Video of the Day-Iggy Pop-“The Passenger”

Posted: May 15, 2009 in Videos
I love Iggy Pop! The first time I saw him live was in Santa Monica, CA. It was "The Idiot" tour, and the year was 1977. I was in the Marines, and stationed at MCRD, San Diego. My brother Doug had just graduated boot camp the morning of the concert and was planning to enjoy the first half of his ten day leave with my wife and I in San Diego. When I told him I was taking him to an Iggy Pop concert that night he asked, "who’s Iggy Pop?"
"You’ll see," I told him.
I had only learned of Iggy Pop recently myself, due to one of the best friends I’ve ever had in my entire life…Corporal Terry W. Snyder from Buffalo, NY. Terry had been exposing this west coast boy (me) to the east coast music scene. Iggy and the Stooges, MC5, NY Dolls, Lou Reed, Roxy Music, The Ramones, and on and on. I wonder if Terry still lives in Buffalo. I would love to see him after 30 years, and I will be traveling through Buffalo during my upoming vacation in order to see Niagra Falls.
So Terry, me, and my brother arrived at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium that night and made our way to the front of the stage. The crowd was one of the most enthusiastic crowds I’ve ever seen, and when Iggy came on-stage that enthusiasm intensified, and never missed a beat throughout the entire concert. My brother was absolutley thrilled over the entire experience.
Two days later my brother would accompany Terry and I to San Diego State University where The Ramones were performing on their debut tour. An all-girl teenage band called "The Runaways" opened the show. Two notable band members of that all-girl band, Joan Jett and Lita Ford, would go on to have successful solo careers. Other concerts I attended during my tour in the Marines were, Led Zepplin, Derek and the Dominos, Patti Smith, Rush (2112 tour) with UFO opening, and the Sex Pistols and Van Halen playing at the Whiskey-A-Go-Go in LA.
Damn, this is making me feel old. Haha! 
The reason I’m sharing these memories is to provide another glimpse at who I am. To share experiences in my life which may or may not have shaped or influenced the person I am today. This could actually be the beginning to me sharing other experiences in my life. Like the domestic violence situations which Kevin Francke chose to mention publicly, knowing all to well how easy it is to use such an issue to manipulate public opinion. Kevin hasn’t a clue of the circumstances surrounding my two DV convictions with my second and current wife. My first wife accused me of being an abuser as well, but she never called the cops over the one incident that occurred in our marriage.
There are two sides to every story, and ironically, the DV story with regard to my second wife, paints a very good picture of why I  took up this cause. A question that has been asked of me by just about everyone, and the answers of which lie within these stories the more I think about it.
Naturally, if I presented this story, you would have no way of knowing how honest I was being with my version. On that note, I will now offer you a comment I posted awhile back at the Portland Tribune website regarding the murder of James Chasse due to excessive force at the hands of Portland police. My comment contained my version of the experience I encountered with the cops who responded to the DV episode which had occurred between my current wife and I. A Portland police officer responded to my comment saying it was one of the most even-handed accounts he’d ever heard from someone on the other end of police use of force. Apparently the Trib agreed, because they asked me for permission to use it in their "Letters to the Editor" section of their newspaper.
They edited it down a bit, but here’s my original post. Judge for yourselves if I’m capable of providing an even-handed account.
I had a minor domestic three years ago. Ended up getting tazered by the two cops who responded to the call.
From the cop’s perspective, they were responding to a call that is statistically one of the more dangerous calls for cops to deal with. They were also told the suspect was a large man around 6′, 250lbs, and if they ran me discovered I was an ex-con.
They never announced themselves as their report reflected, but hey, I knew who they were when they knocked on the front door and called out my name. I should’ve got up from my bed I was laying on and answered the door, but I didn’t. I laid there hoping they would go away. Haha! Yeah right.
They made their way into the house through a back door and again called my name. I got up from the bed and met them in the living room. Both were noticeably smaller in stature and immediately bellowed for me to assume the position. Instead of doing as I was told, I questioned them with sarcasm in the tone of my voice, then complied with their request.
As the one cop reached up and over-aggressively pulled my one arm down to cuff me in order to search me for weapons for their own protection, I spontaneously pulled my arm back and said, "what the f**ck cowboy?"
Both cops stepped back and threatened to taze me if I continued to resist. I turned around to face them, put both of my hands behind my head, and said, "ok, ok, slow down, I’m cool." Next thing I knew I was being tazered.
I think the cops were a bit quick on the tazer button. I don’t think it was necessary, however, in hindsight putting myself in their shoes, they might be thinking to heck with this guy and his sarcasm and resisting. (however minor the resisting was)
They simply don’t pay me enough to mix it up with this large ex-con if he happens to go off. He should be in cuffs now without asking questions and being sarcastic.
