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Posted: May 8, 2009 in Francke Case

The following piece is something I’ve been working on recently which I hope gives the reader a clearer understanding of my experiences the past five years since involving myself in the Francke/Gable case. It contains facts as well as opinion, yet I have made a conscientious effort to be fair and completely honest in my presentation of the events and people I’ve encountered. If anyone believes my perceptions are misguided or unwarranted, then by all means, enlighten me.

I welcome anyone who disputes anything I’ve presented here to do so by replying to this post.

I also welcome any other comments pertaining to the context of this post.

I will also be publishing this to the freefrankgable website as time permits.


Been doing some reflecting recently on the past five years since I decided to immerse myself in this case and create a website.

Did I think back then that I would accomplish anything other than the website?

Find and befriend the Francke family?

Find and befriend Shorty Harden, and have him a part of my daily life for 18 months? Be responsible for a front page story of Shorty admitting he lied?

Be interviewed by Mike Donahue in my home because of that Shorty interview?

Have Kevin Francke turn over to me all the documents to Frank’s case that Frank gave him?

Or still be here five years later spending every possible moment of my free time each day doing something related to this case without ever having known a single person involved and ironically making antagonists of natural allies with my opposing views, tough questions, and downright blunt honesty? Pretty crazy, huh?

I borrowed that last line from Steven Jackson in his prelude to his “Journal of a Murder” piece he put together back in 1991 when he wrote…

"And Journal of a Murder cannot portray the terrible toll the case has had on people–not just the obvious victims like the Francke family, but the not-so-obvious victims, like the police detectives whose marriages couldn’t take the long hours away from home, or the good people whose opposing views made antagonists of natural allies."

Wow! Did that ever hit a note with me considering my experiences with Frank’s sister, the Francke’s, and even Pam Quinn/Granny who I had so much respect and admiration for, and that being ripped apart by circumstances relating to this case. What is it about this case that has affected so many people and continues to do so today? The full effects may not be so visible, may not still be reported in the newspaper or on TV, but the effects are still there in numerous ways and affecting numerous people.

I wish I could explain why, but I can’t. I wish I could explain why Frank’s sister has done more to tear down what I’m trying to do for her brother than build it up. Rather she prefers to publicly cast ridiculous accusations and pass judgment on me. Doesn’t it stand to reason that those actions could have in no way been expected to help her brother? Is she so self-centered that she didn’t think about that before acting?

Shouldn’t she have at least communicated privately with me or just kept her mouth shut if she didn’t approve of what I was doing or saying? She’d done a fantastic job of doing that since the trial, and even when the Shorty interview hit the news stands. I never heard a word from her. Of course, now I know why. She was thinking I screwed things up for Frank.

Mind-boggling, but quite frankly after learning more about her, I’m not surprised in the slightest. I continue to wait for her to prove me wrong. To make me eat those words. To make an effort to turn things around if for no other reason than the benefit of her brother, who I might add, calls me twice a month on her dime. The money she puts on his books. Not expecting anything I haven’t tried myself with her. I sent her a heartfelt apology for the things I had said to her which she accepted, only to have her turn around and attack me publicly for things I was saying about Greg Johnson at the WW article. Go figure.

And what of those she turned on me for and defended? What have they done to help other than spew their stories on my website or through emails?

People like Louise Glass who claimed to have a first-hand account of the level of corruption in the Hoyt Cupp administration, yet refused to be interviewed by Nigel Jaquiss in the wake of his Greg Johnson/Kellcy article.

An article purporting Hoyt Cupp paid Tim Natividad $20,000 to kill Michael Francke. Seemed the perfect opportunity to me to share her story with Nigel when he contacted her at my urging for a follow-up article. Her excuse for refusing to be interviewed was because I was the one who alerted Nigel to her existence and her story. Well hell, I waited over two weeks just to see if Kevin Francke or someone else would tell Nigel about Louise. Nobody had bothered, which was strange to me. How much other information does Kevin keep to himself, and why?

What purpose is served by listening to people who have information and not using that information when the perfect opportunity arises ? Why bother to listen to anyone then? How could someone offering information expect me, Kevin, or anyone else to simply tuck it away in our memory banks and keep it to ourselves? What’s the purpose? It’s utterly ridiculous! Besides, Louise had been spewing her story to a woman in Salem by the name of Yvonne Heinrichs long before she contacted me or Kevin. So why not spew the story to Nigel in order to support the corruption allegations against Hoyt Cupp?

Another interesting side note to this story…Kevin Francke claims he contacted DEA agent Roger Miles and obtained confirmation that

Louise Glass did indeed work for him at one time. Louise claimed to work for him as a mule running drugs into OSP to her husband Steven Daniels who was Hoyt Cupp’s inmate clerk. This was late 70’s-early 80’s. Kevin finally mentioned this along with Louise’s other claims in a message post at Phil Stanford’s column in the Portland Tribune just a few months ago. Yeah, after he had chastised me for telling her story on my website and possibly putting her in danger. At least my version was supported with Louise’s emails and message posts. Kevin’s version was simply hearsay, due obviously to Louise Glass’s unwillingness to post herself or as I already mentioned, talk to Nigel Jaquiss.

