Examining Ron Spier cont…

Posted: May 23, 2009 in EMAILS-RON SPIER
More emails from Ron Spier. This next one is one of my favorites. You’ll see what I mean. It also supports my claim that Spier was attempting to control and manipulate specific site visitors.
Wednesday, May 10, 2006 8:58 PM
I’m completely with you on the Meg Hansen thing too! We need to pool our efforts & help her identify this guy!
As to JR….I think his daddy jacked off in a flower pot too…& raised a "Blooming Idiot!" Have you ever noticed that him & Rhonda Weber always seem to have something either totally stupid or totally wrong when they post & it’s nearly always about the same time. Another thing they both do that pisses me off is accusations they seem to do a lot of….aimed at various people. They seem to think that there is some sort of corruption hidden under every fucking rock near who every they happen to be targeting at the time.
I post things sometimes to them & maybe throw them a "Good Boy" or "Good Girl" bone for the sole purpose of controling them. You probably have already picked up on this & can see that I now have them in a frame of mind that I am changing their attitudes towards trying to be nicer, if in fact they feel that they "Must Post Here!" We don’t need more assholes coming in here & causing hate & discontent! Between you & I….I would be VERY happy if rw, JR, LG, Jasmin & maybe RD NEVER came here & posted ever again.
None of them seem to ever bring anything positive to the table….just bullshit, anger & a big fucking ego! Other than squeezing off a few rounds in all of their little brains…The best we can do at the moment & try & "Lead by Example!"
Here’s a little different kind of news but keep in quiet for now. DP called me early this morning & said that he shot & killed a sandnigger in Iraq yesterday. He said he saw the guy in the top floor of a 3 story building in a large window & used his rifle scope to check the guy out. The guy had a small telescope & a cell phone in his hand & was VERY interested  in the convoy that DP was in. DP was traveling from one satellite site to another to do some work for the military.
After he shot the motherfucker, the Army cleared the whole area & an Army Major picked up the cell phone that the sandnigger had in his hand…& pushed "Send" & 6 IED’s (Roadside Bombs) blew up. The Army CID’s & MP’s said that the bombs would have killed as many as 15 soldiers. So about 20 GI’s all bought DP a case of beer each for saving their lives. DP took all 20 cases of beer & threw a party but when I talked to him…he sounded like he drank ALL 20 cases by himself!
He was all fucked up & said he had a really bad headache. He also said that since nobody but the sandnigger got killed or hurt that the government probably won’t clear it to be released to the news media for awhile. DP said he took a lot of pictures of the sandnigger & the area mainly because the sandnigger might have a "Dead or Alive" reward on his head from the US Government.
There was no ID or paperwork on the motherfucker. Some of those assholes have anywhere from $5,000,000.00 to a $25,000,000.00 price on their heads. DP also said that if he gets a big reward that we…& about a thousand of our closest friends are going to the Bahama’s for an "All Expence Paid" vacation. So that means…for sure…me, DP, you & your family, Kevin & his family might need to start packing for a two week trip to some really warm weather! Are you game for that?
Guess I better go for now & get a few thing done around here. Take Care for now Bro!   Ron
(Note from Rob: You think Kevin is still hoping for that vacation in the Bahamas? LOL!)
Wednesday, May 10, 2006 11:17 PM
If you are looking for Robert Daniels….all you had to do was ask!
(Note from Rob: I was looking for Steven Daniels, Louise Glass’s ex-husband. I already knew Robert Daniels was alleged to be Louise’s son.)
He’s in Mathis Texas…near Corpus Christy Texas. He’ll tell you different but he & LG have both sent me e-mail & it appears that the IP address & the GUID number are the same. I have access to software through DP & we tracked it to Mathis Texas…about 2 blocks from Lake Corpus Christie. When DP gets back…I can get him to get you a hard address. I know she’s a snitch…if she’s not a badge carring cop or a badge carring agent for the feds….then she’s a fucking snitch.
Lots of years ago when a few Oregon laws got changed…I wasn’t able to buy reagent P2P anymore…but I could everything else without leaving a trail. I was told by Ben Thomlinson & Norm Normile…both former OSP inmates that it could be had for a price through Coyote Chemical. I declined for several reasons. I knew several other cooks that had cooked for years without getting busted…then did business with Coyote Chemical & shortly there after….got busted.
His reagent P2P was going for as little as $200.00 for 500 mils & would produce a pound….2 pounds if you cut it 1 to 1….worth about $20,000.00 wholesale when finished. Everybodies credit was good with Coyote Chemical! Think about it…what could someone (Cops) use to attract just meth cooks? Very damn few of us actually knew how to make P2P.
I’m skilled in 11 different ways to make reagent P2P using 1 of three different types of acitate (Lead, Sodium & Potasium) all based on phynelacidic acid. Thats just like the P2P that Russ Parker here in Salem was trying to sell to all of the local cooks. 15 cooks paid for it but only one of them actually received it…Gary Tull…& the cops shot & killed him during the bust. The other 14 got raided & busted for having precursers, glassware & several of the other chemicals needed to make it.
Louis Glass is a WELL KNOWN SNITCH & no body connected to her can ever be trusted either! I actually know people that will pay good money for her address. I’m not getting involved with anything connected to her….ever!
I also knew about JR attempting to blow up Polk County court house…in fact…the hole he drilled are still there.
Check out my posts that have to do with Jasmin…they’re all good…& polite.
As to clearing Tim’s name…that would take a lot of fucking work! I can’t account for his actual whereabouts on the actual night of the murder. I thought I could until Kevin clued me in on the time line…I was off by one day. I related both of our whereabouts based on the morning we heard about the murder on the news…then worked backwards…thinking that the first news broadcast happened on the 19th. Actually it was broadcasted on the 20th….so I can account for Tim on the 18th, 19th & 20th…but not the 17th.
A lot of people saw Tim as a stone cold asshole & to them…he probably was! But to DP & I he was just another one of the neighborhood kids that liked to camp & ride dirt bikes with us & was basically a pretty good kid. The three of us never ever had any bad words or feelings between us…even as adults.
The only part I’m sticking to is that his z car was in my possession in my shop long before  Franke was murdered & for months afterwards. Also…the fact that Tim was in fact with me all night before the morning he was shot.
Other than that…I don’t feel a need to defend his actions any further than that. Anything bad that someone says about him past what I have said…may very well be true.
Gotta get to bed! Long day tomorrow! Take Care for now!
Thursday, October 5, 2006 12:28 PM
Lets start with Bill Storm for now. I got to know Bill really well while doing a short 90 day stretch in Marion County Jail for drop kicking a cop in the teeth during a drug raid. I didn’t mean to but the basterds kicked in a door just 4 feet from where I was sleeping. I didn’t realize what I had done until a few moments later.
Bill was in for something to do with a meth lab…I don’t remember what the actual charges were. Seems like he got pulled over at 3:00am in his loud exhaust Camaro right after he had left the lab, had a bottle of p2p in his jacket pocket & smelled really "Propie." Bill has learned a lot & grown up a lot over the years. Bill is NOT a rat.  If you want something from him…just ask & he’ll probably give it to you. But if someone tries to force it out of him by threats or violance…he’ll stand his ground & fight til death. Bill Storm is as solid as they come!
The last time I saw Bill was about 7 or 8 years ago…right after he got out of the joint. He came out to my farm in the country to visit for awhile…nothing connected to the Francke murder. If you have specific information you need about Bill…just ask & I’ll see what I can do.
Dennis Gause was also in MCJ the same time Bill & I were. I don’t know a lot about Dennis but we did hang out for a while. We were banging the same chick (Diane Bell) for awhile & often laughed about it. Dennis is also a solid dude & has been the whole time that I knew him.


