Willamette Week | “Why Adams Confessed” | January 21st, 2009

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Just couldn’t take it anymore. Had to say my piece. My post is as follows…

All of the people who support Adams are fools. They simply don’t get it, and it’s unlikely they ever will as evidenced by everything Nigel has written as well as the many posters here that do get it.

There isn’t anything more one can say to make these Adams supporters see this situation in its proper perspective.

I will say this though…had Adams told the truth when this story was first developing, there would be no story or scandal here unless Breedlove was 17 when the sex occurred. If Breedlove was 18 when they had sex then there is no reason to lie unless you think that fact (for various reasons already mentioned in other posts) will have an adverse effect on your campaign.

This is the reason I feel Sam lied to everyone. To protect his campaign, and it obviously worked. How many think he’d be Mayor if he told the truth in the beginning? I don’t want our elected officials lieing to us or thinking they can get away with it for any reason.

The fact that he smeared another man’s name in the process, and hired an unqualified Ruiz at a higher paying job makes it worse, reeks of a payoff, and is consistent with the ways of Oregon politicians for a number of years now.

Now Kroger is going to investigate whether the sex occured when Breedlove was 17. No conflict of interest there, huh? Mark Wiener, one of the players in this scandal who reportedly coached Breedlove on how to lie is a political consultant who has done a lot of campaign work for both Kroger and Adams.

Kroger should not head this investigation, and by agreeing to has already damaged any credibilty I was prepared to give him in his first month as Oregon’s AG. Not only should Kroger have passed this on to someone else to investigate, the people of Oregon should not sit back and let it happen. Wake up!

To all the Adams supporters…not only do you deserve a lieing mayor, you deserve your lieing Governor as well, and the list goes on.

Now that Nigel has cemented his place in Oregon history as king of exposing the sex scandals, maybe he can take on a tougher challenge in Oregon’s lieing Governor. Fred Leonhardt would be pleased as Ball is I bet.

Hey, maybe he could even follow up on some Francke leads. Like taking a serious look at former boxing commish William Bruce Anderson IMO. One of those Goldschmidt appointees with a high salary that didn’t do squat for his wages other than shakedown a portion of boxers purse’s for BS rule infractons that he conveiently made up. Ask any boxer or wrestler. Not to mention being fingered as a suspect in the Francke case by more than one person. Long story, and available for reading at my website.

The connection of dots with regard to Anderson is staggering.

That’s just wishful thinking on my part. You see, I spoke to Bruce Anderson on the phone shortly after he was first fingered as a suspect, and he told me he was aware of what was being said about him, and by who. Told me he learned it from someone at the WW.

Imagine that?

Willamette Week | “Why Adams Confessed” | January 21st, 2009


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