However, Kevin did make a very good point in his post. A post that set off a chain of responses that developed into somewhat of an argument after Kevin unleashed an attack on one person in particular. A retired Portland vice cop who posted regularly with the handle “Ret” at the Trib website, and mostly in Phil Stanford’s column. The chain of posts beginning with Kevins’ is as follows…

Re: Francke case puts Kroger to the test

That there was (is?) corruption within the Department Of Corrections is indisputable. Dealing in narcotics, theft, robbery, extortion, arson, prostitution, gambling, loan-sharking, and murder was a de facto mode of doing business for the good ol’ boys. I believe the term is "racketeering". I also am pretty sure that there is no statute of limitations preventing Mr. Kroger from taking the matter on.

Many have attested to the presence of this organized criminal element. Yet many are also in denial of the fact that this could occur with such oversight of the DOC by the Attorney General’s office, the Oregon State Police, and of course, the Governor and legislature.

Indeed, high ranking individuals in all of these state organizations were culpable for their venality.

A senior member of the Oregon State Police is implicated for working with a DEA agent under the guise of drug busters and then muling their take directly into the Oregon State Penitentiary to the waiting arms of the warden’s own clerk. The woman making these claims was actually the mule delivering the drugs, and Roger Miles, the DEA agent has confirmed that she was working with him and Dennis O’Donnell who was head of the Oregon State Police narcotics task force.

Yet with all of the countless deliveries and substantial quantities of drugs delivered, why is it that not a single person was ever indicted?

A casual observer such as myself might think that their undercover investigation was just window dressing in case they got caught. Then the indictments would appear, and our heroes would be lauded for the good police work.

But O’Donnell would later go on to become head of the OSP Criminal Division, leading up the massive investigation into my brother’s murder.

He would have working for him as a lead investigator Lieutenant Loren Glover. Glover, I should point out, was the point man for the OSP for any wrongdoings at the state’s institutions for over a dozen years. He would also be the one to gift-wrap Frank Gable and deliver him to Marion Co. DA Dale Penn for Mike’s murder. He’s also the one that "prepped" the state’s eye-witness, Shorty Harden, before he testified to the Grand Jury to make sure he got his story straight.

So today, 19 years after Mike’s assassination, Frank Gable sits 23 hours a day in an 8’x10′ maximum security cell drawing intricate pictures of eagles soaring, deer bounding and wolves howling; his only vision of freedom.

"Kevin Francke"

(email verified)

Thu, May 29, 2008 at 04:37 AM

Re: Francke case puts Kroger to the test

Kevin. I hope you’ve involved yourself in something productive since the death of your brother. He would not have wanted you to waste your life chasing down rumor and innuendo. He died a horrible death trying to defend himself during a car burglary gone bad. That’s all it was. End of story.

Corruption in the prison system..maybe. Related to Mike’s death? Unlikely. Hire a con like Gable to do him in the parking at 2575 Center St. NE? Ridiculous. People on drugs do stupid stuff. I worked with your brother. He was a fine man. Liked to drink beer and we had several on many afternoons after work. He wasn’t onto anything but trying to get his lawn mower fixed, paying his child support and run the prisons. Move on bud.

"Don Naptolong"

(email verified)

Thu, May 29, 2008 at 05:06 AM

(Note from Rob: As I mentioned recently in my blog, Kevin has this propensity for posting with various alias’, and I have proof of some of them with regard to certain posts he’s made in my message forum. That’s not the case with the “Ken Keizer” post I shared recently in a blog post which I believe was Kevin posing as a former Salem cop. Still, I’m quite familiar with all of Kevin’s different writing styles, and the above post by “Don Nap-to-long,” stating he used to work with Michael Francke is, in my opinion, in character with Ken Keizer’s post. Not to mention Don Naptolong’s post came precisely 29 minutes after Kevin posted, AND in the early morning hour between 4:37am-5:06am. However, in all fairness, there were a couple more of us who posted that were up at that early hour as you will see in other posts that follow.

Believe it-or not.)


Re: Francke case puts Kroger to the test

"The woman making these claims was actually the mule delivering the drugs, and Roger Miles, the DEA agent has confirmed that she was working with him and Dennis O’Donnell who was head of the Oregon State Police narcotics task force."

Confirmed what to who? Are you saying Miles admitted being involved in smuggling drugs to OSP? Or did he admit that the woman worked with him and O’Donnell in their office? Big difference.

As far as Glover working for him and then working on the murder, OSP is not that big a police agency and they didn’t have all that many investigators. Portland is a lot bigger agency than they are and lots of detectives move from one division and assignment all the time.

What happened to the woman who admitted smuggling in drugs? Was she convicted of anything? Did she implicate Miles and O’Donnell?

Who did she tell this to? It takes a lot more than some very loosely connected dots to reach the level of actual evidence.

My primary problem with the conspiracy theory is that if OSP officers were involved, I seriously doubt they would have used stabbing as method of killing.

For one thing, I’m of the school that believes that two men can keep a secret if one is dead. Hiring someone to kill somebody else is extremely foolish because you’re literally betting your life that the actual killer not only won’t get caught, but will keep his mouth shut and not trade you in for a better sentence. And it’s pretty rare when someone takes the whole fall by themselves and cops know that.

And another thing, if a cop is going to kill someone, I can’t think of any so stupid as to do it with a knife. Way, way too much evidence is left around and carried away. I kinda know Dennis O’Donnell and though I can’t vouch for his morality, I know he’s not stupid by a long stretch.

