My 2009 East Coast Summer Vacation

Posted: May 5, 2009 in Miscellaneous
Just learned yesterday that my wife Shelly was able to schedule a week off from work at the end of June, so we are finally able to make that east coast trip we’ve always wanted. We are very excited! We leave Des Moines just after midnight on the morning of Saturday, June 27, and head directly east to Cleveland, Ohio to visit the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame. After that it’s off to Canton, Ohio about an hours drive south to visit the Pro Football Hall of Fame, then east again through Pittsburg, a stop at the Hershey factory in Hershey, PA, then down a bit to Washington DC where I’m looking forward to showing my girls the sights of our nation’s capital such as the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, White House, Capital and Supreme Court Buildings, and most definitely a trip to Arlington National Cemetary to see the changing of the guard at the tomb of the unknown soldier. The monuments and memorials I plan to show them at night while everything is lit up. Beautiful sights to behold at night. During the day we’ll be checking out other things like the Smithsonian Institution.
After a couple of days in DC we head to New York City where among other things my wife wants to visit the Today Show in Rockafeller Plaza. The Today Show? She’s such a dork! Haha! Then I thought to myself…wait a minute, that’s not so bad an idea. I can stand next to Lenny with a Free Frank Gable sign in my hand. Hey, maybe even get Matt or Meredith to afford me the opportunity to say something about the case and the website…or better yet, if it’s in the cards Ann Curry will be there and I can work on her to do a Dateline story about the case. She is from Oregon ya know.
So, suffice it to say my wife’s dorky idea of hanging out with the other tourists at the Today Show is not such a dorky idea. Matter of fact I’m really looking forward to it now.
Here’s hoping for the best. Never hurts to dream, and never hurts to try.
  1. Ex-Salem says:

    If your wife is a dork, then how do you know about Lenny? LOL Not to mention, Matt, Meredith and Ann. BTW, you forgot Al.Good Luck, we’ll all be watching for you.

  2. Rob says:

    LOL! That was a quick response. I jokingly referred to my wife as a dork for wanting to join the other tourists outside the NBC studios. Not my cup of tea really, and kinda dorky IMO, but then, I am a man on a mission. So if I gotta be a dorky tourist to get some national exposure of any kind, or possibly spark an interest in the case with Ann, then so be it. Knowing who Lenny is as well as the cast of the Today Show relects the fact I’m a fan of the show. Doesn’t necessarily mean I aspire to stand next to Lenny just to be on TV.Thanks for the good luck wishes, and as for your comment "we’ll all be watching for you,"…I’m sure they will be cuz that’s what "they" do best…watch. Too bad you or "they" can’t offer any suggestions on how I might be successful in sparking an interest in this case when I’m standing within feet of the number one network news crew instead of laughing at me for the idea. Too bad "you or they" can’t assist me in putting together something on paper perhaps that I could at least hand to one of them while I’m there so they could review it later.BTW ex-Salem, why do you post using a handle instead of your real name? It’s been my experience that those who hide behind an alias are just gameplayers. Why not send me an email or call me to inform me of your identity like others do who are serious about their interest in this case or their desire to help?

  3. Ex-Salem says:

    It is my opinion that you are better at figuring out what will work best for getting the word out. All I can suggest is a big sign with the web address on it, maybe a copy of the book, or even just a print-out of the book review. I am not a journalist, so I am not much help on writing anything. (even though I think the local newspaper reporters should fired, I guess they can’t afford an editor!)As far as the alias, I’ve got a psycho ex-husband that I would like to avoid, in addition to anyone else that I might piss off with my snide comments. I don’t think too highly of the "drug world".I have followed this case since day one, because that day has significance for me, but other than knowing a few of the people involved and/or their aquaintences, I don’t have any information that would be of use.

  4. Rob says:

    I rest my case.

  5. shylox3 says:

    Hey Rob, I’m sure you’ve thought of most of these but we’ll never know unless we try, so yell at me if I am wasting your time. LOL. Just kidding. Obviously I think that business cards are a great way. Drop them (accidentally) in the street, I’ve seen tons left in public restrooms. I wonder if you shot off an e-mail to Ann Curry with some catchy subject line such as —- Your Home State Needs Your Help, alerting her to your mission to free an innocent man, and alerting her to the fact that you are going to be there. Certainly Tee shirts, however I don’t think I would put Franks picture on the front Only because you want the people to catch the website first, and people tend to focus on the pictures. To Ex-Salem, Rob is outspoken and sometimes can come across a little rough. You have to understand that he is frustrated at people just sitting back and reading. I will tell you that I used your words once and Rob put me right in check on it. I told him that I know many of the "players" involved in this case but I don’t know anything that can help. Rob instantly jumped in and reminded me that there are probably hundreds of people that really believe that they know nothing, but I agree with Rob that we all could have a little piece of information inside us just waiting for that right person to jar it and bring it to our attention.Tammy

  6. Ex-Salem says:

    Punks! that is about all I know. I guess I was too young, or too smart, to get too wraped up in an of it.I remember Mark Gesner when his parents lived on Rivercrest Drive in Keizer, his older brother was real close to being a pedophile. And his sister, I wonder if she is in jail on a prostitution charge. They used to get us drunk, but I had no idea what they may have been smoking. I also knew the kids in North Salem, thus knowing Tad Natividad, he was very popular in school. I hung out with other guys in the neighborhood, get drunk, smoke pot. But I guess I was just to naïve to know what they were shootin in the bathroom.Capitol Car Wash was investigated in 1990 for involvement in the Lucas murder. How do we know that there is not information relating to the Frankie murder mixed in?And everyone keeps talking about an auto shop on State and Lancaster, but what about the buildings on Silverton and Lancaster, behind the Circle K?Gable might have deserved a few years in prison, but no one deserves to serve someone elses sentence. I am shocked by the railroad job, everytime I read the court transcripts. Of course you don’t want a "dog & pony" show, but if you are going to give someone life in prison, at least let them explore all the issues.Again, just because the grand jury indicts, does not mean that someone is guilty, you only get to hear one side of it. But how the hell do they expect you to defend yourself in court, if you can’t put your theories out there.And where is that letter that Frank gave to judge West stating his lawyer was/is an idiot? If I was his new lawyer, I would want copies of the investigators notes and files! Heck!, I’ll even help them read all the crap!(sorry, this is not the proper thread for this comment. What else do you want to know?)

  7. Ex-Salem says:

    hmm, Well, this says your vacation starts June 27th, I guess you have to spend time getting ready. Now I will have time to read some more stuff that I may have missed or want to read again.Have fun and enjoy!!!

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