Email Correspondence with Kevin Francke Supporting My “Reflecting on Five Years” Post

Posted: May 9, 2009 in EMAILS-KEVIN FRANCKE

This email exchange between Kevin and I began with an email from Kevin.

Apparently, he suddenly felt compelled to share his thoughts with me on Greg Johnson/Kellcy directly after I posted a comment at the WW Greg Johnson article. My WW comment happened to include a link to view a scanned copy of a letter I had just received from Greg pertaining to Ron Spier.

Coincidentally, this exchange between Kevin and I also began directly after I had just secured free testing for any and all witnesses using the fMRI Lie Detector technology. A phone call to the President of the company who does the testing was all it took. He had not heard from Kevin.

It’s interesting to note how this exchange begins and how it ends. I hadn’t heard from Kevin for quite some time, and when I received his email I foolishly believed it might be the beginning to setting our differences aside from the past and moving forward. I even offer up an apology.

It had been very difficult for me to understand all that had happened between us up to this point. Could it simply be about nothing more than egos and sharing the same passion perhaps? I was looking for any reason which might explain all that had transpired between us. Anything to make be believe something other than the worst.

Kind of like a husband who notices so many obvious clues that his wife is cheating on him, yet ignores these clues to give his wife every possible benefit of the doubt.


Greg Johnson

Monday, June 9, 2008 8:42 PM

From: "Kevin Francke" <>

To: "Rob Taylor" <>

I am, continue to be, very circumspect re: Greg Johnson.

While he was a known assoc. of Tim’s, he was on Tim’s "Shit List" from papers that were in Tim’s storage locker held by the county after his murder. Also, Greg wasn’t part of the circle of people that Tim was moving through to arrange the murder. Dave Rabe, and Robert "Zinc" Nicholson were the ones that intro’d Tim to Melody.

Tim was very tight with Rabe, who was the step-son of Jimmie Ennis, a major cook that was supplying crank to Tim by the kilo(s). He’s currently doing life at club-fed, taking a plea for a life sentence…doesn’t make much sense til’ you consider they were squeezing Rabe and Ennis couldn’t risk info getting out through the kid. Rabe had all of Tim’s car titles in his name at the time of his death.

Johnson was a punk, and I spent many hours with him on many occassions.

The last time I saw him I had him bent over a bartop at Jerry’s Silver Dollar after he damn near got me killed along with Liz, Anthony and baby-Grayson, for snitching off to the cops real info, and bullshit; me having a lab in the trailer out on Center St., for bs instance. It would have been very ugly had they come in on a no-knock.

All of that notwithstanding, if he did pull a rabbit out of his ass, I would certainly look at it; might be a gerbil!



(Note from Rob: Ugly had they come in on a no-knock? Tough talk from Kevin like how he used to tell me back when I first met Shorty… “Shorty needs to understand he’s on the no-option plan.” Comical considering Kevin never bothered to ever meet with Shorty. Greg denied Kevin’s account of bending him over a bartop. Considering Kevin’s tough talk with regard to Shorty, I’m inclined to believe Greg over Kevin.

Also, Kevin had sent me an email about Greg back in 2004. A portion of which is as follows… “I do have two reliable people who knew Tim very well; Greg Johnson and John Bray, who were going to the joint to meet with the State Police to give them testimony about the criminal cases against employees at the annex. John was the inmate head of the annex and Greg was his inmate clerk, and they were the ones that reported the theft of all the cattle, the semi-loads of cattle feed, etc. Greg and Tim ran together before Greg got rolled up. Anyway, they both told me that on at least two occasions they ran into Tim at the joint, once when he was leaving, and once when he was going in.”

Notice the contradiction? Apparently if Greg is talking to Kevin, he’s reliable. If he’s talking to me or anyone else he’s not.)

Rob Taylor <> wrote:

Gotta get to work soon, so I’m short on time. Been sittin here for the past 30 minutes thinking of all the things I wanna say to you, and I just realized this is one of those times I can sum everything up with two simple words…I’m sorry.

Plenty of time to bicker over this and that later.

It’s time for us to get smart and start following a game plan as a team. Phil mentioned as much in a phone call to me prior to his Kroger article. God, the shit that has happened in the past four years! How have you dealt with nearly the same for goin on 20 now? Just different names and faces, huh?

Phil mentioned yesterday he was planning to call Kroger. I think he’s gonna make a personal plea to the guy to jump on the bus and assist with bringing witnesses and Frank to the FMRI testing table, as well as opening up new investigations. Phil seemed enthuisiastic about the offer for free testing.

Said he’d do a column on it and all.

(Note from Rob: Wishful thinking on my part. I seriously doubt Phil ever made that phone call. Just stringing me along. Phil never wrote a column on the fMRI testing either.)

Frank mentioned planning to have someone setup a Frank Gable art website to sell silkscreen tshirts of his art. Hate to tell him, but he’s got a lot of good competition in prison art. Still, his idea of getting the casinos to sling the shirts is a good one. I’m thinking he should start thinking of all this in the form of offering the shirts or his art in exchange for donations to help support other expenses in the FMRI testing.