There might have been corruption in corrections, I don’t know. I’m sure more than a couple of guards have done stuff they shouldn’t have done.

And as Rob says, Gable may have well not gotten a fair trial. But common sense derived from working homicide cases tells me that Francke probably wasn’t the victim of a huge conspiracy to kill him. It was just way too sloppy a job. And setting up a smuck like Gable would be harder than it would be worth and far too risky.


(email verified)

Thu, May 29, 2008 at 05:17 AM

Re: Francke case puts Kroger to the test

Good points Ret.

As for a vast conspiracy to wrongfully convict Gable…I’m more inclined these days to believe that was simply the result of two overzealous prosecutors who worked and slept together that were suddenly given a chance to make a name for themselves in a high profile murder case.

Any possible type of conspiracy involved was simply knowing whoever prosecuted the case would tackle it with great zeal, and knowing Bob Abel was in their pocket. Abel was assigned to defend Gable six months before he was indicted, and had no prior experience in high profile murder cases.

As for the corruption, in my opinion, a few guards here and there doing stuff they shouldn’t have been doing isn’t so much the issue. Neither is a mule working for Roger Miles and Dennis O’Donnell, although the latter is worthy of a more in depth investigation to assist in proving there was corruption (at least to this degree) within Hoyt Cupp’s administration. Contrary to Cupp’s son who is a higher up at EOCI attempting to downplay any of that after his father was accused of paying off Tim Natividad in Nigel Jaquiss’s Greg Johnson article.

These types of things wouldn’t be enough to set Mike off and start claiming to roll heads and clean house.

However, should the new AG feel inclined to look into any of this, I’d suggest he also take a look at the A-Shed fire on DOC grounds six months before Francke was killed. Something like a $700,000 insurance claim (fraudulent in my opinion) was submitted to pay for items that many have said weren’t even there. These items had allegedly been sold, traded or given away for the personal benefit of select corrections authorities.

I’ll leave it at that for now, except to say these types of things would be enough to set Mike Francke off, and proper investigations into these particular issues will get the ball rolling. Believe that!


(email verified)

Thu, May 29, 2008 at 06:41 AM

Re: Francke case puts Kroger to the test

"Ret", you are typical of those that know nothing of this murder beyond what they have chosen to either ignore or dig further into the available information.

First, the woman, whose name is Louise Glass, was delivering drugs and other contraband into the joint, and other "safe houses" that the group ran. Roger Miles confirmed that she was, in fact, was working for him and "Red", aka O’Donnell on undercover work and it did involve the DOC.

He did not confirm that they were running drugs into the joint for profit. What fool would. I pointed out, for those that couldn’t take the leap from step A, running drugs into the joint, to step B, that it was done as an undercover drug investigation, to C, that NOT ONE SINGLE INDICTMENT was ever handed down from any court of law, which, in light of the fact that there was very obviously a criminal activity involving a lot of contraband on numerous occassions provided a ton of probable cause, seems extremely suspect.

Your other point that a knife was used is spot on, and does not go without a further tie-in. If you have been to the website, you would have seen the information from a woman who overheard Scott McAlister, former senior attorney for the DOJ, talking to his good friend and partner in whatever, Hal Whitley, Chief of security at the joint, and acting warden when Hoyt Cupp went ailing with cancer.

McAlister is talking about the Francke murder, and mentions that "They f___ed up. It was supposed to look like a suicide." And we all know about how suicides are supposed to look, don’t we Ret?

So no, Ret, it wasn’t supposed to be a hit with a knife, which I agree, would have been very much a risk. But obviously something went wrong, terribly wrong for the perps. As a result, they had to use desperate acts to make sure that Mike didn’t survive to finger them, as well as implicate many others.

You worked vice, and have stated that the narco group was dirty. You did nothing, apparently. Mighta’ gotten you killed if you had.

Mike was dismantling the system, and it did, in fact, get him killed.

Your boys at narco was a big conspiracy, in my humble opinion, and they mirrored what was going on in numerous police agencies throughout the Willamette Valley.

Finally, you stated, "a few guards, here and there." Hoyt Kupp, warden, wan’t a guard, nor was Hal Whitley, Chief of Security/Asst. Warden; and the counsel for the DOC wasn’t a guard, but a senior atty. with the DOJ, and Glover a senior officer with the OSP, as well as O’Donnell.

You think that a retired vice-cop banner gives you some sort of certification to make uninformed and misguided judgments is a joke to me. If you can honestly state that you never, in your capacity as a vice cop, ever dipped your wick nefariously, or took a buck for protection, on or off duty, I will personally build you a monument. But, I will have to put your name on it.

My email address is up there, so perhaps you can send it to me so I can start building it.

"Kevin Francke"

(email verified)

Thu, May 29, 2008 at 12:10 PM

Re: Francke case puts Kroger to the test

"You worked vice, and have stated that the narco group was dirty. You did nothing, apparently. Mighta’ gotten you killed if you had."

And you make yet another leaping supposition. That implies that I KNEW it was going on when I was there, doesn’t it? Find one statement that I or anyone else made that I knew any of that was going on. I said I was surprised when they refused help on a search. The way you think, that’s concrete evidence that I knew what they were doing, right?

