Legal Lessons 101 : Legal Self Defense-Firearms, Weapons and Self Defense Cases in Oregon

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Legal Lessons 101 : Legal Self Defense

Firearms, Weapons and Self Defense Cases in Oregon


NEXT TRAING SESSION:  February 15, 2009



This seminar covers actual case studies from Oregon courtrooms about firearms, weapons and self defense issues. You will learn not only how to avoid the mistakes of those who have gone before you but also how these cases are handled in the various Oregon counties. This seminar explores the issues one faces when charged with weapons and firearm offenses and other self-defense cases. You will learn that no matter how right you may be or how righteous your actions are at the scene of an event involving self defense and/or a firearm  – you still may end up in a courtroom, trying to defend yourself against serious misdemeanors and felonies. This seminar will instruct you on how to understand and assess a situation for the use of self defense and even deadly force measures. You will be instructed about the issues that may arise before, during and after events involving firearms, weapons and self defense matters. It also covers the unique issues that occur with such events and how to prepare for your legal self defense.


If you know the issues and problems that arise in these incidents and thoroughly prepare yourself, you will be equipped to deal with the serious consequences you may face and the crucial repercussions that could haunt you for the rest of your life if you are not prepared for the legal ramifications.  


One of the biggest mistakes a person can make is believing they will never be in a position to be facing these issues and the second biggest mistake is thinking that being innocent will protect someone and the third biggest mistake is not being prepared!

– Debbe von Blumenstein, Oregon Attorney and Seminar Presenter


You may have done what you had to do to defend your life or defend against serious bodily harm or defend the life of your loved ones – but are you prepared to defend your LIBERTY?

Think you don’t need to know any of this?

Well then ask yourself this: “Do you feel lucky? Well, do you?”

About Your Presenter, DEBBE von BLUMENSTEIN


Debbe von Blumenstein, B.A., J.D. is an Oregon trial attorney who has practiced in courtrooms throughout Oregon covering twelve different counties and a multitude of municipalities. Her practice has an emphasis in self defense cases and weapon charges. Miss Stein’s dynamic presentations emphasize that the three most precious things we have are:   (1) Our Life, (2) Our Liberty and (3) Our Livelihood.


She asserts that that anytime, anyone exercises their American rights, especially in regard to self defense issues, they may also be in jeopardy of losing or at the very least being restricted on all three of the above. Boldly, Miss von Blumenstein asks her clients that even if you have protected your life and the life of your loved ones, and survived that battle, are you prepared for the battle for your liberty that may take place next in court? She reminds us that: “There is a reason why they send us to law school and not to justice school because at any time you may find yourself in a position where justice seems a far cry away.”  She adds: “Liberty is not a loophole!


Miss Blumenstein’s extensive background includes comprehensive firearms training and being a guest instructor for The Jacobe Group in Salem, Oregon and the Firearms Academy of Seattle, Inc. in Onalaska Washington, as well as nationally acclaimed Lethal Force Institute. She is also a highly regarded and requested instructor for NRA firearm range courses throughout Oregon. She has been featured in American Handgunner Magazine, November – December 2002, “Women’s Impressions: First Day Jitters; Take the Advice of Those Who’ve Gone Before!” by Gila Hayes, and in Women and Guns, The World’s First Firearms Publication for Women, October 2002, “Portland Women: Empowered For Defense” by Jessica Mainard, and in The Complete Book of Handguns, 1999, “3 Classy Customs Classics” by Massad Ayoob.    Miss Stein also has the distinctive life experience of being within feet of the scene of a crime that made her father a gunfight survivor in Marion County, Oregon.


Miss von Blumenstein’s experience as an instructor associated with the above academies includes days and week long courses that actually put civilian and police officer students in live fire situations that are videotaped and then the student is put through a mock trial. Miss von Blumenstein has also taught at the Oregon Police Corp, a para-military academy in the Portland area. She has also developed and presented throughout Oregon her own seminar titled “From Victim to Survivor to Thriver” as well as co-taught the “Women Empowered For Defense” series through the Portland Firearms Training Team, and presented a workshop on “Myth and Fact: Women’s Self Defense” at Willamette University College of Law. She also was a keynote speaker on “Defusing Angry Claimants” for the 1997, Workers’ Compensation Claims Association, Fall Seminar in Portland Oregon. She has also been sought by the local newspaper for opinions on gun laws and in 2003 provided vital testimony before the Oregon Senate Judiciary Committee at the State Capitol, Salem Oregon regarding Senate Bill 303 and why it would be bad law.  Miss von Blumenstein has also developed and presented other Educational Courses including those for the State of Oregon (Workers Compensation Board), the insurance industry, and private companies.





8:00                 Registration


9:00                 One in the Chamber: Overview of Oregon Laws on Firearms,                                       Weapons and             Self-Defense


                        Live Rounds: Oregon Cases and Unique Issues

                        or Learn From The Mistakes of Those Who Have Gone Before You


break               One-on-one time with Miss von Blumenstein


                        In the Holster: Concealed Carry in Oregon, CHL laws, issues and                                             Denial of or Revocation of License Hearings


noon                 Lunch: Bring your own and join us for a Q and A session

                        OR lunch on your own

________________________________________________________________________                        On Target: Self Defense Analysis and Expert Witnesses


break               One-on-one time with Miss von Blumenstein


                        Lock and Load: Going to Trial or avoiding legal traps and tribulations


5:00                 Adjourn




Cost: Only $125.00











Plus: Each student will also qualify for a special offer and opportunity to sign up for a one hour consultation with Miss von Blumenstein to be scheduled for a later date at your convenience for $50 (discounted from her $200 usual rate).

For more information – Contact:

The Jacobe Group at 503-931-1629 or

von Blumenstein innovations at 503-831-1550

or e-mail us at:








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TOTAL:                                                                                                  $  __________



Mail with check to:       The Jacobe Group  or         von Blumenstein innovations

                                    1165 Cordon Rd             154 SW Oak Street

                                    Salem OR 97303                         Dallas Oregon 97338


von Blumenstein innovations provides services that include publications as well as the complete development and delivery of presentations for workshops, seminars, classes and training, along with promotional public relation services from one-on-one personal coaching up to full corporate consulting so any entity can achieve its goals.


If you are interested in a seminar or training that you have not yet been offered, contact us, we may be able to custom develop, produce and present just what you want and need!


 We also offer training sessions at your location – save gas, travel time& costs.

Contact us today for more information.




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