Kevin Francke’s Response to a Site Visitor

Posted: September 8, 2008 in EMAILS-KEVIN FRANCKE
Just over a couple of years ago Kevin Francke sent the following email response to one of my site visitors who wondered if Jodie Swearingen was covering for Moose, otherwise known as Terrance Wayne Jones.
I think this is an interesting email in many aspects, but mostly due to what Phil Stanford has been writing about in his Portland Confidential columns of late. Is it a coincidence that Phil has recently written about Michael Wright, Owner of Cindy’s Bookstore in PDX, and is now mentioning Vince Capitan in a Portland Confidential spin? We will see.
One things for sure, ask Kevin a simple question in an email, and he’s more than happy to tell you a story. I wonder why he was never this open with his thoughts on the website message forum prior to April of 2006?
From: Kevin Francke <>
Subject: Re: I feel a year older.
Date: Saturday, April 22, 2006, 12:20 PM

No, I don’t think that Jody is covering for Moose, and I know that she hardly knew him.  Moose’s real name is Terrance Wayne Jones. He is a southern cracker that enlisted in the Navy when he was 18 and was stationed at NAS in Alameda, CA. He decked a guy that was fiddling with one of his girl/hooker friends in the Fremont area in San Francisco(was and is a very risque area)and killed him.  Did 9 years for that in San Quentin, which was one of the seedbeds for the White Power and Ayrian Brotherhood groups. 
He got in with the Gypsy Jokers and eventually ended up here in Salem(actually, the clubhouse is in Keizer).  Did some ins and outs at the joint, and was part of the big power group at OSP that controlled all of the contraband, and cash.  This was led by a guy named Phil Kellotat, who is currently doing a forty yr. hitch at Club Fed, Marion, in Illinois.  Kellotat was very active in the NW’s drug trafficking.  He had the juice at the joint by virtue of his father-in-law, Vincent Capitan. 
Capitan had mafia connections, etc. and was tied into a lot of the dope trade and prostitution rackets up in PDX.  Cindy’s bookstore in Chinatown up there was one of their bases, along with that bar that just closed…can’t remember the name.  Capitan and Michael Wright went down on a mob-style murder of a Mexican boxer who had ripped them off on a drug run.  Popped him in the head and left his body in the trunk of a car parked at PDX.  Capitan did 8 years(yes, 8 ) for that and he set up shop in OSP to run the white power network.  Wright was convicted in absentia as he had fled(yes, on bail with a murder rap on him)to Idaho and networked up there as a hit-man for the AB’s and other Ayrian assoc’s. 
Got involved in the Iran/Contra drugs for guns smuggling along with the covert ops at Evergreen International in McMinville.  They flew the shit in and out of Evergreen’s site down in AZ.  Wright got nabbed and sent to prison at OSP for a whopping 6 years. 
They had a parole for hire scheme back then that, with a bag of cash, your matrix could get readjusted and you’d be out pretty quick, even on a murder rap.  Capitan got released, and Kellotat stepped in as the new drug lord. 
Moose, Buck Burgess, Freeway Jack Metzger, Dan Johnson(the pedophile that got released last year early and is up in the PDX area), Don Wentz/aka California Don or Don Johnson, Roger Box and Bobby Stoops were the big hitters with the group.  I’ve met with Moose, Freeway, Roger and Bobby…actually, I am pretty in with Roger and Bobby.  Roger replaced the master cylinder on my car when my brakes were sabotaged back in ’90, and Bobby I got to know well through my assoc. with Alean Yung, who is Buck’s ol’ lady from back then.  I went to his daughters wedding last summer.  Buck had confided in her that they had a "club" in the joint called Murder Inc. and could anyone in or out of the joint, anytime, anywhere.
   From L-R..Roger Box, Angie Ford, Kevin Francke                                   Buck Burgess
                                         Don Wentz Johnson
                                                           Don Wentz Johnson
As evidence of this, he pointed out the hit that Kellotat ordered on Capitan down in Shasta County, CA while "consolidating power".  His own father-in-law.  Kellotat was arrested for the hit along with his wife, Nancy Jo.  The two state witnesses who actually whacked Capitan were to testify that Kellotat ordered it.  One, Tommy Hylund, ended up dead; body found outside Eugene.  The other showed up at trial and forgot what he was there for.  Kellotat walked.  Nancy Jo, well, she has just kinda’ disappeared.  Buck told her that there was a big hit going down on some big wig at Corrections, but if she said anything, she’d end up like Nancy Jo. 
Tim’s best friend, Mike Teter said to me that Tim was bragging in the summer of ’88 that he had gone big-time and had a direct pipeline into the joint through some guy that had just got rolled up on a PV for trying to kill his old lady with a knife…that is Buck Burgess; June of ’88.  Burgess was cellies with Conrad Garcia at the joint.  Melody was married to Buck, and then she married Conrad and was muling for him.  Buck was released after 90 days, and it was at this time, fall of ’88, that Tim sprang into Melody’s life out of nowhere. 
