Phil Stanford: We own elections and the potholes

Posted: September 5, 2008 in Francke Case

So, I had to post off topic today in Phil Stanford’s column. 

Seems the Trib wasted no time in taking down the link to Phil’s last Portland Confidential column, "Things get real spooky when Casper the Ghost is in town?"

At last count there were ten comments posted, compared to the twelve comments posted on "Earth to Stanford: The Randy Leonard edition," which was published a day earlier and still has a link posted on the homepage of the Trib’s site. I think they should leave homepage links to Phil’s columns up for one week, and longer if folks are still commenting. I mean, they are trying to be an online newspaper, right?

I can’t wait to see where Phil goes with all this Vince Capitan, Steve Kessler and Michael Wright stuff. Course Phil has yet to tie Capitan and Wright together in his column.  It would be so easy to blend it all into the Francke case and what was going on at the joint. An intriguing tale which has been spun before to some degree by Kevin Francke. Should be able to post it sometime tomorrow.

We own elections and the potholes


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