The Wrestler and thinking of Billy Jack Haynes

Posted: April 24, 2009 in Billy Jack Haynes
Watched "The Wrestler" this week on DVD and couldn’t help thinking about Billy Jack Haynes through the entire movie.
I have few regrets about having to move away from Portland, but I sure wish I’d have still been in Portland when Billy contacted me. Had I have been able to meet with Billy in person, things would’ve played out much differently. I have a fondness for Billy that is difficult to explain other than I feel we are both alike in many ways.
Whether or not the story Billy shared with me about him being at the Dome Building the night Michael Francke was murdered is true we may never know for sure, but I can assure you if I was still in Portland Billy and I would’ve spent a lot of time together, and we would’ve paid a visit to Bruce Anderson’s house together.
It sickens me that so many people have come forward with information over the years only to be ignored for one reason or another. That makes no sense to me at all.
Prior to Billy contacting me in late 2007, he had also been in contact with a local Portland area documentary video producer. Billy was hoping to generate interest in filming a documentary on his life. Did he conjure up his Francke story to entice the producer to take on the project? Maybe, maybe not. Again, personally I would’ve spent time with Billy to find out.
Billy continued his correspondence with the producer after he discontinued his correspondence with me using his Francke story to garner more attention to the documentary project. Although the producer was genuinely interested in Billy’s Francke spin, he ultimately determined Billy was more interested in telling his life story aside from the Francke spin.
A woman who claimed to be Billy’s ex contacted me last month asking if what Billy had shared with me about the Francke murder was true. Her name is Cherri Houk. She never responded to my reply to her email. Others have contacted me concerning Billy. One with an offer for Billy to do some promo spots or something. Reconnect with his fans in some way. I forwarded the email to Billy.
I’ve also extended an invitation to Billy to come visit me in Iowa, and have offered to cover his travel expenses. You’re not scared of me are you Billy? Best way I can think of for the two of us to iron out any differences brought about by Granny. I’m more than happy to share my thoughts with you face to face rather than Granny forwarding my emails to you.
Seems to be a lot of new videos of Billy on YouTube lately. Here’s one of his retirement which includes his father and other family members. One thing I’m sure of…Billy did love his father very much.

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