"If you can honestly state that you never, in your capacity as a vice cop, ever dipped your wick nefariously, or took a buck for protection, on or off duty, I will personally build you a monument. But, I will have to put your name on it."

Start building, Jerk. I never did any of those things, period. Find one person that can provide one inkling that I was dishonest in any way. Of course, proof and evidence is completely unnecessary for you, isn’t it? And frankly, that accusation really confirms to me that you need professional help. And I’m not talking about investigations.


(email verified)

Thu, May 29, 2008 at 12:32 PM

Re: Francke case puts Kroger to the test


Which Oregon State Police detective are you? Or, are you partaking of your share of the take at DOC? Mayhaps you are with the MarCo DA’s office, or were.

In any event, you have either swallowed it hook, line and sinker in some induced state, or you are trying to play it to the public that the State got it right with the conviction of Frank Gable.

If you are certain of the latter, I would love to hear from you with the evidence which you may have which was not presented to the jury to prove his guilt.

My email address is available, please send me yours.

"Kevin Francke"

(email verified)

Thu, May 29, 2008 at 01:09 PM

Re: Francke case puts Kroger to the test

Ret, I am truly sorry, but I don’t know how a cop who was worth his salt, and working hand and cheek with the narco squad and overlapping his duties with them, as the job demands, could possibly not see that something was amiss.

(Note from Rob: Ya know, I kinda understand what Kevin is saying above considering my position in this case and thinking something is amiss with Kevin. Know what I mean?)

I know a lot of cops, from Roseburg to PDX, and none would concur with your thoughts.

I cannot find one statement from you as I do not have a clue as to whom you might be, or even if you are a retired cop. Also, I’ll need the name for your personal memorial I will build for you veracity and honor to the badge.

By the way, you didn’t address what I had to say in response to your anemic response to the drug running, et al.

I do look forward to meeting with you in the near future.

"Kevin Francke"

(email verified)

Thu, May 29, 2008 at 01:35 PM

Re: Francke case puts Kroger to the test


I am not a proponent of the grassy knoll theory, the second gunman etc., it is what it is. A car buglary gone bad. Spin it and twist it…anyway you like. No one is following your ball any more. Mike’s gone. That remains a tragedy. But Gable is doin the time….and the rest is just bs. Hal Whitley was a thug, Hoyt Cupp old school, an attorney for DOJ was a shady character…McCallister…but the dots never got connected. And who would have hired Gable to take out Mike?


(email verified)

Thu, May 29, 2008 at 01:54 PM

Re: Francke case puts Kroger to the test

Our duties didn’t overlap at any point, much less work "hand and cheek". We only shared the same physical office. They were enforcing drug laws and we were enforcing vice laws. Neither had access to the others’ investigations or files and we had different supervisors.

If you have never worked in my profession, especially in dept., I don’t see how you have a basis for any knowledge of what I would know and not know. I specifically said that I didn’t go on searches with them, that would give most people a clue that I had no way of knowing what they were doing. But then again, accusations come easy and fast for you, don’t they?

Frankly, I find it disturbing that you make accusations against me like that when, as you said you don’t even know my name.

I have no idea what thoughts all these cops you know don’t share with me. Are all the cops you know dishonest? Or do they all believe Gable is innocent?

Rob knows who I am and I have a great deal of respect for him. Even though we don’t agree on some of the conclusions he makes, Rob is mature enough to have a discussion without the unbiased defamations you make at the drop of a hat. I have no problem with people who argue opinions, but when you question my honesty just because I disagree with you, your credibility is zero with me.

No, I have no intention of giving you my name. I don’t find you trustworthy nor stable enough, based on your posts to have it. The accusations you made against Donaptolong just cemented that for me. You assume because he knew your brother and doesn’t buy what you’re selling, he must be crooked too.

And I certainly don’t care if you believe I’m a retired cop or not.


(email verified)

Thu, May 29, 2008 at 02:08 PM


Re: Francke case puts Kroger to the test


I think McCallister may have been speaking rhetorically. parse the sentence. "They F—-Up, they were supposed to make it look like a suicide". I knew Scott and he was incapable of tieing his shoes after a few beers much less planning a murder. Plus he was a coward. Lifelong. It means nothing. It could mean anything. Live your life as Mike would have wanted you to live it. Enjoy it. This ain’t no dress rehearsal. Let it be.

"Don Naptolong"

(email verified)

Thu, May 29, 2008 at 11:36 PM


Re: Francke case puts Kroger to the test

I suggest people start looking at Francke’s murder for what it obviously turned out to be, which is a very poorly planned and executed assassination.

And in hindsight, 18 months aint that long to find the perfect patsy in Frank Gable. Convict him and put an end to all of it. Case closed.

Whatever went terribly wrong at the last minute forced them to start looking for a "fall guy," which I don’t believe was the original plan.

I believe the biggest mistake any of us could make is trying to establish how the "perfect crime" could be carried out. The entire scenario SCREAMS that all of it was far from perfect, although easily accomplished with the help of our glorious legal system.

No offense Don, but c’mon, only a fool would really buy into that car burglary theory. There is simply no physical evidence or credible testimony to support that theory. It’s a theory presented by the prosecution with nothing but the flimsiest of circumstantial evidence to support it.

