Video: July 2007 Myrtle Beach, SC Trip

Posted: July 3, 2008 in Videos
Well, it’s July, and I’m reminded of this time last year when my marriage took a big hit. I ended up packing my clothes and computer in the car and headed out to Myrtle Beach, SC where my sister lives. Actually another little beach town about 20 miles south of Myrtle Beach. I spent the whole month there before returning home to Iowa.
Although I felt like I  was an emotional wreck, I did have a great time. Thanks mostly to my sister who I owe my marriage to. Thanks sis! I love you! The entire incident was very strange and there is only one other person besides my sister and nephew I shared "the entire" story with, and that was Frank. 
The video below is a little something I put together to remember the trip. It’s set to the tune of "Dixieland" by Jackyl.
This next video is the one I made for Shelly around the end of July hoping to win her heart back. Two days later she sent me a text message asking me when I was coming home. I left the next morning.Red heart

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