy Griffith show. I was fed my last sack lunch, and was finally released at about 1:30pm with a $20 check from the Department of Corrections. A CO drove me to the Greyhound where I cashed the check and purchased a ticket from Carson City to Reno, which was about 20 miles away.
Within the first week I would obtain a job at the downtown AM/PM, and be on my way to rebuilding my life. Two months later I would meet Shelly, my future bride to be, when she walked into the store one day for a soft drink.
A kareoke version…

And the video released by the band…

Christian the Lion

Posted: July 30, 2008 in Videos
Seems like years since I’ve seen anything that made me feel so good. A truly wonderful story guaranteed to bring happy tears to anyone who watches it.
Meet the ‘hugging’ lion’s owners

July 30: TODAY’s Meredith Vieira talks to John Rendall and Ace Bourke, the men who reunite with their lion Christian in that popular YouTube clip.

A couple of years ago I was contacted by a retired Marion County Deputy. That correspondence can be reviewed here…
After sharing the above correspondence with a particular site visitor, I received the following reply…
Wow, he is close on much of the information but he doesn’t quite get the cigar.  Obviously he barely touches the tip of the iceberg.  Perry Bruce was married to my Aunt Carol Bruce a.k.a. (Carol Russell, Carol Perky, and Carol Evensizer).  Carol Bruce was in on all of the crimes and most of the goods went to freeway Jack’s (Jack Metzler) in Albany .  If I’m not mistaken, I believe that Dennis Williams was involved.  Regardless of what the police think happened with Vic Keerins, word on the street is that his hands were not the only ones on the gun when it went off.
You should see what he has to say about Henry Allen Cook (Hank Cook). For a few years it was said that if Hank didn’t have anything (meth) Salem didn’t.  The hotspot was 4765 Auburn Rd NE , affectionately known as the “Cooks residence” back in the 80s. If you go back on that address to the early 70s there was a murder of a prominent business owner that was whitewashed. 
The powers that be at the time had no love loss with his death and profited from the dissemination of the company.  At the time, it was the only construction company in Salem and everybody knows how much money there is in the construction industry.  Another place you might ask him about is Okie Lane in Turner. 
You really should make a visit sometime.  If you do, remind me to show you some diaries that scared the hell out of Kevin.
…end of reply
Yes, I really should visit this guy.

I received another letter today from Greg Kellcy. He’s been transferred to another correctional institution outside of Oregon as he requested.
Although he was hoping to be transferred to Washington State, that didn’t happen.
Greg didn’t tell me not to reveal his new location, however I feel it’s best not to do so at this time.
from: Kevin Francke
to: Rob Taylor
date: Tue, Jun 10, 2008 at 12:19 AM
subject: Re: Greg Kellcy Letter-June 9, 2008
From my memory, Ron Spier told John Brey about the Z car being in the shop with a bad head gasket.  John told me that Tim had brought it in weeks before he was killed but didn’t have the money to fix it, and Ron moved it to the back.  John saw it shortly after Tim was killed and inquired about it thinking Ron might unload it.  He said it was covered with dust and had been sitting for a long time.  While it was driveable, it would backfire at high revs and tend to overheat, according to John, who is a pretty damn good mekanik. 
Greg wasn’t at Liz’ trial.  I read the entire transcript, and it was a bit more than a "quarrel", in his words.  Liz’ court reporter was Bonnie, who was in the movie, as a court reporter in Frank’s case, which she was in real life.  She took me aside in the courthouse one day while I was down pouring through court records and gave me the scripts to read.  She said, "I think you need to dispel any thoughts you might have about this girl and that psychopathic monster, and this should point you in the right direction."  She was spot on.  Tim "playing" Russian Roulette, but Liz was the only one who got a turn, reminded me of the scene from the Deer Hunter.  You can probably find it on YouTube or one of the other vid sites.  Just one of the endless quarrels that went on for that night thru till 8 in the morning.
The doctor who responded to Tim, and also did the forensics at the scene, was also the doctor who treated Liz when the cops took her down to the hospital following the murder.  He ran into her last summer at Salem Hosp. and grabbed her by the arm and pulled her into his office.  He told her that there was nothing he could do to save Tim, and after treating her, there’s nothing he might have done.  "in 30 years, I have never seen any patient so traumatized." 
Idiots post about another gunner, or another gun. There were three shots, all from the same .44 magnum, the same one he was "playing with".  All at close range, and all fatal.  Corresponding flashburns on her hands and both palms indicated at least three shots.  There’d a been more shots if her skin hadn’t fried and gotten caught in the cylinder as it revolved. 
Liz’ mom signed  her house over to Charlie Burt to pay for his firm’s representation.  Liz came out penniless as well.  So much for a big payoff from the Mexican Mafia, or whatever rumor mill you tune into.  I’ve heard them all, but I read what went down.  Ugly, real ugly.