Would like to hear your views on the FMRI. Frank said you were supposed to be looking into cost, so that led me to believe you’re behind the idea. I know, lotsa particulars, and quite frankly, Cephos is an eastern based company, with No Lie MRI being a western based company….so????

Cephos says they’ll do the tesing for free, but I think they said Dallas, TX is the closest testing spot to the west coast, for them at least. Still, maybe something can be negotiated or we get No Lie MRI to support us with free testing too.

I’m outa time….I’d like to form a gameplan and start sluggin away. Get’em up agaist the ropes, and keep’em there. You with me or not?


Re: Greg Johnson

Tuesday, June 10, 2008 6:45 PM

From: "Kevin Francke" <>

To: "Rob Taylor"

Long day at Black Rock, as mom used to say.

I don’t know that Kroger is going to be of any use, even if he is willing to get down and dirty. Frank’s case is almost out of the state’s hands at this point, so he has little influence to the status quo. Kroger would have to do a nunc pro tunc to get anything done state-wise, and I don’t think he’s at all that bold, or sold.

Don’t know about the MRI either; as I said, it’s gonna’ take a pretty liberally minded judge to go with it. There are only a couple of scientific tools out there to establish guilt or innocence. One’s a breathalyzer, the other dna.

Argue proof that the mri can hit it with a 90% success and you may be able to shoe probable cause, but that would be with a jury on board, not a judge.

Nell Brown is the one who would try to dance around this one, and while she has staff working on getting the case in an electronic format, she probably would not do a thing now since the ball is essentially out of her court.

I still have a problem with you using the website for your personal bully-pulpit, and will have to wait and see if you can stop trying to use it as a lever for calling people out or slamming them, as opposed to enticing them and compelling them.

Been wrong before, so ain’t gonna’ be wrong again,(famous last words).

At any rate, the end goal is getting a new trial for Frank, and from that standpoint, I remain fixed and determined.



Re: Greg Johnson

Wednesday, June 11, 2008 9:48 AM

From: "Rob Taylor" <>

To: "Kevin Francke"

I agree with what you say on the Kroger thing. Still, it was a somewhat clever idea on Phil’s part for getting the case and Frank’s name in print once again. It’s been awhile in case you haven’t noticed.

I had a good chat with Dr. Laken of Cephos on Monday. I suggest you find the time to do the same. I left a message over the weekend and he returned my call first thing Monday morning. Sounds to me like you haven’t done much research on FMRI. Neither have I, although with Cephos agreeing to flip the bill for testing I’m more motivated in doing such.

It also sounds like you are talking yourself out of any of this MRI stuff before any of us have had the chance to jumpstart it. Know what I’m trying to say? Ditch the defeatist attitude will ya? If we need a liberal judge we will find one. Got it? Dr. Laken told me the success rate of testing is at 95%.

Liz called me last night and said she’s ready to tackle this thing and start the wheels in motion for trying to obtain help with generating revenue to help offset the other costs involved with getting people tested, as well as other aspects of Frank’s defense. Now that’s what I’m talkin about! ACTION! Progress! Forging ahead with a plan! Follow your own wife’s lead Kevin. Stop with the excuses.

Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever
achieve greatly.
–Robert Kennedy

(Note from Rob: Everything Liz had told me was BS. She never bothered herself with any of this. Just stringing me along, and she eventually admitted such.)

As for your comment, "I still have a problem with you using the website for your personal bully-pulpit, and will have to wait and see if you can stop trying to use it as a lever for calling people out or slamming them, as opposed to enticing them and compelling them."

Couldn’t help but giggle over that one. Kinda like the way you called Ret out in Phil’s column? You can’t accuse someone in a public forum of being corrupt when you don’t even know their name! Ret pretty much put you in your place on that exchange, and Phil himself was taken aback by your stance. Because of who you are the entire internet is YOUR website.

As for me calling people out…every one of them was deserving of such and had it coming. Let’s start with Pat…he outright lied and disrespected me with that lie. Liz said she’s the type that would’ve just let it go. I would’ve too had it not been for all the shit I took from Francine for screwing things up because you guys paid Shorty.

She attacked me only. Not you guys, and neither of you came to my defense…for something Pat was now trying to take credit for. Don’t you get it? I only have my self respect. Something nobody can take from me as long as I don’t allow it.

Everything I’ve done or said is pretty much a reaction to an action.

I’ve put way too much time, blood, sweat and tears into creating the website, learning about the case, and doing all that I’ve done to allow some ignorant bitch like Francine to accuse me of anything other than honorable intentions. All for people I didn’t even know, and without receiving a paycheck for my work! I am very proud of what I’ve done and all this has become very personal to me.

Like the line in the movie, "Kevin, you wouldn’t even be here if he wasn’t your brother."

Don’t you get it?

Yes, long ago I attacked Francine first. But was it first really? NO! I never heard squat from Francine when Shorty recanted. Not even a message forum post. Then when I get that domestic with Shelly, Francine writes to suggest I turn over the reins of the website to others. She had already passed judgment on me without even talking to me first, and you were doing what you could to help Shelly while my ass sits in jail, BECAUSE OF SHELLY!

