My NDOP Expiration Anniversary

Posted: July 31, 2008 in Miscellaneous
At this time on today’s date eight years ago I was sitting in a cell in the fishtank of Nevada’a medium security prison in Carson City. I had been transferred there four days earlier from the minimum security fire camp in Tonapah, NV where I spent the last couple of months of my sentence.
I had spent my first year down at the fire camp in Ely, NV, just about five miles from the maximum security prison Frank is at currently. I spent the night at Ely Max on my way to the Ely fire camp, and it was definitely a memorable experience. Lotsa time spent "nose and toes" to the wall while CO’s checked my ass for contraband. "Bend over and cough" is their favorite line there. Was damn glad I wasn’t staying!
The max prison was on lockdown at the time, and had been for a couple, two or three years I think due to a riot that had jumped off.
I had spent my last weekend in the fishtank with a youngster who had just arrived on dope charges. Lucky for him cuz I had lotsa store in my personal effects which I shared with him, and pretty much left him everything I had including an extra $100 pair of Nike’s I had won in a pinochle game.
They finally called my name around 10:30am with the words I had anxiously been waiting to hear, "Taylor, roll it up."
That final walk through "the yard" was an experience I’ll never forget. Seemed like everyone I knew was out on the yard.
They walked me over to the administration area near the front entrance of the prison. This area was deemed "Mayberry" by the inmates due to the holding cells which looked like the jail cells from the Andy Griffith show. I was fed my last sack lunch, and was finally released at about 1:30pm with a $20 check from the Department of Corrections. A CO drove me to the Greyhound where I cashed the check and purchased a ticket from Carson City to Reno, which was about 20 miles away.
Within the first week I would obtain a job at the downtown AM/PM, and be on my way to rebuilding my life. Two months later I would meet Shelly, my future bride to be, when she walked into the store one day for a soft drink.

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