New Edit at Michael Francke Wikipedia

Posted: December 13, 2008 in Francke Case
A new and interesting edit appeared yesterday at the Michael Francke Wikipedia site. Wanna take a guess at who it was Granny?
Under the "Conspiracy Theories" heading it reads…

There are several theories as to who may have been the killer or killers, and who may have ordered a "hit" on Francke. Most alternate theories of the case propose Timothy Natividad (who was killed two weeks after the Francke murder) as the person who stabbed Francke. Theories as to who may have been behind the killing focus on two men high in the corrections hierarchy. One individual who has been named is Hoyt Cupp, the former warden of the Oregon State Penitentiary; in 2007, a convicted felon gave a series of interviews to Willamette Week in which he claimed that he witnessed Cupp and another (unnamed) corrections official pay Natividad $20,000; and that Natividad later informed him it was payment for killing Francke. Cupp died of cancer in 1990.

Another individual who has been named is Scott McAlister, who had been the assistant attorney general for the state of Oregon until he resigned shortly before Franke’s death. McAlister subsequently became Inspector General of the Utah corrections department. An ex-girlfriend of McAlister told the Portland Tribune that McAlister had been in possession of internal police documents concerning the murder that he no longer had had any official reason to possess, and that she had overheard McAlister describe the killing as a "botched hit that was supposed to look like a suicide".

And the following edit made yesterday…

The McAlister theory gained credence in October of 1991, when one of the private investigators who had worked on the Gable defense team, H. Wayne Holm, was killed by a Multnomah County Sheriff’s deputy, Brian Martinek (now an assistant chief of the Portland Police Bureau), allegedly during a "reverse sting" drug operation. Holm, who had been a former inmate in the Oregon Correction system during the early 1980’s had assisted numerous other inmates with parole hearing presentations, and had known Scott McAlister, who represented the Parole and Probation Board during those hearings. Holm had offered the theory that the primary motivation for Francke’s murder, was that he had discovered a plot by McAlister to "sell" paroles to inmates. Adding to the mix, was the fact that the person who had been appointed to fill Francke’s office after his death in 1997, had been Fred Pierce, the longtime Sheriff of Multnomah County, and the man who had originally hired Martinek.


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