Letter From Greg Kellcy Today

Posted: October 28, 2008 in Greg Johnson/Kellcy
Greg Kellcy is still in the classification unit awaiting transfer to another prison within the same state he was sent to. Goin on about 100 days now. Inmates are usually shipped from classification within 30-45 days.
Greg mentioned writing a couple of letters to Nigel Jaquiss recently without a response. Nigel really should write him back. I mean, what up? Greg gave Nigel a story that garnered him over 200 comments, and more if he hadn’t had the comments shut down. LOL! Boy that was fun! I was dissappointed things didn’t pick up again when Nigel wrote that ridiculous second piece about Greg being transferred out of Oregon.
What a waste of space. 
Sounds to me like one of Greg’s recent letters informing Nigel of his transfer was the sole inspiration for his article. Oh there was another as well. Anyone wanna take a stab at it? Pardon the pun. 

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