Jodie Swearingen Busted in Salem Meth Sting

Posted: October 3, 2008 in News Articles
Looks like Jodie is down for the count once again.
Interestingly, the house Jodie was busted at is only .08 of a mile from Kevin and Liz Francke’s house. The same street in fact, Maple Ave. NE. Matter of fact Liz told me Jodie had dropped by for dinner recently.
Once again I’m reminded of all the crap I took from Louise Glass and Kevin Francke over my association with Shorty Harden three years ago. I fail to see the difference between my association with Shorty and the Francke’s association with Jodie, other than the fact Shorty has kept himself out of trouble and Jodie has not.
Guess I’m a better influence. Haha!
Be sure to check out Jodie’s MySpace page with over 100 photos uploaded.
This is her chosen profile pic…


And this is her current mug shot




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