Ron Huntley Has Died

Posted: April 30, 2009 in Francke Case
A longtime site visitor alerted me the other day to the passing of Ronald Huntley. Huntley, a one-time private investigator who worked for Liz Godlove’s murder trial attorney Charlie Burt, claimed that Michael Francke’s and Frank Thompson’s deaths were related.
You can read more about this in a piece entitled "Untimely Deaths" that Granny put together awhile back and posted anonymously at the Greg Johnson/Kellcy article on the WW website.
  1. Ken says:

    Ron Huntley, "PI" is still alive, though not too well as far as I know. Also, this shitbird was mustered out of the military "for the good of the service", so you won’t be seeing his grave marker in any national cemetery. Anyone who disgraces the uniform shouldn’t even be recognized as alive, let alone dead.

  2. Rob says:

    Hmmm…interesting. Thanks for your comment Ken. I recognize your name or handle as one I’ve seen a time or two back in the early days of my site. Frankly, your description of Huntley is more accurate based on what I’ve heard than the description of this so-called war hero in the link I provided.My confirmation came from someone who alleges to have seen Huntley frequently at The Sportsbook in Salem. They may have "our" Huntley mixed up with this former Gunnery Sargeant Huntley, although I was told an obituary showed the same pic of Huntley as I have on my site. The person who sent me that pic I felt could be trusted not to mislead me.Something fishy here, huh!Ken, if you or anyone else out there knows of Huntley’s whereabouts, I’d appreciate you pointing him in my direction. I’d really like to talk to him about the Frank Thompson death, not to mention the rumor I’ve heard that Huntley has claimed Liz Godlove shot Rooster while he was getting out of the bathtub. Just a rumor people, but one I’d like to address with Huntley. This is another reason why I wish I had a copy of Liz’s transcript. Was the body clothed or naked when the cops got there? Where was the body found? The transcripts would answer these questions much better than Liz Godlove’s husband, Kevin Francke.

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