Tim had told Melody all about Conrad, and this info had to have come from Buck.  There’s a statement in the discovery that Conrad made to the cops that Tim killed Mike and was paid to do it by McAllister.  When the cops rousted him on it, he toned it down since he figured he’d be killed if he talked.  I met with Conrad after his release in 1994 at a flophouse up in PDX.  Sitting alone in his little apt. was a bit ennervating, but after a while, he opened up and told me that the phone calls with Tim weren’t just general "gonna’ take out the head dude" shit.  Tim specifically said Mike’s name, and that Conrad would get paid by McAlister, and he shouldn’t worry about where the money’s coming from, etc.  At this point, he buried his head in his hands and broke down sobbing.  He apologized to me for not going to the cops and preventing all of this, and felt it was his fault that a good man was dead.  He’d agreed to do the hit, but got into a fight in the visitor’s area with James Fourhorn and got sent to the hole for 90 days. 
I think the quid pro quo for hooking Tim up with Burgess was taking Mike out of the picture, and I think it was McAlister that set the thing up, along with Whitley.  Anyway, they had to turn to Plan B, which was bring in Eddie Bennet from the coast, a big biker dude, to do the hit.  There were two meetings; one at the Canton Garden and one at a house off 24th and Trade.  Jodie described the meeting at the house. 
There was Tim, a guy they called Dad(Burgess), Bennet, Robert Cornett and the Davis brothers, Rick and Rob.  Jodie just heard them talking about the general stuff of the deal, and she went back into the bedroom to fire-up.  Partied all night and passed out on the bed.  Woke up the next afternoon and Ed Bennet was lying next to her and she had nothing on but her panties.  16 years old. 
Anyway, that plan backfired as well.  The Davis brothers did a drive-by shooting on a guy’s apt. off Lancaster in November of ’88 while driving a primer grey Chevelle; tags came back to Shorty Harden’s girlfriend.  It was a good runner that Shorty had traded a Harley for.  The Davis’ were arrested by John Manitzas with Salem PD and held without bail for attmpted murder.  Bennet got into a fight in a bar at Lincoln City, and they found he was on escape status from the joint, so back he went in December of ’88.  Dec. 12th, the cops raided Cornett’s house for drugs; arrested a cook that was there, Dr. Bob, but Cornett and his roomy, Chris Warila escaped and went on the lam.
Now things were getting desperate.  Mike was getting closer to the heart of the corruption and who was involved.  He was not too subtly trying to get McAlister pulled from any work with DOC.  Whitley had already resigned rather than being fired, and he went to work as the warden at Carson City, NV under George Sumner, a dirty director.  DOC Nevada had the same shit going on there, and worked hand-in-hand with the folks in power at OR DOC, Whitley, et al. 
Someone on the inside knew what Mike was hatching and was passing this info back to the boys.  Most likely, it was either Dick Peterson, head of institutions, or Bob Kennicott, head of security.  Kennicott’s ass’t. was a guy named Stubblefield who was dirty; arranged a lot of phony charges against inmates and made some evidence disappear against staff, etc.  Mike fired him.  He was hired back 2 weeks after the murder. 
At any rate, they knew that Mike was compiling the info onto floppy disks which he kept in his briefcase.  I have seen that briefcase.  It had a space for his Wang computer, some folio holders, two pockets for floppys, and a compartment at the rear for whatever.  When Mike visited me down in Florida the previous year, he had that with him, with the computer, et al.  The back compartment had a fresh dress shirt and tie in it.  It was black with gold fixtures.  I’ve not seen it again.  Bingta claimed that she used it to put files into from Mike’s office three days after the murder when they let us in.  That briefcase was not the one I saw in FA.  That one was an attorney’s trial briefcase; bigger and boxier, and brown. 
Shorty has told Rob, as well as Liz(just last Easter Sunday, Liz met face-to-face with Shorty) that Tim came by his house that evening with a briefcase.  He had $60,000 on him, and inside the briefcase Shorty could see about 20 or so floppys(those were the old 1.2 floppies that didn’t hold a ton of info like todays media).  They looked at two of the disks and one had stuff re: things going on at the farm annex, and the other had some statements from snitches and their names on a list. 
My theory is that they had to get Mike and the floppy disks.  They took Mike at gunpoint by his car when he left the Dome Bldg. a little before 7:00.  Mike had a dinner mtg. with Wesley Box at the Prime Rib set for 7:30.  I don’t know what, if any role that Box played in this. 
He is a big-money cattle, land and private prison guy out of New Mexico, where he met Mike in trying to get private prisons okayed in NM.  Mike was opposed to the idea.  There’s a helluva’ lot of graft and bribery in getting private prisons pushed through.  He told me that he was "friends" with Mike(I’d never heard of him" and that he was passing through the area and thought he’d stop in for a visit.  This sounds fishy to me, but??? 