All the shit I took from Shelly over the time I was spending on the case and one night it explodes, and you jump to help Shelly! Shelly had never done a fuckin thing to help Frank or find Mike’s killer. She only complained, and who gets the help? It still disgusts me.

Later I sent an apology to Francine, which she fully accepted. Then she caps on me publicly for my comments about Greg Johnson instead of emailing me with her concerns. It’s become quite easy to just sit back and allow people like her to front themselves off on their own. LOL!

Louise Glass…my comments at Nigel’s article pertaining to LG already summed that issue up, and after all this time some of her info is proffered by you in the form of hearsay. Ridiculous!

These people need to step the fuck up themselves or roll on.

Granny….She first betrays me by sharing my email with Billy, then writes me one of THE MOST ridiculous emails and posts it publicly. My public response put her in her place too.

Betrayed me for a fool like Billy.

Ron Spier…Greg’s latest letter confirms I’ve been right about Spier all along. He’s always been nothing more than someone attempting to disrupt the progress of the website. Obviously for his own personal reasons.

I could go into more detail, but I’m trying to keep this short as possible, and besides, you should already know all this without having to be reminded.

Anyway, enough already over all this crap. Time for all of us to get over it and move on.

Believe me, I don’t want any of these fools back at my website. Most just used it to whine about their own personal dramas and such. I’m not gonna change Kevin. I am who I am, and folks like you should be glad of that, because if I wasn’t I would’ve never began any of this. If you don’t think the positives of what I’ve done outweigh the negatives, than I guess we have nothing to talk about.

I have no intentions of continuing to slam anyone, but if someone attacks me or attempts to use my website for disruptive purposes, I’ll be all over them. It’s a good thing I don’t still live in Oregon. Probably woulda crossed myself out by beating the living fuck out of Spier. Mostly for the way he instills fear in Jeanette. What a sick fuck for playing on little old ladies. The guy has been mind-fucking her for months!

You once told me, "even bad press is good press when it comes to this case."

Why not run the Billy Jack shit on that note. The MF’er was once famous.

Who knows what shit would get stirred up over his comments. If anything let the public cap on his ass. Bad press is good press, right? Just thinking out loud.

The Linda Parker thing wasn’t shit. She had obvious motive for talking smack about scooter, and her electro-shock therapy didn’t give her any more credibility.

I’m still pissed at Phil for not doing a column on Meg. I’ve got two year old emails from Phil telling me I’m right, there’s something there worth looking at, and Jim and Nick are gearing up to do a story, blah, blah. Obviously I was just being strung along. Recently Phil said he simply believes Plante over Meg. Fine, then do a column giving Plante’s explanations as to why he asked for unprecedented access after hours, and why he never finished repairing the machine when it took the regular repair guy only 30 minutes to do so, and why Plante himself never returned to do the job, and on and on.

Just like you were trying to point out the connecting dots in LG’s story…I want to point out the connecting dots in Meg’s story. She is THE MOST credible witness to date BTW.

All in all, communication is the key here. When you or anyone else shuts down communication with me or fails to answer any of my direct questions, I’m left to let my imagination run wild. You must be able to understand that.

Crombie and Zitz accused you and Phil of recycling stale info, and actually that’s true. Neither of you have brought nothing new to the table until I stepped in, and Shorty was accomplished because we all worked together as a team. Both of you have resisted putting any new info out, IE Meg. At least they won’t be able to accuse you of recycling shit.

Hell, I can’t even get Phil to tell me what Plante’s answers were to Meg’s claims. Probably because Phil hasn’t talked to him since learning of Meg’s claims. Ridiculous.

Finally you say, "At any rate, the end goal is getting a new trial for Frank, and from that standpoint, I remain fixed and determined."

Is that so? Then why hadn’t you taken the few minutes it took me to inquire to the Cephos Corp? You obviously led Frank to believe you would look into it for him. Look, I know your time is limited, that’s why I’m here. I’ve got the time, the motivation, the desire.

I’m outa time for now. I have tried to say my piece without being rude. I hope I accomplished that.



Re: Greg Johnson

Thursday, June 12, 2008 12:38 AM

From: "Kevin Francke"

To: "Rob Taylor"


I am not talking myself out of the MRI poly. I am giving you and Frank a wake-up that this may not happen because it is not proven to be 100%. Early dna testing, back in 1989, was not allowed in many courts, including Oregon, because it was only 1 in 500,000 up to 1,000,000. U.S. was way behind the curve on dna. Regardless, if he wants to subject the prior witnesses who recanted, it’s gonna’ be a load getting Walker, Shorty et al in the tube to do it. Reality check here. Hello?

And, that is not a defeatist attitude, it’s reality.

"As for your comment," You got a giggley out of me calling RET out? Because I don’t even know his name? What does his name have to do with anything? And the fact he won’t give his name to me, privately, tells me legions. But I will bet you whatever money you can come up with, and I am 90% sure, actually, I am about 99% since going back and doing some forensics on the Tribs site as well as others, that I know who RET is. 1% might be another guy that the Trib has oft-quoted before, but RET it all over with his shoot from the hip, this couldn’t have happened ’cause. And he doesn’t know shit about this case, period.

