Did Liz Godlove/Francke Threaten Me?

Posted: September 26, 2008 in Francke Case
LOL! No, I don’t really think so. Maybe she was trying to tell me something. Who knows? Anything is possible. Did the Mexican Mafia have something to do with Natividad’s murder as Rooster’s own brother inquired of Liz?
The following is a transcript of a text message exchange I had a few days ago with Liz Godlove/Francke.
Rob: So, any reason why you can’t have Krasik petition the court for your trial transcript on CD? Should only take a couple of days, and I can have it up on the site in a week. Should help to squash all that crap bein said about Tim’s death, dontcha think?
Liz: #1…You haven’t shown yourself to be fair and upfront. You have abused people’s trust just for you.
Liz: #2…You write into facts stated with your own opinions, which are just stabs, but those stabs hurt mean Rob. Bad for you and the Free Frank Gable thing. I was found not guilty so the records are gone. Kevin got them from the court reporter for judge West. Try her, you are out of luck here.
Rob: LOL! Would love to hear specifics on those thoughts of yours, or Kevins’, but no matter.
Liz: You’re right, me too. LOL! Kevin will be home soon, so why don’t you try him.
Rob: I wasn’t questioning your innocence Liz. That’s why I want the transcript. I’m trusting you that they will help to dispel the myths that granny posted anonymously at Willamette Week, and for which I stuck up for you. So I don’t know what opinions of mine you mean.
Rob: You should call me so we can iron this out. Then again, it’s much easier not to bother, right?
Rob: Frankly, your reluctance to provide me transcript making lame excuses making it all about me speaks volumes.
Rob: Oh, by the way, how’s that t-shirt thing for Frank you were gonna do comin along? Yeah, uh-huh?
Liz: You got me there.
Rob: No matter who gets who, the only one who loses is Frank. And if I say you lied about doing that t-shirt thing for Frank, is that a fact or just my opinion?
Rob: And a beddy-by treat for ya to sleep on…they found OJ not guilty also. LOL!
Liz: As I said, you are that close to being Tim. From this text, maybe too close. Nite-nite
Rob: That sounded like a death threat. LOL!
end of transcript…
As I said above, I don’t know specifically what Liz is basing her allegations of my character on until she takes the time to explain herself. I would rather not have to assume.
What I do know is I can cite plenty of examples of just how fair and upfront I have been, and not just in matters concerning the Francke case. Matter of fact, I’m hard-pressed to think of a single MF’er that even comes close to being as fair and upfront as I am. As for abusing people’s trust…who? The bad guys or the good guys? And just who are the bad guys and the good guys?
For now I will cite one example of just how fair and upfront I am, just in case anyone missed reading it at the Portland Tribune. Last week the Tribune contacted me seeking permission to publish a post I had made with regard to the James Chasse incident in Portland. It was published yesterday in their Insight/Opinion section, and got chopped up a bit…probably due to word count limitations. In my original post I mistakenly claimed one of the cops had 78 reports of using "excessive" force, and asked them to edit it to just "use of force." They did.
I trust this is a good example and/or evidence of just how upfront and fair I am. As for opinions, they’re like assholes, we all have one. What do we base our opinions on? How about actions, or non actions?Hmmm…
How about personal experiences? Yeah, that’s a good one! Affords me the opportunity to be even more upfront or transparent or whatever you wanna call it, even though, until I injected myself into this case, I was so ridiculously detached from it as one could be. Therefore, I’m not the one who really needs to be so upfront. I can’t possibly have anything to hide, and I don’t. As you will soon see even more.
Very soon I’m going to share a story concerning my ex-wife. When you read this story I am quite confidant you will understand better why I have simply no other choice than to come to the conclusion that the possibility exists that Liz Godlove/Francke could be lying about the facts of the Natividad murder.
I say this because I have given Liz the benefit of the doubt up to the point where she actually refused to comply with my request of providing her trial transcript. Once she refused, my opinion changed. That’s all there is to it. You can even see it reflected in the content of the text message exchange we had.
Still, I had some doubt. I like to call it being objective. Why should Liz, or Kevin for that matter, feel insulted because I seek documentation to back up claims being made? They shouldn’t, unless they have something to hide.
Two months ago I had an Oregon attorney submit a request for the Liz Godlove trial transcript after obtaining the case number and being told it was available. I had an attorney submit the request with the hope of obtaining the transcript on CD. According to Jesse at the courthouse, the CD was only available for the attorney of record (AOR). The AOR, Charlie Burt, is dead. Therefore, Liz would have to appoint another AOR to submit the request. I had the attorney do it just to see what would happen. As it was told to me, if I petitioned the court for the transcript I would only be able to obtain printed copies at a costly expense. Fruitless to even attempt in my financial situation.
The attorney just recently received a response from the court. It consists of a form letter that no-one apparently even took the time to fill out, but clearly provides a response. The letter informs me that the transcript was destroyed in the courthouse fire of 11/12/05. I trust everyone remembers that incident.
I phoned the courthouse once again to inquire of the transcript. This time they asked my name. Informed me once again of the procedures to obtain the transcript. So I asked, "then it is available, correct?"
"Hold the line sir while I check on something…………..sir, my supervisor is unavailable but I’m pretty sure it’s available. I can take your request now if you like."
I explained I had already jumped those hoops through an attorney and had received a form letter explaining the transcript had been destroyed by the 11/12/05 fire.
"Well that’s possible too."
Naturally I called her on her contradiction. "Which is it? You just told me it was probably available and now you’re telling me it’s possible it was destroyed in the fire."
"Sir, if you’d like to submit another request…"
"No, I’ll call back later."
Summed up folks, chop it, slice it, dice it however you want. The decision the jury rendered in the Godlove trial was based on nothing more than Liz’s story, and there were no witnesses or anybody else to dispute Liz’s version of the murder. Has anyone even presented any evidence of domestic violence priors in Natividad’s criminal history? I’m not aware of any.
Look, the jury was wrong about Frank Gable.
The jury was wrong about OJ as I’m sure the majority of the population would agree.
Isn’t it possible the jury was misled in the Godlove trial as well? And that just opens up a whole new can of worms that the Francke’s IMO, have been successfully keeping a lid on.
Anything’s possible. Maybe Granny is on to something.
One thing’s for sure, it doesn’t make any difference if I’m wrong about Liz. Quite frankly, Shorty Harden and his family were more open and honest, and afforded me more respect than the Francke’s ever did. I’d sooner have any member of the Harden family at my dinner table than the Franckes, excluding their children of course.
I’m reminded of that time I met the Francke brothers at the bar to see if they were gonna pay Shorty. When I practically had to slam my fist down to get them to stop drinking and telling war stories, and explained Shorty and Traci had just left after being in the bar for 20 minutes without either of them recognizing him, I learned right then just how open and honest they were being with me. Learned it while I watched them excuse themselves from the table and have their own private conference. And the Franckes want to accuse me of not being upfront. The Francke’s are frauds and have been playing a charade with this case.
To be cont….
  1. Ex-Salem says:

    The people at the courthouse are too ignorant to give you a b.s. story instead of just stating the obvious that the documents are sealed.So, you’re telling me that Marion County courthouse does NOT have a place to securely store official documents!?Hmmm, I wonder if Gables transcripts were destroyed also. hmm, someone might have a hard time proving anything that was said in the first trial…..Lets add to the conspiracy and say McAlister hired the guy to drive the truck into the courthouse and set the records on fire. LOLhmm, that is actually probably not that far fetched, considering.OK, time for my meds….. or the straight jacket!

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