"Rob Taylor"

(email verified)

Fri, May 30, 2008 at 03:13 AM

Re: Francke case puts Kroger to the test

Okay….I give..let’s open her up again. have at it. I’m always open to new ideas, suggestions and possibilities. Having dealt with the DOC over 30 years I know how corrupt they are in general( you practically had to threaten them with termination to get stuff done if it meant getting up and doing anything) …so let’s have a go at it. Can’t hurt anything.

"Don Naptolong"

(email verified)

Fri, May 30, 2008 at 04:05 AM

—end of Trib comments—

(Note from Rob: Amusingly, I had an email exchange with Kevin a short while after these Trib posts were made. An email exchange I can’t wait to share, and which I intend to post next.)

Continuing on with my story—

One day I noticed a Fox-12 news story concerning a suspect whose name was Steven Daniels. He had led the police on a high speed chase when they attempted to pull him over for a minor traffic infraction. They eventually stopped him by laying down spikes in the road. Apparently this guy had no outstanding warrants, so the cops didn’t understand why he ran. He was taken to jail and booked. His booking photo looked like something out of the faces of meth because his eyes were completely wide open and bugged out like he was spun hard. I immediately sent emails to Kevin Francke and Phil Stanford informing them this might be the Steven Daniels who was married to Louise Glass. I also posted something about it in my message forum, and directly thereafter noticed a post by Frank’s sister Francine in the message forum she had recently created with Ron Spier. She went on about how I would connect anybody in this case if I thought it made me look good, and how I must sit around with my tinfoil hat on and such. Par for the course with the messages being posted there from the handful of folks I sent packing from my website. People like Louise Glass and her son, Ron Spier, Tara Parish, Sue and DP which were alias’s for Louise and Ron. All doing nothing but talking smack about me or commenting on whatever I was posting at the time. Kevin even posted there talking smack about me. Phil said he looked into the guys arrest and found out he had been released within hours. Phil didn’t think it was our guy. OK Phil, maybe not, but how in the world did this guy get released on his own recognizance within hours of endangering lives after leading cops on a high-speed chase through SE Portland and I spend a week in jail for bopping my wife on the head with a lighter and have to bail out a week later for $1,000? Just a thought.


I’ve always found it odd that after Louise befriended me early on, she one day decides to post anonymously in my message forum attacking me for my continued association with Shorty. Why didn’t she address the issue with me privately if she had a problem with it? Was it her intention to initiate a public spat with me, and if so, why? Wouldn’t that only distract from the cause? Maybe that’s my answer. She got her spat, because with all the time and work I had spent on this case I wasn’t about to sit back and ignore a personal attack brought about anonymously at that. And when I discovered it was her by matching IP addresses it went to another level. It was at that level that Kevin defended Louise. Yeah Kevin, who has maintained a close personal relationship with Jodie Swearingen since the trial. Go figure.

Ron Spier, who I just mentioned teamed with Frank’s sister to create another message forum, was a self-admitted former meth cook who appeared one day disputing claims about a z-car being mentioned by another site visitor. A z-car that Spier claimed had been left in his Salem auto shop by Tim Natividad long before the Francke murder. Spier claimed he was childhood friends with Natividad.

Interestingly, this was the same car Greg Johnson claimed he and Natividad had dropped off at Spier’s shop on the night of the Francke murder…after Greg had picked up Natividad from the Dome Building. Spier claimed Greg Johnson was lying, and that Greg would lie even if the truth sounded better.

Now as everybody knows, and also the version Kevin supports, Jodie Swearingen claims she was with Natividad at the Dome Building the night of the Francke murder, and they drove to Shorty Harden’s house. Shorty also claims Natividad showed up at his house that night. So yeah, someone’s lying.

I should also mention that ex-pro wrestler Billy Jack Haynes claims he saw Natividad being dropped off at the Dome Building in a z-type car while he was waiting in the area for Michael Francke to exit the Dome Building. Haynes claimed boxing commish Bruce Anderson, Scott McAlister, and a OSP cop hired him to beat up Francke, and was afraid he was being set-up when he witnessed Natividad approach Francke first, stab him, then chase him to the Dome Building front walkway in order to pull out the knife that had remained stuck in Francke’s chest.

Haynes claimed he had met Natividad previously in Bruce Anderson’s office in the company of Scott McAlister and the OSP cop. Hayne’s account of Natividad having to chase Francke to the walkway in order to pull the knife out is interesting considering that is precisely where the first blood droplets were found. It also tends to support Greg Johnson’s account of dropping Natividad off at the Dome Building.

Ron Spier also claimed he had associations with then Marion County DA Gary Gortmaker and his crowd. Claimed he accepted guns from Gortmaker which were supposed to be destroyed by law enforcement, but were instead being passed around to Gortmaker’s friends and associates which even included judges. Spier claimed he gave one of those guns to Tim Natividad, and had good reason to believe that particular gun was the same gun Liz shot Tim with.

Ironically, if Spier’s claim is true, had he not accepted these stolen guns and given one to Natividad which Liz in turn used to kill Tim, Tim might still be alive today. Might’ve even possibly admitted killing Francke sometime in the past 20 years, and Frank Gable would be a free man. Just a thought.

