Message to Scott McAlister

Posted: July 19, 2008 in Francke Case
Well-well-well…welcome Scott McAlister, or is that you Grace?
Yeah, I’m still here! Three years after that visit I made to your house.
Crazy thing about these websites ya know, they provide you with statistics. Like those two recent site hits to your page on my website then clicking over to my blog. And coming in less than 30 minutes since I left that voicemail on your phone no less.
C’mon, gimme a callback. I really just wanted to see if you knew Phelps or if it was some idiot playing games.
I haven’t said anything about you on the site that isn’t factual other than a couple of my personal opinions of you in light of those facts. Lemme hear your side of the story. No reason not to talk to me unless you’ve got something to hide. Isn’t that what the cops always say?
I’ll write it just like you tell it.
Hey, you want a good laugh? Check out the emails I posted from ex wrestler Billy Jack Haynes.

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