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Posted: September 28, 2008 in Billy Jack Haynes
Seems some wrestling fans over at WrestlingClassics.com have developed an interest in the emails sent to me by former professional wrestler Billy Jack Haynes almost a year ago. Check it out.
Some pretty crazy stuff, huh? Actually, maybe not so crazy. Wouldn’t it just be a hoot if Billy Jack Haynes really was telling me the truth to the best of his ability after all these years?
Yeah, they have something now called an fMRI Lie Detector Test. The company who conducts the test has agreed to perform testing for free on any witnesses connected with the Francke/Gable case. Just one of the reasons why Billy Jack has clammed up. Billy was also a no-show when he was scheduled to talk to a fed attorney about his Francke claims.
Oh, he’s still lurking around here, so if anyone wants to send him a shout-out, feel free to do so.
Yo Billy…these folks seem to think your emails are right in character for you, as if you’ve got priors on slingin some crazy-ass shit.

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