Super Bowl Recap

Posted: February 3, 2009 in Miscellaneous
A great game yesterday with a fantastic finish to rival last year’s Super Bowl! Got some consolation of sorts when Al Michaels commented something to the effect of ex-Seahawk’s coach Mike Holmgren probably experiencing deja vu on a couple of questionable calls from the officials. Right on Al!
The Pittsburgh TD off the interception return of 100 yards at the end of the first half with time expired? WOW!
The Pittsburgh TD at the end of the game for the win? His toes touched. Exceptional catch!
The commercials weren’t all that IMO, other than E-Trades baby commercial with the little black baby thrown in this time.
Oh yeah, can’t wait to hear how it all goes for Denny’s restaurant’s tomorrow. They’ve invited all of America for a free Grand Slam between 6am and 2pm. Right on Dennys!!
For anyone who can afford to pay for their meal  who decides to partake in the invitation , I say do so as a tip to your waiter. They’ll be working their asses off, and probably sharing what they make with the cooks, who will also be working their asses off.

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