And if they were thinking that, they were correct in that thinking. I should’ve complied from the get and kept my mouth shut.
Point I’m trying to make is even though I felt the cops used unnecessary excessive force…I caused it. I created that situation with my actions. We don’t pay the cops enough money to take any BS or question their commands. When a cop tells you to do something, you do it. If it’s wrong, question it later in a courtroom if need be.
I never filed a complaint with the PPD over this incident because of my feelings I just stated.
Chasse was mentally ill. Chasse didn’t comply as he was told. Chasse didn’t deserve what happened to him. Why didn’t they just taze him? Darn thing got my attention, lemme tell you! I think they did taze him, but said it wasn’t effective.
Bottom line…the cops were overly excessive based on Chasse’s injuries, and Humphrey’s went to far. Best evidence of that is the injuries and 78 reported incidents in Humphrey’s record of excessive force.
C’mon, one, two…maybe five or ten? No, 78!! This fool shoulda been down the road at least after the 20th report. If my wife who works for the phone company gets five reports of bad behavior with a customer she would be fired.
Most of the time these incidents get out of hand due to suspects simply not complying like me, and like Chasse.
I got tazed. 6′ 250lbs, and the thing got my attention. No harm, no foul. Funny when the cops say it’s ineffective.
Chasse got beat to hell and died. Lotta harm, big foul!
Most of the cops in PDX do a good job, and we need to support them, just as they should support us in weeding out their department of the ones who are making them look bad, like Humphrey’s.
Same goes for corrections officials, but oh hey, don’t get me started there. LOL!
(email verified)
Thu, Sep 11, 2008 at 02:50 PM
Well-well, this blog post became rather lengthy, huh? LOL! I just find it ironic that Kevin and Liz both know perfectly well that the incident which occurred between my wife and I was not even close to being serious enough to involve the cops, yet Kevin chose to make an issue of it saying I should’ve known what would happen if I whupped on my wife. A…yeah, considering I’m an advocate against police abuse of power as well as excessive force, I know what can happen.
Considering Kevin’s stories of how the police treated him when he first came to Oregon, you’d think he knows as well. It was unfortunate that my wife forgot what could happen in the aftermath if she called the cops 45 minutes later out of spite because I wouldn’t give her the money I took from her purse in order to bail out if need be. She had suffered serious abuse in a previous relationship, and was well aware of how the police and courts dealt with these situations.
Things like losing my job with Qwest. A decision Qwest made before I was even convicted. Go figure! They claimed any involvement with the police was grounds for termination.
Things like having a restraining order placed on me for three months which didn’t allow me to go home, even when my wife asked the judge to lift the order.
Things like being required to enroll in anger management and drug classes that were quite costly and required attendance three times a week. A drug class I might add that they required me to enroll in because they felt I had a problem with my drug of choice…marijuana. The counselor told me in my first session that my success depended on my willingness to want to quit. I explained that would never happen, therefore the class would be a waste of time. He essentially told me to pretend over the duration of the class because not attending wasn’t an option. 
Things like being placed on probation, and having to worry about a visit from my PO. Would I get crossed out because he would probably find pot in my home upon such a visit because my wife was unwilling to stop smoking herself during that time? Not only was she unwilling to stop, but she had a houseful of people including Shorty and his ol lady show up at 4:20 on April 20 to celebrate 420 while I stayed in the bedroom preparing to go to my drug class. When Shorty realized this he cleared everyone out saying, "this aint right." That’s the Shorty Harden I got to know.
It was a crazy time indeed back then, and thanks to Kevin and Francine, there were other repurcussions to deal with due to them being responsible for allowing it all to spill over to my website activities. Kevin, who Liz claimed had been responsible during their marriage for much more severe DV incidents, and Francine, whose own brother Frank was well known for his serious DV issues, and both ending up treating me like an OJ looking for a place to happen.
On a final note to all this, my DV experiences with relation to my ex’s and the courts, play a significant role in how I perceive the domestic Liz alleges occurred between her and Tim Natividad and it’s aftermath at her trial. Boy does it ever!
Back to Iggy and what started this post. Music is my higher power. Just look at what it brought out of me in this post by simply intending to share a video that someone made using Iggy’s song "The Passenger" for the soundtrack. Crazy thing about Iggy, when he first began his career with The Stooges people used to throw all kinds of things at him on the stage.
Today you can hear a number of his songs being used in commercials from big name companies, and in various motion pictures and such. Eventually the audience comes around.
Those who are my age (50) and older should really enjoy the clips from many classic movies that were put to the soundtrack of Iggy’s song. Do yourselves a favor and check it out.

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