A Spooky Tale

Posted: August 21, 2008 in Francke Case
But there were no immediate recurrences of the event of Jan. 18, 1989 when Katie Francke said that her murdered brother-in-law appeared to her in the kitchen of her Port Charlotte, Fla. home.  Now, one year and eight months later, Katie is worried that even with all the other bizarre twists and turns of the most extensive murder investigation in Oregon history, people will think that she’s insane for her recollections of afterlife appearances by Michael Francke. Still, the apparitions are as real to her as Francke’s Jan. 17, 1989 stabbing death.
She says the apparition told her that a certain corrections official was involved in the killing. When Kevin came back to Florida after the funeral, he was convinced that something was amiss with the way the investigation was being handled—Several days after his return Katie said, the apparition of Mike Francke came to her again.
"Kevin had gone to bed, and I was just finishing cleaning up in the kitchen,"  she said. "I looked up, and Mike was sitting at the breakfast bar that’s between the kitchen and family room. He didn’t say anything, but I got the distinct impression that he wanted to talk to his brother. So I went and got Kevin.  When we got back he was gone. Kevin spent the night on the couch.  In the morning, he said he never saw anything but could feel Mike’s presence around him."
About a month later Kevin saw a story in a Florida newspaper about a private investigator who had used a psychic to find an old man who had disappeared. Kevin gave me the task of finding the psychic. The psychic, called Jane Doe by the family because she wanted to avoid publicity, was able to convince the family that Mike was trying to communicate with them about his murder. Jane Doe was able to accurately describe the Dome Bldg, where the Corrections Department headquarters is. She told them that three men were on the scene when Francke was attacked – one wearing a trench coat.  "She said that Mike’s murder was planned but was not supposed to happen that night."  Katie said, "But something upset the apple cart, and they had to do it then and there."
"She said it was planned at an expensive type cabin way up in the mountains near a lake – that the plotters went much further up in Oregon government than anybody thought."  There were several initial meetings with Jane Doe and Kevin and Katie have maintained contact with her.
The Francke brothers were especially impressed when Jane Doe told them in March 1989 that one of the men involved had a last name that began with a "hard K" sound. A short time later, former penitentiary inmate Johnny Crouse was arrested for assault and questioned about the murder.
Jane Doe told Katie that the next time Mike Francke appeared to her, she was to stay in contact with him – even if she thought he wanted to talk to Kevin. She (Jane Doe) said, "it wasn’t uncommon for people who have violent deaths to attempt to make contact with the living."
Months after the second appearance of Mike Francke, Katie said she and Kevin were at home talking about the murder and the questions they had.
"I know this sounds looney-tunes," she said, "but two seconds later I was Mike.  Suddenly I was there in the parking lot where he was attacked.  I don’t remember a lot, but I remember a great deal of pain. 
There were three people there – all males I think. I remember the knife appearing as being  surprise. 
The most pain was in my chest, but my shoulder and head hurt, too. Then it went dark and the last thing I remember was the sensation of being dragged."
With Katie’s vision of the murder scene, the apparition of Michael Francke was at last witnessed by Kevin.
"As I was coming out of it, I became aware of Kevin yelling, "That’s the devil’s doing, that’s the devil’s doing." 
But then he saw Michael standing behind me, smiling… I told Kevin that Mike wouldn’t have appeared like that to reassure us if it was the devils work. There would be other apparitions and more contact with the psychic, Katie said.  But as disturbing as the events were, the death of Michael Francke was taking a toll on Katie and Kevin on another level.
Quoting Katie Francke…
"I had been pacing the floor, wringing my hands, crying, it was a hellacious day. I was in the kitchen getting a glass of milk when I turned around.  There was Mike, three feet away from me in a brightly lit kitchen.  He was dressed in casual clothes and looked like I could reach out an touch him. 
Katie says before she could react the apparition told her the name of a certain corrections official who was involved in the murder.  I finally got through to Kevin and told him what I had seen and heard. 
All he said was, ‘I believe it."
Note from Rob: Corrections officials with a "hard K" sound in their name…Hoyt Cupp and J.C. Keeney.

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