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Posted: December 2, 2008 in Francke Case


Well, Zusman finally responded to my question. Ok, so it was a holiday weekend, and he responded once the work week began. Still, he did respond to another question on Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, and I had submitted my question on Thanksgiving. Considering the short response I got, I would think he could’ve responded to my question as well on Friday. At least publish my question.

Here’s my question, Zusman’s response, and the response I posted this morning. My wife Shelly told me to be careful what I ask for. I just may get it. Haha! She makes a good point! We will see.

Rob Taylor-www.freefrankgable.com writes on Nov 28th, 2008 11:08am

Comment 8 | Respond

Last year the WW published a story concerning an Oregon inmate named Greg Kellcy who claimed he was the wheelman in the Francke murder and that his late associate Tim Natividad, rather than Gable, did the killing. He also claimed to have witnessed Hoyt Cupp and another gentleman from corrections pay Natividad $20,000 a couple of days later.

A couple of months ago, Nigel Jaquiss wrote a follow-up article claiming he had found nothing to prove or disprove Kellcy’s statement.

Why did the WW publish an article pertaining to a statement given by an inmate whose credibility is questionable, yet ignores a statement given by Meg Hanson, a "credible" former Dome Building employee on the day of the Francke murder who claims the man who came to fix the broken copy machine was the "Man in the Pinstriped Suit…not Dennis Plante who testified he was the copy machine repairman?

Besides the MIPS whose whereabouts and identity are unknown, all the characters Ms. Hanson refers to in her statement are alive and can be sought for comment. Most reside in a 50 mile radius of PDX.

Seems to me a story of this magnitude would be much more worthy of publication than a statement given by an inmate who requested an out of state transfer due to his snitch status.

If Meg Hanson says the copy machine repairman was the MIPS, and not Dennis Plante, than something’s amiss.

Please take a few minutes and review Ms. Hanson’s statement on my website at the following link…


I hope you find it as interesting as I have the past three years. BTW, I have informed Nigel of all this over a year ago. Nigel appeared to be interested enough to contact Ms. Hanson, although that’s as far as it got.

What gives?

Mark Zusman writes on Dec 1st, 2008 10:15am

Comment 12

I appreciate your continued interest in the Michael Francke murder case and your diligence in passing along information. Although Jaquiss remains interested in the story and unsatisfied with the official explanation for the murder, we have a small staff and a lot of other stories we need to cover.

The following is my response…

Mr. Zusman please…you still haven’t answered my question.

You mention having a small staff, and many other stories to write. All the more reason I would like to know why (with such a small staff) you have chosen to publish the Francke related stories you have over the past three to four years, yet ignore Meg Hanson’s story.

Other than the Greg Kellcy story and the Linda Parker story, your articles have simply rehashed what’s been written previously, just as the Oregonian has accused Phil Stanford and Kevin Francke of doing over the years.

Linda Parker won a sexual harrassment lawsuit involving Scott McAlister, and endured electro-shock therapy due to her involvement with him. Seems to me she has motive for attempting to smear McAlister’s name.

If you’re willing to devote time and resources to publishing these types of stories, yet not Meg Hanson’s, then it’s difficult to buy your explanation that you don’t have the time and resources to devote to Meg Hanson’s statement.

But, for the sake of argument, consider this. You say Nigel is interested in the story. What about you?

You say you’re appreciative of my continued interest in the Michael Francke murder case and my diligence in passing along information. 

Interested and appreciative enough to invite me to freelance the story without pay?

WWire | WHAT WERE WE THINKING? WW Editor Mark Zusman Answers Your Questions


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