Spier became quite active in my message forum spewing his stories and claiming that although Kevin Francke believed Natividad was Francke’s killer, he wasn’t convinced. His main interest always appeared to surround around anything having to do with the z-car that was in his shop, and he always had something to say about everybody because he claimed to know everybody. Specifically Greg Johnson, and he went to extreme lengths to make Greg out a liar. Could that have had anything to do with what I eventually learned from Greg in letters and phone calls? That Spier was present at his shop when Greg claims him and Natividad dropped off the z-car, and Tim handed Spier a briefcase. Could it have anything to do with Spier having good reason to believe Greg was planning to implicate Spier?

Spier belittled another site visitor who was providing a different story from his with regard to the z-car. Labeling her as crazy, and not having a clue what she was talking about. He sent me emails laying out plans of how he was going to deal with certain site visitors in a manipulative way. Like he was my new best friend and he’d help me weed out the idiots who were making my site look bad. Always trying whatever he thought might gain my trust, eventually including sharing emails with me which he had received from Louise Glass.

These emails revealed Louise Glass was talking smack about me to Spier. Spier informed me he was "playing" her to draw more out of her . Then Louise Glass began forwarding emails to me which she had received from Spier, showing how Spier was talking smack about me to her. Beginning to see the picture here?

All of these emails I shared with Kevin Francke to show him what these people were up to, and it fell on deaf ears. Not only did it fall on deaf ears, but Kevin chastised me privately for posting a picture of Ron Spier on my website and attacking Louise Glass as well.

Claimed he just didn’t understand me anymore, and wondered why I would do such a thing. Ron Spier also claimed he was with Tim Natividad the entire night prior to Natividad’s murder and that he waved goodbye to Tim from his car as Tim was pulling into his residence he shared with Liz early in the morning. What would’ve been an hour or two prior to Tim being shot.

Another curious thing about Spier. He actually took time to drive from Salem to Jeanette Hall’s residence in Tigard, near Portland. Jeanette is a site visitor who posted messages about dreams she had had regarding this case. One dream in particular concerned a pickup truck she saw at the Dome Building the night of the murder. A truck suspected driven by Jimmy Gunn, and which Spier was very interested in. Not just her account of the truck, but the entire dream and her description of the truck which seemed to amaze him to some extent. As if he thought Jeanette was a medium or something.

Before he left Jeanette’s house he was sure to instill fear in her for what might happen to her if she talked publicly or with me about what they had talked about.

He continued to instill fear in Jeanette with emails, then eventually severed all communication with her when much was being said about him in message posts at the WW Greg Johnson article. Months had gone by since that article had been published, and the message posts had stopped, but now they were picking up steam again, with Spier, and eventually Liz being the hot topic.

Spier’s last email to Jeanette informed her that he was not gonna respond to anything being said about him at the WW, and that he was clamming up entirely on the advice of counsel that he claimed he hired.

It’s also interesting that Ron Spier was responsible for informing me when Greg Johnson was first attempting to get his story heard. Spier sent me another one of those emails claiming to be my friend and telling me he had just got a phone call from Kevin Francke.

Kevin had told him Greg had contacted Karen Steele, Frank’s ex-wife who represented him on a federal charge, and that he had a story he wanted to tell the media about the Francke case. According to Spier, Karen Steele contacted Kevin. Funny I’ve never heard from Karen Steele.

A few months went by and I received an email from Greg’s brother Tim Kellcy informing me Greg wanted to talk but didn’t know who he could trust. I replied asking him why they didn’t trust the people Greg was already talking to. Never got a response. A few months after that the WW publishes the Greg Johnson article, and in it Nigel gives the date he was first contacted by Greg and his family. It was the day after I had received Tim Kellcy’s email. I eventually asked Kevin about all this and he denied ever talking to Spier.

Lets talk more about Kevin now and the way he’s treated me. The one person not connected with the families or the media, who has stepped up for as long as I have? I’ve nearly surpassed even Kevin and my website is proof.

Proof that I’m just as devoted today, if not more, than the day I started. What can Kevin, the brother of the victim mind you, offer as proof that his dedication in seeking justice for his own brother is the same today as it was in the beginning? What proof can Kevin offer that he’s done anything since the 1995 release of the movie Without Evidence?

I can offer you the past four years of proof that he has done more to hinder progress than help it. You can start with what you are reading here.

It’s not my desire to make this seem like I’m keeping score, but for crying out loud, he’s the brother of the victim, and I’m just a guy who has no ties whatsoever, who it cannot be argued at this juncture is just as devoted as a family member should be, if not more, in obtaining true justice in this case.

And Kevin refuses to communicate, with the exception of a few exchanges here and there, plays games like posting with an alias and essentially talking to himself, and would rather pass judgment and disassociate himself from me. That makes absolutely no sense.

I wasn’t a stranger to Kevin when he decided to do this. To the contrary, I was someone he felt was intelligent, someone he trusted his children with, someone he gave all of Frank’s files to, someone who brought more media attention to this case than had been seen in years with the Shorty interview, someone who had created a website to keep it in the public eye daily, and possibly garner contacts and info, someone he referred site visitors to, telling them my website offered a comprehensive and accurate view of the case.

Apparently none of that accounted for anything in Kevin’s eyes when I began questioning his devotion because he was ignoring new evidence and unwilling to assist me with the benefit of the weight he carried with others that could’ve helped getting it in the media, and which was just as good as anything he’d pushed in the media…when I began asking questions about his wife Liz…he shut down communication and conveniently played on the "bully status" being lashed upon me by Francine as his reason for doing such.

