This, that, and Billy Jack Haynes

Posted: December 11, 2008 in Billy Jack Haynes
As we approach the 20th anniversary of Michael Francke’s murder, and Phil Stanford is gearing up to devote a column to the occasion, I’m wondering what he will write. As much as I like Phil, and respect his early work on this case, he just aint what he used to be. It’s been about 15 years since him and Kevin winded down their crusade for justice, and began making preparations for the filming of the movie, "Without Evidence." Since then, what? More on that later.
I never have been able to understand why the Trib reported Shorty got paid for his interview with a lie. Jim Redden, who wrote the article, knew full well Shorty was being paid $3,000 by the Francke brothers. Not $1,000 as he reported. Oh, they knew they would take some flak if they didn’t mention it, and it got out, but again, why lie and risk that getting out. Shorty would know, right? If you’re gonna trust Shorty not to say anything, then why not trust him to not mention being paid at all?
Not much difference really. Sure, there was some flak about Shorty being paid, but who would’ve thought the most outspoken one of all in that regard would be Frank’s sister Francine?
Ya know, I played along with that charade as well, until I realized there was an even bigger charade.
It’s been a year now since Billy Jack Haynes came to me with his story about witnessing Tim Natividad stab Michael Francke. What occurred between Billy, Granny/Pam Quinn, and myself over that fiasco was the most comical of all. Especially in hindsight a year later. Take some time to read all those posts in my "Billy Jack" category, and you’ll see what I mean. From Granny’s perspective you’d think she found her "Deep Throat," in Billy Jack and we were all in danger as if we’d written "The Pelican Brief." LOL!
In other words, if Granny’s worries or concerns had been valid, we’d all be dead now. Everybody is still alive and kickin Granny. And Granny thought we were the first people he had shared his story with. Not quite Granny. I’ve learned Billy had begun running his mouth to others about witnessing the Francke murder long before he came to me.
Whatever Billy’s reasons were for telling the story he did we may never know. I’ll give Frank’s fed lawyer Nell Brown credit for at least attempting to listen to his story. Maybe Billy would’ve showed for his appointment with her if Granny hadn’t of turned everything into the fiasco she did.
I guess that internet fame Granny has been after just got the best of her with the Billy Jack saga. I mean, with an email address of… well, haha, I guess that about spells it out, right?
  1. Weird. I thought a lot of the information she provided was credible. However, I somehow associated her from my past with another “Billy”, Billy Joe Gooch, who passed in Placerville, CA a couple of years ago. Isn’t she the same Pam (prison-educated paralegal) with the twin sister? Hmmmm…. Billy Jack Haines, didn’t know he lived in Salem. I know Bobby Haines, went to school with him, he is my age, oh, let me check further, because Bobby was a good friend of Sam’s! I don’t remember my brother mentioning that Bobby has a wrestler relative, but, who knows? I lived in TX several years and could of missed it…

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