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Could there be more victims of the brutal 1969 Manson family murders?
By Keith Morrison
NBC News
updated 5:54 p.m. CT, Fri., Aug. 29, 2008

The devil’s business – Dateline NBC-

Frank’s Birthday

Posted: August 28, 2008 in Miscellaneous
Frank turns 49 today. It has never felt right wishing Frank a happy birthday as how can anyone expect him to feel happy about it? It’s just another reason to mark off yet one more year of serving time for a crime he didn’t commit.
I don’t have much else to say regarding his birthday as I’m busy replying to a letter I just received from him.
Today is also my first born son’s birthday, and although I’ve decided what I’m getting Frank for his birthday, I haven’t decided yet what to get my son.

Video-Prisons For Profit

Posted: August 25, 2008 in Videos
Corporations are running many Americans prisons, but will they put profits before prisoners?
A grim new statistic: One in every hundred Americans is now locked behind bars. As the prison population grows faster than the government can build prisons, private companies see an opportunity for profit.
NOW on PBS investigates the government’s trend to outsource prisons and prisoners to the private sector. Critics accuse private prisons of standing in the way of sentencing reform and sacrificing public safety to maximize profits.
"The notion that a corporation making a profit off this practice is more important to us than public safety or the human rights of prisoners is outrageous," Judy Greene, a criminal policy analyst, tells NOW on PBS.
Companies like Corrections Corporation of America say they’re doing their part to solve the problem of inmate overflow and a shortage of beds without sacrificing safety.
"You don’t cut corners to where it’s going to be a safety, security or health issue," Richard Smelser, warden of the Crowley Correctional Facility in Colorado tells NOW. The prison is run by Corrections Corporation, which had revenues of over $1.4 billion last year.
The Crowley prison made headlines back in 2004 after a major prison riot caused overwhelmed staff to run away from the facility. Outside law enforcement had to come in to put down the uprising.

I have fallen from grace, and my ashes are scattered
No longer of passion and flesh
My flame is alive, though my wings have been shattered
They lay my body to rest

My spirit is breathing, my senses are pure
Like reincarnation, my soul will endure

Back on earth
Back on earth
Back on earth
The spirit, it never lets go

Like fountains of sorrow, the faces are crying
I’m witnessing all of their pain
Death is so final, for only the living
The spirit will always remain

Bury me deep, just to cover my sins
My soul is redeemed, as the journey begins

Back on earth (you feel me)
Back on earth (reveal me)
Back on earth, the spirit it never lets go

Another dimension, a river of life
I’m twisting, I’m turning, my soul is in flight

Back on earth (you feel me)
Back on earth (reveal me)
Back on earth (still breathing)
Back on earth (reliving)

Back on earth (you feel me)
Back on earth (reveal me)
Back on earth (still breathing)
Back on earth (reliving)


The following video is a re-enactment of Wayne Hunsaker explaining to Kevin Francke what he told the police. Hunsacker’s life was turned upside down by the police, the lawyers, and the Grand Jury, all for simply trying to assist in the investigation by telling the cops what he saw.
In my opinion, Hunsacker’s statement threw an unexpected wrench into the cover-up of the Francke murder. A cover-up that was being forced to quickly adapt to whatever unexpected occurrences were brought on by a murder plan gone haywire.
It’s highly doubtful Hunsacker witnessed Francke being stabbed. The cops and the prosecution were the ones drumming that beat into the minds of the jurors and the public. The prosecutions theory of Frank breaking into Mike’s car, then suddenly stabbing him when caught was most likely conjured up to revolve around Hunsacker’s statement.
It’s possible that what Hunsacker saw were two individuals exchanging heated words over a plan that had just gone haywire. The blood drops conflict entirely with the direction Hunsacker claims the man walking up the steps took.
If you are facing the North Portico steps, the blood drops begin on the sidewalk to the right of the steps. Nearly halfway to the front entrance of the Dome Building, and they lead in the direction of the North Portico steps. Hunsacker claimed the man walked a straight path to the North Portico steps.
From the Oregonian-May 8, 1991
About 25 crime scene photos were shown to jurors, including those of the first blood drops found on a narrow sidewalk about 10 feet south of the stairs leading to the north portico. Pex said the shape of the blood drops shows Francke heading directly for the portico stairs.

Bleeding steadily, Francke walked up the stairs, paused briefly at the top then walked about 30 feet to a side door that led inside the building. Pex said he walked off a possible route from Francke‘s car and estimated it would take 30 to 35 seconds to reach the side door.

But defense attorney Robert Abel challenged Pex’s description of the event.

“You’re telling me Mr. Francke follows the pavement (leading to the Dome Building’s front steps) instead of taking a direct path to the (portico) steps?” Abel asked.

Pex said Francke probably walked the driveway pavement, instead of across a grassy area directly in front of the portico, because he had an unobstructed view of the building before he crossed the grass to the portico stairs.

The distinction is a key ingredient in one conspiracy theory that Francke was walking back toward the main doors of the Dome Building when he allegedly saw people, possibly his assailants, and walked in the other way to avoid them. 

Read entire article here-Blood Explains Death Scenario