Even publicly slammed me in the message forum Francine and Ron Spier created. Slammed me for being a bully toward people like Francine because she accused me of screwing things up for Frank because Shorty was paid for his interview.

Kevin and his brother Patrick paid Shorty! He should’ve been defending me, or if he felt Francine was correct, than assume responsibility himself. I mean, isn’t that a big freaking DUH?

Hell, I even got slammed for using the word duh once by Kevin’s self-proclaimed mushroom popping buddy Tara Parish. Interestingly, Tara would end up playing a major role with Kevin in compromising my correspondence with Karie Rothschild, Melody Garcia’s daughter. An interesting story which played out a couple of years ago, and one of more than a few which have occurred that simply force me to see Kevin as someone more intent on controlling the flow of information. As if he can’t ride away as the hero, he aims to make sure nobody else does either. That feeling has been echoed by a handful of others as well, but I won’t tell. That’s up to them. Frankly, with what I’ve seen and learned there may be some truth to that, but I also can’t help feeling there’s something else.

What could it possibly be? I have spent years now debating that in my head and with others, and ultimately it forces me to want to investigate further the peculiarities regarding the murder of Tim Natividad at the hands of Liz Godlove who is now Kevin’s wife and the mother of his children. Without even taking into account their marriage, which is a head-scratcher in itself, the fact Rooster’s murder happened just two weeks after the Francke murder, and Liz, who drank and used meth herself, was tried and acquitted only five

months later with a domestic self-defense argument not corroborated by anyone else…well, it’s odd to say the least.

Odd because Natividad is the primary suspect as the killer who was hired to take out Francke.

Odd because Jodie Swearingen believes Vince Taylor killed Natividad and Liz took the fall for it.

Odd because Kevin has gone to great lengths to befriend and control Jodie.

Odd because Vince Taylor is alleged by Shorty to be a very close cousin of Lizs’.

Odd because Kevin or Liz neither one told me of this fact.

Odd because Kevin will neither confirm or deny it.

Odd because Kevin expects us all to believe whatever he says he read in Liz’s transcript.

Odd that Kevin alleges he didn’t bother to keep a copy of a transcript that was probably one of the greatest legal victories for an accused defendant seen in Marion County in years.

I would’ve framed the MF’er, I’m tellin ya!

Odd that he offers ridiculous explanations for not having a copy.

Odd that he points out Liz’s version of Tim’s behavior as fact, although it wouldn’t be the first time a man’s opinion was swayed with oral pleasure now would it? Just couldn’t resist!

It’s odd that Kevin doesn’t appear to have been concerned with why Liz had to stand trial in the first place. Odd that the DA’s office tried her feeling they had enough evidence for a conviction. I can’t help wondering if the prosecution threw the case, and the transcript would allow for the trial to be reviewed by legal experts to determine if there is any substance to that possibility.

Kevin doesn’t seem to have concerned himself with any of this.

What has he learned that’s he’s keeping to himself and which might possibly account for him not concerning himself with any of this? Maybe nothing. Maybe it’s simply due to Kevin’s narrow-minded viewpoints and perceptions which seem to prevent him from being more thorough in his investigation of this case, or the way he underestimates people.

And lastly, odd that he takes offense at me for wanting to see for myself what transpired at that trial. Not only is he married to Liz, but I have just given a long list of reasons why it has become impossible for me to trust anything Kevin Francke says as fact. Hell, I’ve only scratched the surface.

I suppose the best thing Kevin can do at this point is to do what he’s doing. Refuse to communicate or respond to any of this because he knows how he’ll end up looking. You will see what I mean in the last email exchange between Kevin and I shortly after the comments at Phil Stanford’s "Kroger" column. To be posted next…

  1. Ex-Salem says:

    As I said before, ask Tad Natividad what his opinion is of the murder of his brother. Who knows, maybe he will feel different now that it is not so fresh.

  2. Ex-Salem says:

    Obviously I read this post before, but something that stuck out at me this time is the fact that you question peoples stories and actions. Nothing wrong with that, I do it all the time too. Only problem is, this is known tweekers, so you know they are going to lie, bullshit and spin the truth however they want. I don’t think I have ever heard an honest word coming out of a tweeker, spun or not!!! I would not trust one, past or present. So unfortunately, I don’t think we will ever hear the "true" story.

  3. Rob says:

    So why did Frank’s sister Francine and Kevin Francke turn on me in favor of these tweekers? That’s mostly what I’m questioning in this post. Why did Francine create a message forum with Ron Spier to simply talk smack about me? Why did Francine accuse me of screwing things up for Frank because the Franckes paid him $3000? Why does Francine threaten to cut Frank off from the money she sends him if he continues to correspond with me? Reread the post for the rest of the "why’s, and with regard to Francine, you can always ask her yourself. She did accept you on her friends list, right?