Also, I agreed to build him a monument if he wasn’t dipping it, and he never, ever denied it.

(Note from Rob: Ret did deny it. It’s in the posts he made which I included in my “Reflecting on five years of” story.)

His response, "start building". Typical cop. Phil called me the next day and asked me to lay off RET. I told him I thought I knew who he was, and if it was the same one, I wouldn’t lay off. He would neither confirm nor deny that the name I gave him was RET.

You might want to troll through the Trib’s past pages to find RET waxing poetic about just about anything. You also might like to go through the Trib and find anything regarding retired cops; even you might figure out who RET might be. And he’s right up there with all of the other cops that, like Bernie’s bud and the rest, take disability, like Jensen, et al, and still get a big chunk of their pay for sitting around drinking beer and doinking the the hookers. Giggle.

You would have let the "Pat" thing go but for Francine? Got anyone else you can blame?

And you didn’t receive a paycheck for your work. You were the one that called to get involved, nobody sought you out. You brokered a deal with Shorty, you said he wanted twice what he received, and you said that he may not do it for less. Rob, how much of the money that I gave you actually go to Shorty?

LG, Ron Spier, Granny, all of those people could be helpful in the future, especially Pam. You don’t burn bridges till you got six more to replace the one you toasted; you are going to get a rep, and you did, and pretty soon, nobody is going to come calling, and nobody did. What was a vibrant, interactive website, is now pretty much a wasteland, in terms of ineraction with live humans. It’s now like a library online. You tell me you have a 100 people visit a day…where are the responses? Are they afraid of you calling them out? Duh.

Your dad was right, not entirely, but he had your number.

And finally, your situation with Shelly. Did you ever get a copy of the police report? Never mind, that’s not the issue. The issue was that she called and said what went down, and that her paycheck for the rent on the house went missing with you. Your wife and daughter were the concern at that stage. I was broke, Liz gave her money and we gave her wheels so she could get to her job. Sorry if it inconvenienced you Rob. You should have thought about what would happen to your family if you got wired, tazed and sent to the can with you holding the money. You blame me, you blame Shelly, you would blame Liz if you had known, and you blamed the cops, and, and, and.

But what about Rob.

I, we, didn’t bail on you, you bailed on us. And when I said you were getting in bed with the enemy, it turned into a self-fulfilling prophecy didn’t it?

And like the line in the movie, "Kevin, you wouldn’t….".

You wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t have packed it up and moved 3200 miles to stick it in their teeth. Frank’s case would have settled into the sunset, and Phil would still have his job at the Oregonian.


Re: Greg Johnson

Thursday, June 12, 2008 3:15 PM

From: "Rob Taylor" <>

To: "Kevin Francke"

This is good. Maybe we’ll get something accomplished with this exchange.

After reading your response I’m left feeling the key word here is "perception." Quite frankly, your altered and inaccurate perception of me leads me to question your ability to accurately perceive issues related to the case, or the motives of some of those we are currently discussing.

I once read something about theories. Once you develop a particular theory about something, you only end up seeing the things that support that theory.

Think about that. I do a lot!

The FMRI thing….

As I said, I’m in agreement with you. The other points you have taken the time to mention are points I felt went without saying between the two of us.

Two people who are perfectly capable of playing out all the moves in their mind leading to the end game. Ya know, I don’t recall if I ever asked you if you are a chess player. I am…was chess champion of MCRD San Diego as an 18 year old PFC. The CG, Major General Houghton(yeah, I still remember his name) used to get me out of monthly 24 hour Battalion duty just to play chess with him at times. He never beat me.

We can’t get to the FMRI endgame without implementing the moves necessary NOW in order to get there. Liz seems to understand that and appears to be prepared to immediately initiate steps towards that end game.

You give me the impression at times that you’re willing to put off till tomorrow what you can start today. BE PREPARED! The Boy Scout Motto.

…a moment of silence for the four Boy Scouts who died in last night’s Iowa tornado please…

Anyway, the difficulty you mentioned in getting some of these people to the testing table is the reason why we should begin now working toward that goal. Just maybe by the time we’re poised to start testing some of these people, the courts will have, by then, grown more receptive to allowing this type of evidence. I also think they’re a bit more receptive currently than you give them credit for.

Then there are those who may be easy to get to comply immediately. Frank for sure, you could probably get Jodie, me Shorty and quite possibly Greg now. Bob Merchant, Curtis Coffin, Konrad Garcia, Karie Rothschild-Roos(who as I’m sure you know I’ve been in contact with again recently), Meg Hanson, Dennis Plante, Wayne Hunsacker, Billy Jack, LG, Ron Spier to name a few others. All of which could help lay the foundation, and all of which Cephos has agreed to test in our quest for the truth, and nothing but the truth.

Imagine what the testing results of some of these people could do for us in the investigation process prior to any attempt of admitting it to the court.

The Ret thing…

What does Ret’s name have to do with anything? I dunno, why do you seem to be trying so hard to find out?

What’s happening to your attention span of late? As Ret himself pointed out in response to your post….I KNOW WHO RET IS! I’ve known for months now after he took the time to email me personally. Guess you could say my initial interaction with him "ENTICED and COMPELLED" him to contact me.

