Video of the Day-Alice in Chains-“Rooster”

Posted: September 26, 2008 in Videos
"Rooster" is a song written by guitarist Jerry Cantrell of the band Alice in Chains. It’s dedicated to his own father. The song is about his father’s survival of his tour in Vietnam. Jerry’s father’s nickname in Vietnam was "Rooster". It is not known where the nickname came from, but many believe that it may have been in relation to the 101st Airborne Division, in which Cantrell’s father served. The 101st Airborne wore patches on their arms featuring a bald eagle. There are no bald eagles in Vietnam, so the closest thing the Vietnamese came to an eagle was a chicken. They referred to Americans as "chicken men", hence the "Rooster".
"Course, I can’t help thinking about another "Rooster" when I listen to this song.
"Yeah, they come to snuff the Rooster…and Liz Godlove had to play along, or else.

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