  4. Ex-Salem says:

    I don’t even know that it is "HER" for a fact.The only way to understand a tweeker is if you are/were one. Sorry, I fail that test.I guess I am just as confused about all of this too. Not to mention extreamly frustrated, not as pissed off as I was back in the early 90’s, but close.Unfortunately methamphetamine was involved. It is my opinion that unless someone "sober" witnessed what happened, we will never hear the truth, because the idiots don’t know and the lies get spun. (keeps them entertained I guess)I’ve been told, once a tweeker, always a tweeker. Either they were trying a strategy to get information, or they went back to the crap.I hope that I don’t piss anyone off, if I do, sorry, it is just my lame opinion. But I am not scared, I’ve got my metal-colander hat and the feds tailin’ me. Don’t forget my house at the beach.

  5. Rob says:

    Well gee ex, no offense, but frankly I don’t know you are who you say you are…for a fact.I made a post directly after this "reflecting" post which included email correspondence between Kevin Francke and I. Francine commented on that post as follows…francine Sinnett wrote: Rob, you can call me all the names you want, make claims that you know me, which you don’t. I am asking you nicely to leave my name out of your mouth and just leave me alone. I will continue to do whatever Frank wants me to do, not what you want me to do. I don’t care if Frank calls you or who he calls. He is a big boy and can do as he pleases. Oh, it’s Francine alright. Only someone as stupid as her would presume I would respect her request asked nicely or otherwise, and all one has to do is read this "reflecting" post to understand why I speak of her the way I do. She pretty much tops my list of idiots I’ve encountered since creating my website, and that’s a fairly long list.On that note Ex, I’m still confused why this particular post is compelling you to harp so much on the credibility of tweekers. This post is mostly about the peculiarities of the actions I’ve encountered over the years regarding the Franckes and Francine. Funny thing, this blog has been averaging nearly 400 hits per week for the past three months, and out of those hits I’ve got about a dozen loyal site visitors who read this post and tell me behind the scenes that they are shocked at the actions of the Franckes and Francine, but don’t bother to share those particular opinions here in the blog. Know what I mean?Hey, that’s their choice, but that’s why I suggested you contact Francine and ask her what up yourself…or even Kevin Francke for that matter. Frankly I doubt you’ll get a response from either. What justification could they possibly offer you, me or anyone else for their actions that anyone with half a brain wouldn’t recognize as BS?I mean really…what excuse could Francine possibly give for accusing me of screwing things up for Frank because the Franckes paid Shorty? What excuse could the Franckes give for not defending me knowing they were the ones responsible for paying Shorty?What excuse could Kevin give for accusing me of keeping some of that money when I gave him every opportunity to negotiate his financial arrangement with Shorty himself? What excuse could Patrick give for lying in his Willamette Week post saying him and Kevin met with Shorty knowing full well they didn’t, and saying such knowing I was taking crap from Francine for what he was attempting to take credit for? Or how about the fact neither of the Franckes even recognized Shorty when I told both of them he was coming to the bar we were at, and now Patrick posts a bold-face lie saying they met with him. What excuse could the Franckes offer for conspiring with the Portland Tribune to report the Shorty interview was paid for with $1000 and not the correct amount of $3000, plus making it appear in print that I paid Shorty and quoting me as saying the money came from the Franckes?In hindsight, and in light of all that’s happened since that interview, there’s no doubt in my mind that the Franckes and Phil Stanford conspired to make me go away. Why? Because I was digging too deep. They don’t want the truth to be found out because along with the truth comes other truths with which they desire to keep secret. As if there weren’t enough conspiracy theories going around I have to offer another one. LOL!But all you have to do is really examine what’s transpired.Stanford or the Franckes have brought nothing to the table that can help free Frank Gable in 20 years. All they’ve brought is conspiracy theories. Oh yeah, they made a movie about Kevin’s experiences coming to Oregon. A movie that Frank Gable doesn’t even like me talking about because it portrays him as a snitch. A movie that put cash in their pockets.After that Stanford disappears for six years until he’s hired at the trib in 2001. Doesn’t write a thing about the Francke case until 2004 when Goldschmidt admits having sexual relations with his 14 year old babysitter. Of course Stanford began writing about the Francke case then. Just another angle to keep spinning Goldy’s pedophilia which was pleasing to businesses purchasing ad space in the paper. It’s always about the money. Always!Not a word from the Franckes from 1995-2004, and of course that’s when the Goldy scandal appeared and so did I.From 2004-2009 Stanford wrote only about 4-6 Francke related columns. Half of those were due to me appearing and bringing Shorty to the table.Stanford turned down an opportunity to write the Greg Johnson story saying there was no way to prove what he was saying, and instead writes about the snitch Jack Rowlands who claimed he knew where dirty PDX cops buried the body of someone they killed. So where’s the proof Rowlands was being truthful. LOL! Hell, Stanford was under so much pressure for awhile there to pump out columns that he religously wrote about the UFO sightings over PDX on an annual basis and wrote about Nick’s Coney Island nearly a dozen times. Wasn’t like that column space couldn’t have been used for Francke related stuff. There was Greg Johnson as I mentioned, as well as Meg Hanson and her MIPS spin. You know, the one where Kevin told Meg who she actually saw fixing the copy machine. THE MIPS spin was actually one of Phil’s babies. Hell, he could’ve possibly interviewed Melody Rothschild Garcia had it not been for Kevin compromising my correspondence with her after she contacted me.Oh, and it goes on and on. Times like this I always think of one of those final lines in the movie Planet of the Apes."Don’t look for it Taylor…you may not like what you find."

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