It’s hypocritical of you to jump my shit for my attacks, when you do nearly the same thing with Ret, although Ret did nothing to instigate such an attack. He simply asked questions of your post and exhibited his ignorance of the case, for which he’d be the first to admit being ignorant. Ret will also admit the more he reads about this case the more he’s inclined to lean toward our camp, and he thanks me for that. He also gives me credit for the ability to carry on a mature discussion even if we disagree with one another.

He has made me see things in a different light as I have him. The best compliment he gave me was telling me I not only talk the talk, but walk the walk as well, and he respects me for that.

Maybe you should go back and review some of Ret’s posts. You’ll see how I "enticed and compelled" Ret to contact me through nothing more than fair and accurate intellectual conversation, which I will admit at times bordered on being rude and offensive.

You said… "You would have let the "Pat" thing go but for Francine? Got anyone else you can blame?"

Yes! Pat! He had no business making such a statement, and one only has to view the final scene of the "Unsolved Mysteries" episode to understand why he did. Must be tough for him, 18 years later, to know he failed in the promise he made to the shows viewers.

Then again, you know as well as I that his efforts paled in comparison to your own efforts. And no, riding your coattails doesn’t count. Stop avoiding the issue on this. Pat lied because he feels guilty for not accomplishing anything himself. Others agree, but I doubt they have the balls to tell either of you.

Course it doesn’t require balls for me to tell you because his statement dissed me personally, and attempted to rob me of my accomplishment. I don’t ask or expect anything other than recognition for my accomplishments.

As I said though, what transpired with Francine is what tipped the boat for me, as well as Pat’s attitude to the simple and direct question of, "care to explain to me why you lied about meeting with Shorty?" Had he exercised a bit more tact, he could’ve "enticed and compelled" me to understand his intentions better. Maybe.

Point I’m trying to make is the entire scenario left me wondering just how truthful the Francke brothers really are. Is this evidence that their claim of Mike telling them he was getting ready to expose a criminal element within DOC just another lie? A lie born to perpetuate the conspiracy theory?

You said… "And you didn’t receive a paycheck for your work. You were the one that called to get involved, nobody sought you out. You brokered a deal with Shorty, you said he wanted twice what he received, and you said that he may not do it for less. Rob, how much of the money that I gave you actually go to Shorty?"

Stay with me here Kev…I was attempting to point out that nobody other than myself has done anything for this case that didn’t get a paycheck. With the exception of Pam of course. Phil and the rest of the media get paid. You’re family. ‘Nuff said, right?

YOU brokered a deal with Shorty using me as the middleman. You sure you never dealt drugs? haha! There will be no argument I’m sure that Shorty is a professional negotiator of sorts. Soon as he knew he had something you wanted and were willing to pay for, his negotiation skills kicked in, and he started high. No surprise, right?

As the middleman it was my responsibilty to relay to you his terms and vice versa. If either of you questioned my honesty you had every opportunity to negotiate the deal directly with Shorty yourselves as him and Traci sat in the bar for 20 minutes directly in plain site to Patrick, or did you convienently forget that fact?

You coming at me now attacking my honesty and integrity in a situation that you could’ve negotiated yourselves would’ve got you laid out had it been said to me in person. Believe that! I think you owe me an apology for that comment. Shorty got the entire $3000 plus an additional $500. Hmmm, I wonder where that came from?

You said… "LG, Ron Spier, Granny, all of those people could be helpful in the future, especially Pam. You don’t burn bridges till you got six more to replace the one you toasted; you are going to get a rep, and you did, and pretty soon, nobody is going to come calling, and nobody did. What was a vibrant, interactive website, is now pretty much a wasteland, in terms of interaction with live humans. It’s now like a library online. You tell me you have a 100 people visit a day…where are the responses? Are they afraid of you calling them out? Duh.

Your dad was right, not entirely, but he had your number."

LOL! My Dad has my number huh? Boy, you really have a lot to learn, and I intend to educate you soon on just who has whose number with regard to my father. Little recent correspondence him and I exchanged that I’m dying to show you in the hope you will understand me better. I really do have nothing to hide.

Anyone you mentioned that could be helpful in the future…whoa, that’s for a phone call to discuss. Too much typing.

Funny you now mention Pam’s worth which I’ve at numerous times tried to instill in you only to get responses from you questioning her true intentions and motives. Again, your attention span or perception is questioned here. I didn’t burn a bridge with Pam, she burned one with me.

Taking into consideration your statement of how one is not supposed to burn a bridge unless there are six others available…well, I guess that gives one reason to wonder a thing or two, huh?

You said… "What was a vibrant, interactive website, is now pretty much a wasteland, in terms of ineraction with live humans. It’s now like a library online."

A library online is pretty much what my original intention was with the website. The vibrant, interactive website you mention was really nothing more than fewer than a dozen people(some masquerading as others-including you) posting stuff here and there. If that really was Randy Martinak who posted he should’ve done so by signing his full name and admitting such to the reporter who mentioned it in his article.

