Thinking about Rooster (Tim Natividad)

Posted: December 2, 2008 in Francke Case
I had some interesting thoughts today regarding Rooster, and Greg Kellcy’s claim that Rooster was paid $20,000 by Hoyt Cupp and another corrections official for the Francke assassination. Not to mention others that have pointed the finger at Rooster as the killer, including myself. Even Frank has entertained the possibility, but as he told the Oregonian reporters, he doesn’t necessarily buy the Natividad theory.
Maybe, because Frank was a drug dealer himself, he sees it somewhat the way I did today.
In 1989 when my two year stint as a kilo level cocaine dealer was drawing to a close, I seized an opportunity to sell a kilo of sheetrock to a particular individual for $25,000. I remember thinking it was a shame I was walking away from all the money I had made over the past two years with a measely $25,000.
A "measely $25,000."
That’s $5,000 more than Rooster allegedly agreed on to murder a high government official. Doesn’t make sense.
That memory stems from the same year Francke was killed, and compells me to reflect on how I would’ve reacted to such a proposition in 1989.
How would I have reacted? I would’ve ran my paranoid and gacked ass as far as I could, that’s how!
Kill someone? A high government official at that? For a measely $20,000? Ummm, like, this shit aint what I signed on for. I was just lookin to make some easy cash.
Point I’m trying to make here is how, in 1989, I was presented an opportunity to do something underhanded and out of character, and I seized that opportunity knowing there could be repurcussions. Not the same however, as the repurcussions one might incur from assassinating a high government official.
Guess you could say this memory helps me to judge the value of $20,000…in 1989. If Rooster killed Francke, it wasn’t for the money.
If Rooster killed Francke.  

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