Recent Email from a Site Visitor

Posted: January 30, 2009 in Emails
Time to share a comment that was emailed to me recently by a site visitor who has been perusing my website of late. They have no objections to me posting it, so here it is…
As for Kevin and Patrick Francke, I don’t see them doing anything on their own.  If they truly wanted any and all available info, then why turn on you?  You have been the only one who has kept this in the public eye enough to even give them a chance at finding their brothers real killer.  I believe when Kevin first came to Oregon he wanted answers, and I obviously don’t know what happened to change that.  Maybe he was threatened, but personally I think it has something to do with Liz.  Everyone has skeletons they prefer stay locked up, but if they truly want all the info then they’re going to have to be willing to let the flaws be seen. To attempt to control what information is made available and what is kept quiet is a huge red flag to me.
Couldn’t have said it better myself, but I think I’ve come pretty close a time or two. Kevin and Patrick have been "doing something" alright, however I’m not sure it’s always been in Frank’s best interest. Frankly I’m not sure whose best interest it’s been in, other than their own perhaps. Plenty of time to elaborate on that later.

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