Frank’s Trial Transcript

Posted: April 21, 2009 in Francke Case
Just under a month ago I sent Phil Stanford an email inquiring if he had a copy of Frank’s trial transcript that he could copy and send me. Imagine my surprise a couple of weeks later when I receive an email from Kevin Francke informing me Phil had called him asking for some assistance in getting it to me in a digital format.
Yesterday I received a disk from Kevin in the mail. My thanks to both.
I had also requested a copy of Frank’s trial transcript from Nell Brown, the federal attorney representing Frank in his federal appeal. She informed me the only copy she had was over 10,000 pages and takes up six 4-inch binders and a whole shelf in her office.
Hmmm…if that’s what’s on the disk Kevin sent me, I definitely have my work cut out.
Ms. Brown felt it was unfortunate that she didn’t have a digital copy of the transcript, so I guess that leaves me to wonder just what precisely is on this disk Kevin sent me. I’ve quickly reviewed the first few folders that seem to cover hearings which occurred prior to the actual trial beginning. I’d ask Kevin but he hasn’t responded to my reply I sent him after receiving his email. Kinda makes me wonder why he bothered to take the time to send me the disk, but then, I did mention something to Phil about "actions speaking louder than words." Ok-ok, words may not be as loud but they help.
But back to Nell Brown…if she felt it unfortunate not to have her copy of the transcript in digital format, nor the staff to delegate such a task to, why not have a copy made and sent to me for digitizing? It’s not like we haven’t met or I haven’t proven my devotion to this case after nearly five years of involvement.
It’s not like she has told me my efforts are a detriment to this case. To the contrary in fact.
I’ve always felt those who were most successful were those who could delegate well, but that’s just my opinion, and I do love to share that a lot, don’t I?

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