Kevin Francke Email-10/13/04

Posted: July 2, 2008 in EMAILS-KEVIN FRANCKE

Wed, 13 Oct 2004 20:00:26 -0700 (PDT)


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"Rob Taylor"


Hi Rob.
Sorry for not at least getting a heads up to you after your last missive, but things are a bit upside-down right now.  No time to go into it all, but, it’s all cool.
No, I absolutely was not put off with your openess.  I call it "gettin’ naked".  You can’t hide the warts…anyway, it’s all the same, as my other best friend Neil found out. 
Jodie is in the joint, and is going to be geting out n about five months.  She and I are pretty tight, and she is on the bus.  No need to mention her name on your site.  She is THE key, despite her "credibility" issue.  She got clean and has come a helluva long way while there.  I am proud of her.  I am also scared about her safety…sooooooyou know what I mean.
Shorty headed out of here after the trial to PDX, then left for Phoenix, where McAlister is presently.  He got popped, again for drugs and did a stretch in their system.  You can access that easily by going to the ADC site and even get his current picture!  Don’t know definitely where he is now, but I have a good idea. 
Walker was in on another felon in possession and is probably down in the Albany area.  I already have his recantation, so I am not worried aout tracking him at this time. 
Earl Childers was the other key "witness", and I have no idea where he is or where his head is.  He has been strung out for ages. 
Gessner has his dad, I think, living here in Keizer…he is using that as his home address, but I have not seen his rigs there.  He is an over-the-roader so he may be anywhere. 
All of the documents are overwhelming…sixty cases.  And, I fucked up my back so they are sitting on the floor till I can pick them up.  Most is same old, so we will see.  We have agrand design of scanning them into a database, but it is going to take a ton of sorting and and and……
I have lotsa’ of pictures, but my scanner is down, and the back-up headed to Corvallis with his school duties, and took all of my top-end…which ain’t too top-end, with him.  The pics would be great on your site, but there isn’t any place on the site to offer an opine on specifically to the Gable case.
Anywho, number three son just got back from football practice with all of the troops, so we are going to dig into a pot of chili I started this a.m.
Gotta’ blow right now,


No need to mention Jodie Swearingen’s name on my site? Yeah, ok Kevin.


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