Jodie Swearingen Hypnosis Video

Posted: July 13, 2008 in Videos
The entire Jodie hypnosis video is now available as a YouTube playlist.
A couple of years or so following Frank’s trial, Jodie Swearingen consented to an interview and hypnosis by Dr. Stan Abrams. This is quite a compelling interview with Jodie answering questions first, then being placed under hypnosis to answer questions again.
She reveals a sequence of events after being picked up by Tim (Rooster) Natividad the night of the murder that has the two of them driving to a house located behind the Dome Building (Buck Burgess’s house) where Tim removes items from the trunk of his car while Jodie sits and waits in the passenger seat. They then drive to the other side (front) where Tim parks in a parking lot, gets out, and walks toward the Dome Building, again leaving Jodie in the car. He returns about twenty minutes later, and without uttering a word between each other they drive to Shorty’s house on Center Street.

Jodie has some interesting things to say about what transpired after that, and makes mention of former Assistant Attorney General Scott McAlister, who she says she saw providing funds for Natividad to have methamphetamine made. She also believes McAlister and Vince Taylor are responsible for contracting Natividad to murder Michael Francke.


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