Because I’m aware of your anonymous posts I’m inclined to believe you were the one who actually made that "Randy" post. These are the kind of games I’m privy to you playing, and if I cared whether or not people posted on my blog or website I’d play your game and post responses to myself.

If there’s anything I learned in all of this it’s that my website pulled anyone and everyone that gives the slightest fuck about this case for one reason or another…all together in one place for a moment, and the message forum gave most of these people a vehicle for manipulation tactics designed to disrupt the positive flow.

No harm, no foul, as the positive flow really wasn’t much to speak of, and in case you haven’t got my point yet…95% of everyone out there could give a flyin fuck about this case or Frank or your brother. Don’t bother them while they’re playing their X-Box.

I’m absolutely thrilled that most of those people who once posted are gone! If you think LG has worth than why are you proffering her info as hearsay?

Don’t say it’s because she’s afraid of me capping on her. I’m mostly capping on her for not offering her info herself, and besides, Pam summed up the reasons why I’m not a factor in whether or not people step up. It’s in my blog.

You say people aren’t responding in my blog or are scared off by my tactics, yet in the past year Karie, Billy Jack and half a dozen others have come to me with info via email(as it should be-duh). You’re not paying attention!

Now, even in light of my rude comments to Greg’s family, I hear from Greg and he’s offering to answer any and all questions I may have and giving me permission to use it on my website. The responses will eventually come for one reason or another. I’m in no hurry. Could care less. Anything worthy will come via email if it comes at all.

Lots more to say, but outa time for now. As for the Shelly thing, I’ll say this…I take full responsibility for all that by allowing us to get high that night. Had I not done that, a lot of what we are discussing here would not have to be discussed, but that’s not necessarily a good thing.

I’ve learned things I wouldn’t have had it not happened. I’m still trying to determine which one outweighs the other.

Shelly is bi-polar, and a little dope can easily send her into "mania." Not like I don’t know that, so it’s my fault plain and simple. Ask Tara about "mania."

Nobody would argue that Liz is an expert on what constitutes dangerous enough domestic violence to call the cops or defend yourself. Liz never could understand why Shelly called the cops on me. No visible marks on Shelly the next day when everyone saw each other. Liz says the two of you have had some instances much more severe but she never called the cops because she knew the fallout that would occur. Smart girl, and she’s not bi-polar which helps.

My point is…Shelly called the cops 45 minutes after I tapped her on her forehead. Did so outa spite cuz I wouldn’t give her the money she claimed to you was her paycheck. I used to let Shelly hold all the cash which is why that particular cash was in her purse. Her check had already been spent on all the other bills. Half of the $900 that was in her purse had just come from a check I cashed which Julie Smith had given me to go towards a new computer.

Unlike Liz, who knows what can happen when the cops are called on a domestic, Shelly put my life at risk simply because I wouldn’t give her the money. I say that because of the two cowboys that tazered me for no other reason than to play with their toy.

I suppose calling the two cops "cowboys" to their face is why they zapped me. I can’t help it sometimes with "words."

You mention the police report. Of course I have a copy. Sure you do too because you’re like that. If not, it’s easy enough to get as you know. When I read it I thought to myself that this is exactly what they would’ve said if they’d shot and killed me, and it would’ve worked.

Don’t throw police reports at me Kevin when you know perfectly well how police reports are written when "excessive force" is an issue.

Shelly never showed for trial as you know. While my public pretender sat on HER ass while I negotiated my case with the DDA who was preparing to argue it with HER honor…I negotiated dropping the resist arrest and copping to the domestic. They were offering it up the other way around cuz Shelly wasn’t there to testify. I took responsibility for my actions that day cuz I was guilty of domestic, but not resisting. You know how it works.

Plain and simple Kevin, you got hustled by Shelly and it never should’ve been allowed to happen simply because of my contributions to this case being enough to give me the benefit of the doubt over Shelly.

As soon as I bailed myself out I drove to Salem and sat in front of you prepared to tell you the complete story. You looked me in the eye and told me it wasn’t necessary.

It’s been obvious for quite some time now that we very much so should’ve had that conversation.

Again, all this makes me wonder if these same types of actions and assumptions are incorporated by you in various aspects of this case, and if that’s so…you’re doing yourself and this case a total disservice.

You’ll forgive me this once for telling you that was a straight "BITCH" move on your part!!!

Excuse me for now…need to row myself up to the store for supplies while dodging tornados.


I never received another email from Kevin after that. Guess he’d had enough. LOL!

  1. francine says:

    Rob, you can call me all the names you want, make claims that you know me, which you don’t. I am asking you nicely to leave my name out of your mouth and just leave me alone. I will continue to do whatever Frank wants me to do, not what you want me to do. I don’t care if Frank calls you or who he calls. He is a big boy and can do as he pleases.

  2. Ex-Salem says:

    I agree…"do a column giving Plante’s explanations as to why he asked for unprecedented access after hours, and why he never finished repairing the machine when it took the regular repair guy only 30 minutes to do so, and why Plante himself never returned to do the job, and on and on."And if nothing else, test Frank on the FMRI, to get started. I think I understand how it works, but after 20 years, is the test still as accurate?I would NOT have believed Jodie from day one and I can not believe the jurors would. I know they tell you to disregard things all the time, but I still would have raised the question. (I love playing devils advocate on the jury) My big question is:If someone is going to commit a murder, they are not going to take a teenager with them!And it would have been much closer to walk up to 17th and D ST and use the pay phone at that Plaid Pantry. Heck, I think there was even a phone outside at the MC Health Dept.I would have just laughed at that B.S. testimony!

