Bingta Francke

Posted: July 23, 2008 in Francke Case
Recently I’ve posted comments by Kevin Francke which included his opinions of Bingta Francke. This past March I was contacted by someone claiming to be Bingta’s ex-husband. I suspect this might be Bingta’s marriage soon after Michael’s murder which was quickly annulled.
I made an inquiry to Kevin Francke on this matter but he offered no assistance. Not surprised…Kevin has become as silent as Scott McAlister of late. Was this another game player or the real deal?
Here’s the correspondence…
From: Allen
Sent: March 08 9:26 PM
To: Rob Taylor
I am of the opinion that the wife needs to be under more investigation.  She was a conniving, money hungry and devious person long before she married. 
From: Rob Taylor
Sent: March 09 5:07 AM
To: Allen
Thanks Allen. I agree. Nice to see you made it over my way. I noticed your post at the other forum. You really an ex husband of Bingta?
From: Allen
Sent: March 08 11:28 PM
To: Rob Taylor
I am…i accidentally stumbled upon this story….her past is checkered and long before me
From: Rob Taylor
Sent: March 09 5:43 AM
To: Allen
Quite a stumble I’d imagine for an ex husband of Bingta. Things are about to get interesting. Being as you’re new to this case, I’m curious if my website does a good job of explaining things. If you have any difficulty keeping up with the events that are transpiring at my blog, feel free to ask questions.
From: Allen
Sent: March 09 12:02 AM
To: Rob Taylor
Your site does a very nice job of explanation.  I will follow with interest now that i know where to go to keep up with the case.  it will be interesting to follow any developments and see if they head in a different direction.  My beliefs could be way off base but possibly not.  When she lived in Colorado her life was fast and wild…drugs, sex, and money, and not hers.  She was peripherally involved with someone who eventually was executed brutally and as far as i know the crime was never solved.  Her Boston ties, with another man, prior to moving to Colorado, had similarities with sex, drugs and money.  the adage of leopards and spots comes to mind
From: Rob Taylor
Sent: March 11 12:03 PM
To: Allen
For the past six months or so someone has been performing web searches on "Bingta Francke." Just this morning I see that a search was done on "Trey Francke," her son with Michael. The "Bingta" searches have also appeared almost monthly from within my site. In other words, someone has been searching my site practically on a monthly basis for anything related to Bingta.
Was wondering if this might be you.
It could be anyone, even Bingta. I just find it coincidental, and I don’t believe in coincidence. So I thought I’d ask.
From: Allen
Sent: March 11 9:48 AM
To: Rob Taylor
It WAS not me….I didnt learn of your site until just recently.  I also dont know anything of her family or family members except for that which I knew when we were married.  Frankly Rob, that woman somewhat frightened me after i learned more about her many years ago.  I in fact was reluctant and still am reluctant to communicate with you or discuss her with anyone for rear of reprisal…….and i am not one to be frightened easily. 
Sent: March 11 10:50 PM
Well, since you’ve shared this much info already, I’ll take "reluctant" to mean you’re not overly enthusiastic about sharing info regarding Bingta, but not necessarily against the idea either. Haha!
The $900,000+ in life insurance Bingta got sticks out like a sore thumb as far as motive.
IMO, her indulgence in drugs, sex and money, which is not new news to me,  puts her in the club with other suspects from corrections, Oregon State Police, and the AG’s office, primarily Scott McAlister who was a womanizer and frequently indulged in coke. I don’t think it was a coincidence that Bingta was out of town the night of the murder. Just a hunch. I do think she’s worth looking at more because it doesn’t seem like anyone else has.
Whatever you could share with me would probably help to give me a better picture of Bingta and help guide me in the proper direction to learn more. But I must tell you that if anything you tell me causes me to stumble on something significant and worth writing about, I will. I respect any desire you may have to remain anonymous, and if I decide to write anything or share info with someone else I will do it in a way you’re comfortable with or not at all.
All I expect with those who share info with me is to keep the lines of communication open. Otherwise I see no point in honoring any promises I make.
  1. Annonymous says:

    Bingta is Crazy i dated her son and she would cus him everytime he would come see me i was only 16 for cryin out loud. She needs help! When i first met her son she was single and her son Trey told me that she had been married and divorced 7 times. A year or so after Trey and i had been dating she met someone and got married. That whole thing lasted about 6 months with a divorce involved. I think his name was Del or something. So that was her 8th marriage. ….but who’s counting…


  2. Annonymous says:


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