Video of the Day-Sgt Hartman VS Jack Nicholson

Posted: July 24, 2008 in Videos
This stuff cracks me up! Not that I’m lacking in laughter of late what with all that’s transpiring behind the scenes.
I think I’m gonna make one of these videos using pics from my site, and audio from Phil’s movie. The possibilities are endless. Throw in a fex extras for effect.
I’ll still be getting new stuff up on the site daily. I should be finished today with getting links up to all the old newspaper articles I’ve accumulated. I added about 30 more last night and have about 30 more to go.
The website is my main focus once again. There’s a lot of info that’s spread out in too many places, so I need to get busy organizing and publishing it to the proper web pages, and creating additional pages when necessary.
Enjoy the video…
A phone call: Sgt Hartman VS Jack Nicholson

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