Francke Family Attorney Steven Krasik To Represent Woodburn Bank Bomb Suspect

Posted: December 16, 2008 in News Articles
Salem attorney Steven Krasik who represents the Francke family on all matters related to the Michael Francke case, has been picked to represent Woodburn Bank bomb suspect Joshua Turnidge.
Turnidge, 32, was arrested in North Salem on Sunday on charges of manufacturing and possessing a destructive device, two counts of assault, conspiracy to commit aggravated murder, two counts of attempted aggravated murder and six counts of aggravated murder, according to the Marion County district attorney’s office.
I wonder how many people who frequent my blog and website thought Jonathan Rundy might turn up as a suspect. LOL!
Apparently there were a few according to JR’s recent bulk emailing.
Here’s a link to the story complete with video of Krasik at Turnidge’s court appearance…

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