A Friend From Portland Visits

Posted: April 6, 2009 in Francke Case
Had an extra ticket this past February to the Motley Crue concert so I invited Shorty Harden, and guess what? He came! It was quite an interesting month while he was here.
One night I created a Facebook account for him and we sent friend invites out to some of the people on Kevin Francke’s Facebook account. It was my idea. See, a few months back when Jodie Swearingen was in jail, she sent me the username and password to her MySpace account, and asked me to administer her account for her while she was in jail. Imagine my surprise when I logged into Jodie’s account and noticed a friend request from none other than Francine Sinnett, Frank’s sister. Surprise, because I immediately remembered the email Francine had sent me long ago about how her and the Gable family preferred none of us make attempts to contact the witnesses. Funny huh? Yeah, I thought so too.
Francine was the first friend request we sent. I mean, if she wanted to be on Jodie’s friend list, why not Shorty as well, right?
She never responded. However, we did get a response from Tara Parish. Tara, for those who aren’t aware, is a friend of Kevin Francke’s. She’s the person Kevin enlisted to befriend Melody Garcia’s daughters for information, and also the person Kevin said he forwarded my email to informing him that Melody’s daughter Karie Rothschild had contacted me.
Tara in turn forwarded my email to Karie’s sister, and I got a nasty email from Karie directly thereafter. A strange sequence of occurrences that I was hoping I could get an explanation from Tara on. LOL! Click the following link to read the Karie Rothschild saga…
So anyway, Tara responds with…"What’s up daddy-o? Why you contacting me? This have something to do with Kevin?"
And she added Shorty to her friends list.
The next day I responded from Shorty’s account with a message from me, and asked Tara if she would explain her side of the story after sharing with her Kevin’s side of the story. Tara responded with some shit about me being a loser, and that she had moved from Salem to southern CA to get away from all of us assholes. I’m still wondering who precisely she was referring to by saying "all of you assholes." Kinda sounds like she was including Kevin in that category too. Haha! Wonder what’s up there? 
Who knows, who cares. Just another strange peculiarity amongst the many I have encountered the past five years when it involves Kevin Francke.
The day after that Facebook had deleted Shorty’s account. Tara had filed a complaint accusing me of impersonating someone else. A Facebook no-no. We could’ve had the account reinstated by sending an email from the same address Shorty opened the Facebook account with, but why bother? Facebook sucks!
I never bothered to tell Tara Shorty was here visiting. Just mentioned I’m the one who set-up the account. Here’s some pics I took while he was here.
To be continued…

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