  3. Rob says:

    Francine, I’m truly sorry you had to read that. Unfortunately, you have given me no reason to think you bother to read my blog. I guess I was wrong. Then again, maybe not. Maybe someone alerted you to the post that compelled you to post a response. It’s really a shame I have to wonder such things when Frank’s sister posts.What you read was written in an email I sent to Kevin Francke last June, nearly a year ago. Nothing I said about you was to be construed as a present-day attack on you. My comments were honest reflections of how I felt about you at the time I was writing that email. Were the reasons I gave for having those feelings presented in a vague manner? I don’t think so, but let me try this again.With all due respect Ms. Sinnett, and I mean this in all sincerity, you accused me of screwing things up for Frank because Shorty was paid for his interview with the Trib. That’s what started our spat. For weeks everyone was patting me on the back, Mike Donahue interviewed me and Phil, somebody else was interviewing Kevin and also trying to secure an interview with Shorty through me, Phil gives me a copy of his book with the inscription “For Rob Taylor, Who made it happen. With greatest respect, Phil Stanford.Shorty’s interview admitting he lied was front page news, garnering a lot of comments, and spilling over to the website with nearly 50,000 hits in two days. Frank was ecstatic and the letters he was sending me prove it.I never heard a word from you, and when I did, (omitting another story in between) you end up accusing me of screwing things up because Shorty was paid…BY THE FRANCKES”! Capitals for emphasis only. I’m not yelling at you.From there we really made fools of ourselves, didn’t we. Shame on us! I mean that sincerely Francine. Not to be construed as being sarcastic. It takes two to argue, so I’m just as responsible as you for allowing it to happen. I don’t think to highly of myself for that, and I’ve been working on not taking things so personal which tend to set me off.It’s difficult though. Especially when you get attacked for something someone else is responsible for. And when the responsible party doesn’t jump to my defense or agree with you and assume responsibility themselves, I just kinda go on tilt. Then when the responsible party jumps in your parade to slam me because I‘m going on off on you for accusing me of doing something they did…I don’t just go on tilt, sparks start flying out of my head like if I was in a microwave wearing my Tinfoil hat. Haha! I came to these conclusions long ago when I sent you that apology which you accepted, only to see you cap on me publicly six months later at the WW over things I said about Greg Kellcy. Eventually Greg himself started writing me after I told him what I said and asked him to prove me wrong. Imagine that! You don’t have to. It happened. Guess my method worked.Like I said, I’ve already tried apologizing to you and ended up getting stabbed in the back. Although I felt an apology from you was more in order, I tried to be the bigger person and offer one up first because I felt I needed to assume responsibility for my actions.Look Francine, we all make mistakes. It’s unfortunate that you seem unwilling to accept responsibility for yours. It’s unfortunate that you don’t recognize the other issues immersed in that post you read, and only recognize the part that mentions you. It’s unfortunate you don’t notice the peculiarities I’m presenting like others are beginning to, and which are exhibited with their recent comments. It’s unfortunate you still refuse to acknowledge my contributions and devotion, and recognize I’m producing results. Results that you are aware of and haven’t been shared with others on the website, and which I might add, do one hell of a job of laying to rest the accusation you unleashed on me to begin with. Wouldn’t you agree? There’s someone else on my site that has posted recently who probably would. If you don’t care to thank me you might want to thank them. They were highly instrumental in helping to make it happen. If you don’t think it was that big of deal, I’m sure there’s a copy of a roundtrip plane ticket that would argue otherwise. You know what I mean?You know Francine, you live less than a three hour drive from me. It’s really a shame that after devoting five years to seeking justice for Frank and Michael, that’s apparently not good enough for you to afford me the opportunity to meet you in person and try to get past all this.It’s really a shame you can’t acknowledge that at this point it’s obvious I was right about people like LG and Ron Spier, and they deserved what I gave them.It’s really a shame you can’t appreciate the fact that I speak my mind and tell it like I see it with no sugarcoating. As if you preferred me not being honest and speaking my true feelings.It’s really a shame you never chose to address any issues you had with me privately, but would that have done any good? You say I make claims that I know you. I don’t know you, and that’s a shame. I do know some things about you though. I do know you wrote on your MySpace page the following… “don’t even think about arguing with me because you’ll just be wrong.”What more do I need to know in my position with you? That about spells it out for me. I can appreciate an honest comment like that and heed it’s advice.I’m only half responsible for what can be written in the Francine and Rob chapter of and I don’t have a problem sharing that chapter if I feel the need arise. Maybe you should re-evaluate the reasons why you have a problem with it.If it upsets you, then stay away from the site. If you decide to rewrite the chapter, then I pass the pen to your hand.All in all, and after all that’s been said, I think that Frank is the luckiest guy on the planet to have a sister like you who has stood by him all these years and among other things, has made sure he has all the conveniences available to him, but I also think he’s lucky to have me too.

