Examining Ron Spier

Posted: May 22, 2009 in Emails
Due to a few new recent site visitors, some of who are participating with their comments, I’ve decided to once again start posting emails I’ve received from Ron Spier.
Spier has been a topic lately of some of my posts, and played an integral part in some of the issues I’ve been addressing.
In the past five years many people have contacted me through email. Some with legitimate knowledge and contributions, and some not. In nearly all cases, time has been the one main factor in helping to determine if their intentions were sincere and honorable or if they might’ve had ulterior motives of some sort.
As time permits, I plan to eventually post all of the emails I’ve received from various people whose intentions I’ve determined were other than honorable. These emails will be posted in the website message forum and I will provide links here in the blog as I get them posted.
Today I’m offering a couple of emails from Ron Spier that date back to April of 2006. More will follow. There are over 200 emails total from Ron Spier alone. Read these emails, and determine for yourselves your take on Ron Spier.
Ron Spier wrote…
Below is an obituary for "Bob Hersha" also known as "Dr. Bob." Bob was a local crank cook here in the Salem area. Has any part of your’s or Kevin’s investigation turned up anything on this guy? I think Kevin’s has but I don’t have the details yet.

Robert Hersha

July 10, 1955 – July 2, 2003

SALEM – Memorial service: 8 p.m. today, July 4 at 3305 Portland Rd NE Space G. Arrangements by Howell-Edwards-Doerksen with Rigdon-Ransom Funeral Directors.
Also there might be another player involved named Marie Wagner. Tim N’s car was seen early on the 17th of Jan. 1989 parked in her driveway on 25th street near State Street. A few hours later it was seen again…still in the driveway but Marie’s car was gone & the lights inside her house were off suggesting that her & Tim may have been gone somewhere together in Marie’s car. This would have been between 5:00pm on the 17th & maybe as late as 2:00am on the 18th. Sometime after Tim’s death, Marie was found in a ditch north of here near St Louis Ponds or something to that nature, with 7 .357 bullets in her brain. Her killer has never been found & I really don’t think anyone is looking either. I remember seeing her obituary & picture in the Statesman Journal but I wasn’t able to pull it up on a search.
This information may not amount to anything, but if you & Kevin are sure that Tim had something to do with Michael Franke’s murder then you will have to include Marie Wagner in your investigation because it was me that saw Tim’s car the first time & Dr. Bob & I that saw it there several hours later. Here’s the Fucked Up part about all of this…I have never brought any of this up before to anyone because I can’t prove it, except by just my word. Tim N, Marie Wagner & Dr. Bob are all dead.
If Tim had a female partner in this…it wasn’t Jodie Swearinger, It would have been Marie Wagner & Marie had the balls to do it. She was always a bold, crazy bitch with an attitude & a bad dope habit. She & Tim both collected knives & often traded each other for dope or pussy or what ever.
All I ask is don’t post any of this on your site. You & Kevin need to keep this to yourself & confirm it with death records & maybe meet with me for the rest of the finer details.
You have a few regulars like, "Mom","RW", "Jeanette", "JR" & "LG" on your web site that are half wits & would fuck this all up if they knew about it. My home number is … here in Salem. My cell is … I’ll talk to you or Kevin about this but no one else.
Take Care for now!


In my reponse I asked Ron if he was related to Mike Spier and received the following reply…


I was wondering when someone was going to get around to asking me if I was related to Mike Spear. This is a really long story but I’ll try & keep it short. Mike Spear’s real name is "James Michael Spear" & mine is "James Ronald Spier."

We used to look a lot alike, we were about the same age, we knew all of the same people, & both of us were tought how to cook dope by the same (Bob Horton "The Wizzard") Guy. But for a lot of years we never knew each other until just before the Franke Murder…we met at Marie Wagner’s house one night. He & Candy were in town for a few days & were visiting Marie. He & I talked shop for about 15 hours straight.

That was the same night that I told Mike about a bi-product that I was getting in the last  few months when I made P2P with lead acitate. This crap was emmitting at about 203 degrees F, then would clear up when I was pulling the P2P across the Allen Condenser under vaccume. I had it analized & found out that it was a dybenziel keytone bi-product that causes cancer. Later I found out that DEA had a sub chemical added to the phynel acidic acid to cause dope cooks medical problems.

Mike & Bob noticed it while making P2P but never paid any attention to it. When I noticed it…I would trap it in another flask, then at 203 degrees F, I would switch back to the first (P2P) flask & finish the reaction.  Long Story Short… In Bob’s career as a cook…he only tought 12 people how to cook as good as he was. Of those 12 people…I’m the only one still living. Bob Horton, Mike Spear & the other 11 cooks…ALL died of brain cancer with in five years of each other.

