Thanksgiving Emails

Posted: November 28, 2008 in Emails
I trust everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving, except possibly Frank’s sister Francine. I popped on over to her MySpace page to catch the latest on her little family drama that she’s chosen to broadcast to the world through her MySpace page. Apparently Francine is not too happy with her daughter Stephanie’s choice of new boyfriend. He’s an ex-con, among other things according to Francine. Actually, I think Stephanie’s new boyfriend and I would get along famously. Personally, I don’t buy all the garbage she writes about him. For example…
"He is a game playing, smart mouthed, pot smoking asshole."
LOL! Hey dude, don’t worry, she thinks the same thing about me.
"He bargined a sex offence down to endangering the welfare of a minor and I am supposed to be OK with him being around my granddaughters."
I’ve spoken to Stephanie on the phone before, and quite frankly, I think she’s a level-headed woman who knows what she’s doing.
As for Francine, I could elaborate for days on whether or not she’s level-headed, but I’ll just let her own words do that. Here’s what she has to say about herself on her MySpace page…
"She who must be obeyed"
And in the about me section she writes…
"I am she who must be obeyed and respected. Don’t even think about disagreeing with me because that makes you just wrong!!!"
You can read it all at her MySpace page…
Francine does have a beautiful song playing on her MySpace page. It’s called "Come Home." I wonder if it’s in reference to her problems with her daughter or her brother Frank. Me thinks her daughter.
Anyway, I think I’ll follow Francine’s lead of writing online about my personal life, and post a little email exchange I had with my father over the holiday. Yeah Kevin, my Dad really has my number. LOL! It’s actually the other way around as I’ll be exhibiting in a few more posts which everyone should find interesting, if not entertaining at least. Check this out for starters…
jtaylor wrote:

I’ll be working tommorow and knocking down double overtime  I gave other officer’s the time off to be with family.  I just wanted to wish you guys a happy thanksgiving and if possible, please pass this on to the family.I miss all of you very much.
—–Original Message—–
From: Rob Taylor <>
To: jtaylor
Sent: Fri, 28 Nov 2008 9:32 am
Subject: Re: Thanksgiving

Thanks for the holiday greeting, but time for a little tough love.
It’s really a shame that you can’t take the time yourself to call everyone and wish them a happy thanksgiving. Don’t you get it? These days I keep in touch with Tammy and Mom a lot, but I did take a few minutes to call everyone else and wish them happy holidays. Except for Steve. Fool aint even got a phone, but he’s got his x-box and a fridge of beer, and he’s happy. I think Mom is planning to get him a phone for xmas.
Anyway, I could go on and lecture you some more, but I’m hoping you’ll get the point. Shelly just popped into my computer room and read what I just wrote. She told me I’m such a mean son. Haha!
I’m not trying to be mean, I’m just trying to drive a point home. You’re missing out Dad. Everyone would’ve loved to hear from you yesterday. It’s never too late, and time is running out, especially in Mick’s case with Traci having cancer.
You havta be the one to make the first move. You have essentialy kept yourself out of everyone’s life. Put yourself back in, and keep yourself there. Make it a point to stay in touch at least on a monthly basis.
Hey, give me some credit for having the balls to tell it like it is. Aww… suppose it’s easy for me. I’m the mouthy one, right?
Well, I got a busy day ahead of me. 
Love Rob
jtaylor wrote:
Well, I’m assuming that everyone had a happy Thanksgiving.  I read your chastising E-Mail over several times and then said, "What the heck, you’re probably right".  I worked all day on Thanksgiving so the rest of my people could have the day off, to be with their families.  Since I’m in management and salaried, I don’t get overtime.
One of the main reasons I didn’t call anyone is because I don’t have any phone numbers. You were going to supply me with that.
I’m sort of on the down side anyway.  Ever since my VA Doctor, told me I was diabetic, I have been pretty pissed off.  Neither Bill, Bob, or I, have ever had any sicknesses of any kind. Mom and Dad gave us some pretty good genes, so this diabetic thing took me by surprise.  I made the VA give me seven separate tests to confirm it.  I have to check my system every day and record the number for my doctor. 
The last time I was in to see him it was hovering right around 210 to 240 and he had a fit about that, particularly when I said that I have sausage and eggs for breakfast and drink a few beers at night.  He told me about expected complications, if I do not heed his advice.  I think he likes me though because he sticks his finger up my ass at each visit since I refused to let them give me that rod up my ass to verify or not verify that I might have prostate problems. He says that at my age I should do it because of the fact that I’m getting a little long in the tooth.  I know he means well, but I DO NOT have any symptoms
I’m happy that Shelly told you that you are a mean son.  But I guess you need to be to get my attention. 
I just have to do things my way.  Does that sound familiar?  Now do me this favor and I will commit to writing and talking to all the kids.  Give me the adresses and phone numbers for ALL of my wonderful kids and then wait a week and then check to see if I haven’t gotten in touch with all of you.
By the way……….how many of your kids did you call on Thanksgiving?
Date: Fri, 28 Nov 2008 11:43:40 -0800 (PST)
From: "Rob Taylor" <>
Subject: Re: Thanksgiving
To: jtaylor
LOL! You said…
"I worked all day on Thanksgiving so the rest of my people could have the day off, to be with their families.  Since I’m in management and salaried, I don’t get overtime."
But in your first email wishing us all a Happy Thanksgiving, you said…
"I’ll be working tommorow and knocking down double overtime. I gave other officer’s the time off to be with family."
LOL! Some things never change.
You said…
"Now do me this favor and I will commit to writing and talking to all the kids.  Give me the adresses and phone numbers for ALL of my wonderfull kids and then wait a week and then check to see if I haven’t gotten in touch with all of you."
Funny, but you almost make showing your love to the rest of your kids sound "conditional."  As if you won’t do it unless I provide you with phone numbers once again. Been there and done that half a dozen times already, or do I need to forward you the emails I sent with the phone numbers and addresses to prove it?
Nevertheless, here are the numbers once again. You can get Steve’s number from Tammy. I think his son Danny has a phone and mom or Tammy probably has the number. Mom has been visiting Tammy since the first of November. She’ll be there until after new years.
And like I said…I took the time to call everyone…INCLUDING MY KIDS!
Now do me a favor…next time the Doc wants to put his finger up your ass, tell him I said to use two fingers. Haha, couldn’t resist.
Love (unconditionally)


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