  4. Rob says:

    To ex-Salem…Thanks for enlightening me further on your association with Gesner and Tad Natividad. Your first post that mentioned Gesner had me a bit confused, but no matter now.Yes, a column on Plante’s explanations to the questions I presented seemed to make perfect sense to me, and Phil led me to believe Jim Redden and Nick Budnick were gearing up to do a story on Meg Hanson’s claims. I’ve got the email to prove it. It never materialized, and time does have a way of exposing the BS. Phil or Kevin neither one ever gave much attention to Meg’s story other than Kevin telling Meg she was wrong about the MIPS being the copy machine repairman, and that it was Plante who she saw. I guess Kevin thinks she was wrong about Plante asking for unprecedented access, and leaving the machine in pieces as well. Go figure. Matter of fact, Kevin and Phil haven’t been eager to investigate many different things since they pushed the Linda Parker story. As for Kevin really talking to DEA agent Roger Miles to confirm if Louise Glass worked for him…prove it. I’ve listed many reasons already why I can’t trust Kevin.Why did I have to spend months badgering Phil to investigate whether or not there was even a record of a Steven Daniels at OSP who LG claimed was the warden’s inmate clerk, and still never got an answer? I’m tellin ya, neither of these guys have been doing squat, and the big question is why? Seems to me it would be easy enough for either one of them to prove me wrong. Prove me wrong, and I’ll pack it up offering my apologies and admitting I was out of my league.As for Jodie, prosecutor Sarah Moore essentially convinced the jury to believe the testimony Jodie gave to the grand jury. I need to get back to reading more of the trial transcript. I still haven’t got past jury selection and have yet to establish the names of the jurors that were finally picked. I have wanted those names for some time now. I’d like to locate as many as possible and ask them one question. If they knew what we know now, would they still have voted to convict? Redden actually mentioned that idea once.As for talking to Tad, you’d think that would be easy. Kevin claims to associate with the Natividads, and Liz once told me Rooster’s son Anthony is pretty tight with Tad and TJ these days. Asked me once if I thought she should get Anthony to talk to his uncles about the case. FLMAO at that one. No, it really appears that Kevin has a tight leash on certain people related to this case who he doesn’t want talking to others. In Jodie’s case, Kevin has taken extreme measures to keep her from me.

  5. Ex-Salem says:

    As I said, I don’t know anything; I’ve just been following the case since day 1. There is always something memorable about my birthday. (I bet you will never guess when my brothers’ birthday is? Liz could probably help.) But enough of that.I tried to post a comment, a few months ago, on the Portland Tribune story: The case of the blonde and the oil truck continues By Phil Stanford Jul 7, 2008 I thought it was such a coincidence that a former OSP guard, turned bar owner, would make the comment; “if you get your name in the papers like this, you’ve got a right to tell your side of the story.” This then made you comment about issues related to the Gable case.Hmmm, I wonder when Joe worked at OSP. I guess it is hard not to associate with the inmates on the outside; thank God he is not on probation.I guess getting someone to do a story another on MIPS is not as important as getting Franks new lawyer to use that information. Bottom line, if the copy repair man was Plante, then the defense should be able to point out enough holes in his story, to put reasonable doubt in the minds of the jurors. First and foremost, why didn’t he put the copier back together!? As important as it was for that office, that they would request and allow someone to stay after hours. And I understand what you are saying about “Sarah Moore essentially convincing the jury to believe the testimony Jodie gave to the grand jury.”I can’t wait until you get the names of those jurors, or should we call them cattle. Talk about naïve! I’ve known people too afraid to testify, (quiet in the peanut gallery!) but her testimony sounded like B.S. from the get-go! Hello people! How plausible does it sound? Form YOUR own opinion!Unfortunately the jury does not always get ALL the information.My father was murdered back in 1971. It must be even harder on Anthony to know that it was at the hands of his mother. I can attest, that time does heal things, that is why I am curious as to Tad’s feelings on the subject now. 1991 or 1992 was the last time I had talked to him about it.

  6. I met Frank Gable when he and I were in the Coos County Jail, in Coos Bay Oregon, back in 89 or 90 when Frank was in G-Pod and I was in H-pod and I worked as an orderly and they had the real killer PC’d up in my pod. Frank and I met in the sally port and he asked me if I could get to the guy and silence him because he, the guy PC’d up was the real killer. I said I could not. However; in the year 1993 I called the DOJ to talk to a detective Randy C. Martinack, whom I had known sense 1970 when he was a state cop in Coos Bay,Oregon. Randy told me as a state detective in the Oregon DOJ he took the first taped recording of the real killers and was told by his boss that they were going to pin the murder on Frank Gable and that he was going to do something about it when he retired…he did nothing, so behind the scenes I have been trying to help Frank in anyway that I can. I talked to Frank’s new attorney and she was less than pleasant with me, so, if anyone has the time to call me at 541-297-8136 I will take a polygraph and submit any and all information that I have on this matter, and Frank, even though I do not know you I have been trying to help you for a long time and I hope that now is that time!

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