(Note from Rob: I actually met and got to know Dennis Gause through Shorty. Nothing I saw supported Spier’s claims that Gause was "a solid dude," EVER!)

Curtis Coffin used to be an OSP guard that finally got overwhelmed by his addiction to meth & coke. He’s a really big guy & looks a lot like "Silvester Stalone" in the face. Curtis & I were in the same drug treatment group for about two years so we were pretty close. I remember when he did his "First Step" he talked a lot about how he got there but I don’t remember anything ever being said about OSP or corruption. Former inmates were always telling me about him & that if you needed anything brought into OPS…he used to be the guy that could get it in for you. Curtis never shared any of that with me. Some or most of this stuff could be rumors or made up…or maybe its all true? ? ?
Enough about names for now. I’ve seen where Meg Hansen’s name has appeared a few times but the truth is…I don’t know anything about her or her story. Can you direct me to the link/s where I can read up on what she has had to say? Also what was her part in all of this & how did she come across her story?
There are a couple that I met years ago that claimed to know everything about the murder & what little info I was able to gather seemed to be real. Their names were Leon Sullens & Dawnelle Hays. Leon looks either korean or japaneese, about 5’8" w/ long 15" or so black hair. Dawnelle or Dee is about 5’10" with long Red hair. I later found out that they were both rats for a local cop named Randy Hicks…& evidently had been for 5 or 6 years.
Both of their names are well known in the joint because of their snitch activity. These two are the worst kind of snitches…they not only snitch people of but they lie & even plant evidence to make themselves look better. I just bet they were instructed to do that by Randy Hicks…He’s the crooked cop type!
LG posted something this morning about "The Looney Toons" are back on your site…meaning JR, Jeanette with her dream & RW. She’s right! If I were you…I would NOT let those three post anything unless it gets sent to YOU first for approval & maybe a lot of editing!
They are making your site look really bad & people aren’t taking you serious because of them & people like them. It’s not just me that has noticed this…everyone says about the same thing. Hell..We all know that JR is a spun monkey, RW has extensive brain damage from not getting treatment for the clap when she was whoreing for Lynn Jenkins at the townhouses & then there’s Jeanette & that STUPID FUCKING DREAM that has nothing to do with anything.
Most of the time you come up with some really good & creditable stuff but as soon as you post it…out comes one or more of your village idiots & your creditability & hard work go right out the fucking window. But Hey….It’s your site! Good Luck!
(Note rom Rob: If Jeanette and her dream were so stupid, then why did Spier take the time to drive from Salem to Portland to visit her in person?)

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