The only reason I’m still alive is because I took the time to find out what was happening, have it checked & do something about it. Actually…I stopped using lead acitate & switched to potasium acitate about that same period of time so I could have better control during the P2P reaction…plus it produced cleaner dope.

It had a few more steps & took more time but it was worth it….in the long run.

I ran pretty hard for another couple of years until I got my farm & beach house paid off then I just got out of it all together. For a lot of years…no one ever knew who I was or what I did &  Bob went to a lot of trouble to keep it that way. He used to say that I would always be his "Secret Ace in the Hole." A couple of times over the years…he had got busted for either cooking or fights or what ever & no matter how much the bail was…he could always call me, I would fly in & bail him out for cash then he would just skip out & never go in that area ever again. He cost me $40,000.00  cash one time for stabbing a nigger in the leg & pushing him off a roof.

Bob was always a good & loyal friend. He never left me hanging….ever! Nor did I him! So thats my story & I’m sticking to it! Oh…Of all of us cooks….Mike Spear was the last one to die….in California just a few years ago.

So anyway…I cleaned up my act & I haven’t done ANY drugs or even booz for over 14 years now. Life is GOOD! ! ! ! !
In my 35 plus years in Oregon I have traveled thru a lot of circles, met a lot of people & have learned a lot about a lot of different things that go on around here. When & if I should ever have….for what ever reason…to share any of my wealth of information, I have always made sure that I tell the whole truth from start to finish.
I may not know the whole story but I’ll certainly tell the truth about all that I do know. We ALL have been hearing about Tim N, his Z car, his whereabouts, his possible involvement, all the different people that keep thinking & saying they know this & that & he did this or that. All of this info has been stored in my head all of these years & it just finally came to a fucking head over Tim’s Z car & it’s whereabouts during the murder.
The Z car was in MY fucking shop LONG before the murder & LONG after the murder. I just couldn’t take the bullshit lies anymore so here I am…Just Bigger Than Shit…With The Whole Truth…& Now An Attitude.
I’m meeting Kevin tomorrow so I can begin telling him all that I know. Kevin has done an extremely GREAT job gathering information…a lot better that I EVER thought he would but a lot of his info isn’t quite the whole truth. He got the jist of it okay but was lied to either on some or most of it. I’m not sure if I have anything completely new for him but I’m sure I can refine most of what he already has into the pure truth. I never knew that some of his info was tarnished until recently or I would have contacted him years ago. But on a scale of 1 to 10 for gathering facts, althou somewhat tarnished with tweek lies…he’s right up there.
Tweeks have this uncontrolable desire to try & tell a complete story when they only ever had a very small piece of it…so they tend to make up a lot of parts & pieces to fill in the blanks & bring the listener up to todays date which clouds or will mask the actual true facts especially if they are being paid to tell the story….kinda like Shorty & Jodie. I believe this is what has been happening to you & Kevin for a very long time. It will take a few get-togethers to sort this out & get back to the facts that are really true & correct & kick out all of the bullshit but it will be worth it for all of us. I don’t have the whole story on all players from start to finish….no body does!
But at least I’ll tell the whole truth & ALL that I know as best as I can remember & produce proof as often as I can. As to the parts that are missing…we’ll just have to try & figure out how it went down the best we can. All we can do is our best & try & keep a positive attitude. Keep in mind that through all of this…& during the next few weeks or months…you & Kevin are going to discover that you have been purposely lied to many times…over & over by people you thought were being honest. You are both probably already aware of it but if it were me…I would keep it to myself until this is all over or until it serves my needs at a later date. I’m all for investigating but lets investigate smart & exployer all angles & motives. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.
Anyway…We’ll talk more over the next few weeks or months. Guess I better go for now. Take Care!
  1. Ex-Salem says:

    Sounds like a tweeker himself!