They had to get Mike, and the data, and then set it up to look like a suicide.  First, they got Mike.  Mike may have had the briefcase on him, or it was in his office.  In any event, they had to set up the suicide.  
Dick Peterson’s testimony at Frank’s trial was a rote presentation of what enormous stress Mike was under and what emotional pains he was going through with the break-up with Bingta.  IMHO, it was scripted before the murder, to mesh with the suicide scenario, and Peterson just kept to that theme. 
So they take Mike back to the DB after things have quieted down, and nothing seems to have aroused anyone’s suspicion.  Tim stops at Buck’s house at 942 Park Ave. with Jodie, and he gets something out of the trunk and takes it into the little shop behind attached to the house.  Jodie can make out other people in the shop, but she’s near-sighted, and can’t describe who was there…several people.  She doesn’t know what Tim took in.  He told her it was stereo stuff.  Was it the papers and floppies?  Buck knows. 
Tim then drives across to the parking lot across from the DB and parks in a space facing 23rd pointed at the parking circle.  He gets out and goes up to make sure the final act is done so he can get his money and keep his pipeline intact.  Mike makes a break, sensing it’s his last chance.  Tim scuffles with Mike and in a panic, stabs him.  Mike breaks for the north portico door, Tim runs back to the car, which I think is Shorty’s Chevelle, and takes off.  The suicide scenario is "fucked  up".  A cover-up of a cover-up begins to keep them from getting back through the system to Whitley, McAlister et al. 
Johnny Crouse is the first patsy.  He tells them, "If you wanna’ know who killed Francke, go by 942 Park Ave", Buck’s house.  In the car with him is Dale Penn, Bob Kennicott, a state cop driving, and Steve Gorham, Crouse’s atty. 
The investigation into Burgess goes painfully slow.  They gave him one poly, and then he dropped out of sight(or they didn’t want him to be found!).  While kinda’ looking for Buck, they start developing patsy no. 2.  Frank. 
The cops are closing in on Burgess.  Dr. Cochran meets with investigators to prep them on how to break Buck.  He tells them to say that Crouse rolled on him, and if he resists, that Frank Gable did too.  But suddenly, Janyne Vierra has an epihany, and points the finger at Frank.  Because he’s guilty?  Probably not.  Probably as a way to get even with im for his abuse, and to get safely away from him.  Frank’s arrested in Coos Bay.  The poly with Burgess does down, but instead of them grilling him as the killer, they are grooming him to say that Frank probably did. 
So there’s one epistle for you, which probably opens a lot more questions.
C&S I don’t know about, but I will find out from Ron.  He and I are in contact and are going to meet this weekend probably.  Black Velvet was one of several prostitution rings run by Moose’s old lady, Lynette Jenkins.  Another was Gentleman’s Choice. 
I don’t think that Moose still drives the 4×4.  I saw it at his trailer he was living at by the fairgrounds…it had a confederate flag decal on the back window.  Haven’t seen it since.  Moose rose up the Joker ranks and became the national Sargeant at Arms.  In charge of enforcing, making witnesses go away, collections, discipline, etc.  He was involved in that murder of a gal and her daughter up in WA several years ago that was committed by a wanna’ be Joker.  Moose took the bodies out of WA and hid them in OR, and then made sure that they nailed the wannabe and not any made Jokers.  That story was written mentioned in an old New Yorker article about the Jokers circa 1994. 
Ron was a well-placed figure in the criminal underworld in Salem and was involved a lot in crank, cocaine, stolen property, chop shop etc. and rubbed elbows with some of Salem’s finest…atty’s, da’s and ada’s under Gortmaker and Van Dyke,  et al.  and lowest.
Note from Rob: Yeah, that’s if you believe what Ron says. Haha!   
Anyway, gotta’ run sweetie; hope this helps!
  1. Rhonda says:

    Thanks, Kevin! Kellotat not Kellogg, yes, that was his name and who was it in Shasta County that was killed the day before Michael, do you recall that, Kevin? Thanks. They did in fact send in Phyllis Kelley and her brother Billy Joe in on me then as a material witness of some sort, or to keep me at bay while they rounded up Frank. Moose knew that I knew. Moose had Charles Cooper my first husband put into Huntsville in TX due to a bar room brawl at the Cellar in Ft. Worth, TX. Moose committed the crime critically injuring my husband’s friend, in 1967. Prior to the time I was with Cooper for 10 years. Moose tracked me back to Oregon after the VA crap with Hadad and North. Do you understand my position now? I am just trying to cover my back and stay out of the line of fire at the same time. I am getting ready to move on again since we have arrived at this phase of the game. I am now next to Shasta County if you want anything from Shasta, say so now because I’m almost gone from here to safer territory, like many of the rest of us have had to do since we have been posting on this subject.

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