  2. Jeanette says:

    Wow, no wonder Ron didn’t want the rest of us looney tunes reading these e-mails, along with my "stupid fucking dream." Yes, it is amazing that he would drive all the way to Tualatin that day to just chit chat with me. Of course, Rob, it was not my apartment, but he did have an eye appointment at Lasik in Bridgeport that day. Amazing he would invite me to see him and talk about my dream, when he seemed to be so infuriated with it. Infact, the first thing out of his mouth when we first sat down for coffee was…"what do you know about Jimmy Gunn’s pickup?" And, when I described the cantaloupe size rust spot on the left front fender and the three smaller ones in the back…that is when his eyes rolled back, and I knew he knew what pickup we were talking about. He tries to use Jimmy Gunn as an alibi to cover for Tim’s whereabouts that evening and saying that Jimmy Gunn can verify the fight that Greg and Tim got into supposedly the evening of Michael Francke’s murder to downplay Greg coming forward with what Ron and Tim were up to that night. Ron says he speaks truth, but he sent me e-mails saying Jimmy Gunn was at his beach cabin that night and having Jimmy Gunn at too many places to be their alibi that night. I say that the postman, Robert Wittmon saw the same pickup that night at the Dome building between 7:00p.m. – 7:15p.m. with the same running boards on that rusted pickup, that you blurted out right away, Ron, when you said, "Jimmy Gunn had made homemade running boards," and each of you guys covered for each other and now Greg has come forth to shot you in the foot. Of course, like you sent your e-mails to, Rob, and others how Greg is such a liar, but I have my doubts now. And, you hinting that Greg knew about Marie Wagner’s disappearance before she was found in a ditch with seven bullet holes in her head. And, now the night of Francke’s murder, Tim’s car was seen in her driveway? Of course, you will probably say it was his Nissan pickup, etc. or one of Curt Currey’s other many cars he would have been driving, since the Z car was FOREVER in your shop. And, isn’t it a shame that he didn’t get to finish sanding down his Dad’s pickup he was working on in your shop before his sudden death with so much dust to cover the Z car? Good thing, John Bray could back up your story. It reminds me of the story you told me twice without skipping a beat how you and Tim hid the car out for two weeks, while he was scared to death that the farmer was going to find out where the vehicle was hidden with the gun in the glovebox, after you shot his animal. Supposedly, you got the last laugh on Tim, since you both liked to pull pranks on each other, only you knew what was coming down and he didn’t. You did get the last laugh. Almost, like Liz Godlove (Francke) did you a favor. You came on Rob’s site as John Doe, then DP, and then finished out with Ron Spier. In reading, Rob’s, May 10, 2006 e-mail from you, where again you reinterate that, "the only part I’m sticking to is that his Z car was in my possession in my shop long before Francke was murdered and for months afterward. Also… THE FACT THAT TIM WAS IN FACT WITH ME ALL NIGHT BEFORE THE MORNING HE WAS SHOT." It just amazes me, that you have said that same thing over so many times to me, Rob, on the website with three different personas of you, and it is the very same night that Liz says that Tim was with her ALL night trying to kill her. Now doesn’t that just beat ALL? And, I guess you had some good teachers in your meth operation. You e-mail, Rob, all about Dr. Bob and you e-mail me all about John Bray that was involved in a meth lab with Ed Haffey and how him and Wil Stiener kidnapped Ed’s ex-girlfriend and killed her and dumped her body in a river in Roseburg, and then you go on to tell me that Wil’s mother (Mary M.) used to work at Salem Hospital as a Lab Techinian, a degree in chemisty, and that she was your partner for about four years in various meth labs. Of course, everything you did was cash-n-carry, so not to leave a paper trail. No wonder you keep an eye on the Francke murder. Some think you are only inserting yourself. I think you are doing the opposite to keep everyone from looking at the Z car and your shop, that Greg is trying to direct us to. Like, you say, Ron, the plot just keeps getting thicker. Also, I don’t want to obstruct justice, so I will just add another e-mail topic that you had once thrown out to me…"My son, called again today and said that Tom Bostwick admitted that there was a shitload of corruption going on back in those days from damn near everybody from the governor on down and still is! He said they cleaned up a lot of it quitely. Most were confronted with valid evidence and were given the option to either resign or get prosecuted. All or most of them resigned. That really makes sense because I knew of at least 5 guards that resigned during that period, but I never knew why and they either never said or refused to." I guess that is why you keep up with when Curtis Coffin is in jail (let us not forget Jim F. and that dream) and sending me the obit. of when Michael & Kris Keerins father (Owen) died. You do keep up on how many characters were just hanging around when Michael Francke died and how each one played their part. So many characters in this tragic murder of Michael Francke and how they just hung it on one guy (Frank Gable) and a bungled car burglary, when we all know it was a hit and the corruption that was going on in the prison and outside the walls. Will there ever be justice? I only had a dream to wake me up to the fact, how really big this operation was. And, by the way, Ron, did you want me to see one of the Burgess on the e-mail, too? I still say that Frank just doesn’t want to go that route in implicating Buck. Such a shame, that Frank hung for so many to prove he was not a rat. Just like DP (RS) had called him that when he first came on Freefrankgable. So, here sits Frank all these years in prison to prove he will not rat on anyone…what a guy. You should really thank him, Ron, instead of calling him a rat.

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