Blast From The Past: Kevin Francke Message Posts

Posted: May 28, 2009 in EMAILS-KEVIN FRANCKE
These posts are amusing to read now…
Originally posted by "Kevin Francke" on Jul 26, 05 – 8:46 AM
I haven’t posted in a while, just watching the river flow, I guess, but this topic kinda’ hits home.
My first day in Oregon after moving from Florida 15 years ago, I awoke to see my car, with FA tags sitting amongst others, but with two flat tires and a note; "Welcome to Oregon, now leave!". I didn’t; and, the "hints" didn’t stop.
(Note from Rob: Not only didn’t Kevin leave after the hints didn’t stop and which, as Kevin claimed before, compelled him to carry a gun and seek a concealed weapons permit, but him and Liz started making babies. If Kevin’s claims are true, then why make babies? Why stay in Salem? If Kevin’s claims are not true, then why did he lie?)
I took it as positive reinforcement that I must be doing something right. The bigger the threat, the bigger the retribution, just let me know I was on the right track. 2005’s been a banner year; dead roses on the doorstep, letters suggesting my kids were next and some other doozies. Lots of positive reinforcement, so we must be doing something right.
We mustn’t concede this matter to fear as too many others have in the past. That is what created this penal colony called Salem in the first place. We have to make that next leap to the next level, and it is going to take all of us here, and all who are waiting for "somebody else to do it" to just DO IT!
(Note from Rob: Ok, I get it now. It played well with his "We mustn’t concede this matter to fear as too many others have in the past"  comment that followed. The brave Kevin Francke insinuating to others that even in 2005 he was still getting threats. Hell, I was the one in 2005 making such a stink in the Francke case with the Shorty interview. Nobody was threatening me or Shorty. Sounds about as ridiculous as Phil Stanford’s death threat in the wake of his Jack Rowlands the snitch columns. Haha!)
Of all the people who should lay low, Frank should. They have him in a fishbowl and can do whatever they want, whenever they want. He has not conceded the fight, nor will I.
Let’s move forward and not get bogged down. Put up, or shut up, as they say.
Kevin Francke wrote:
I wish all these "guests" would give me and the rest of us a little more insight as to their aleged sources. for all I know, the guests are just giving a shout back to their own authored posts, or…
(Note from Rob: LOL! Kevin ought to know. Sounds like guilty is the accuser to me.)
Anyway, being such an ignorant bastard when it comes to all of the Machiavellian schemes with tweeks, freaks and power geeks, not to mention the deviant sexual aspects and levers as well as leverage that those created, I would like to say this, in my igonorant, humble opinion:
All of you are right…kinda’. Me too.
The state cops weren’t all crooked, just some of them; Check out the retirement homes or future retirement homes…same for some DEA folks involved. They must have had good investment advice.
Shorty finally came clean and had nothing to do with the murder. Kinda’ true, but mostly wrong. Shorty’s tit was in the ringer for another murder he was involved in, and it wouldn’t have been pretty if he’d been thrown to the wolves, or wolf, in this case, and it ain’t the cops he needed to worry about.
(Note from Rob: Kevin claimed to know so much about Shorty being involved in another murder and so on, yet never bothered to talk to Shorty himself. Why not? He talked to practically everyone else. Kept telling me Shorty was "on the no-option plan." What a joke! Kind of like the joke from the Oregonian. A big six month investigation with conclusions drawn, yet they never bothered to talk to Shorty or Jodie.) 
They’d never have tweeks do the deal. What are the options here? Cokeheads? Same diff.
(Note from Rob: Cokeheads and meth heads are not the same. I know. I’ve lived both of those worlds. The coke world came before the meth world, and I always told myself I’d never deal or get involved with meth heads because they are the most scandalous of all. Should have listened to myself. Frankly, anyone who hasn’t lived in those worlds as an active participant (like Kevin) has no business claiming to know what it’s like. It’s not the same from the outside looking in.) 
McAlister, and his cohorts, DA Van Dyke and his ada’s, DOC staff and theirs, the judges and the "bridge players"(hello from the grave Val Sloper, and out of respect, I won’t mention a recently deceased judges wife who presided over some of the major cases out West here, and the guv himself! So it was rich mans powder at Jonathan’s or the Night Deposit over the poor mans powder at the Ranch or the Doubletree?…not! They were all buzzed, and most of you should know how smart the shit makes you, and how invinceable; and, how it brings out those ugly deviancies that you don’t like the papers getting ahold of. Keep it in the club. And that club has the ties that bind; the kiddy porn, home movies, hot tub parties…keep it in the club.
So who ya’ gonna’ call? Ghostbusters? Everybody was on the make or on the take, so it didn’t matter! Get it?
I agree that all roads lead to Rome…er, Shorty; but Shorty was not the dog wagging the tail. Natividad was ahead of him in line to McAlister. Tim was the go-between here and set the table for Scooter. Shorty followed the order coming down the pipeline.
But what about Buck, Melody, Conrad, Bennet and those folks? They are critical to how it finally played out.
But sorry, I can’t figger’ it all out. I am just a new kid on the block.
And I am still at
Ron Spier wrote:
Hey Rob,
When & where was the "Going Away" party for Scott McAlister held? Were any pictures or video’s taken at that party? Was there a guest list & if so, who all was on it? Was there a "Going Away" card or cards that everyone may have signed or was there a "Sign in Sheet?"
I would check to see if any pictures taken at the party that resemble the way anyone there was dressed or looked like the sketch…If any were taken. If there’s a guest list…confirm who WAS there for sure, try & find out who was on the list but didn’t show up & see if they looked like or dressed like the sketch. Show Meg the pictures of the party…if any…& see if she thinks the "Copy Repairman" she saw was in any of the pictures. ALL of this SHOULD have been done 17 years ago & viewed from every possible angle. The way people look changes a lot in 17 years so this will NOT be easy. Doesn’t anyone know anyone that can run the sketch thru the National Criminal Photo Data Base for all possible matches? That would sure be a lot of help….But Again….I Can’t stress this enough….ALL of this should have been done 17 years ago! ! ! I just can’t believe that an investigator…even a rookie investigator would have not examined this theory from EVERY possible angle way back then….Unless there was…in fact…a "COVER UP." What other possible reason could there be? ? ? ?
I believe you are on to something really important here Rob! ! ! Let me know what I can do to help!
Coincidentally Kevin Francke replied (and you know how I feel about coincidence-LOL):
It was at Union Street Pizza and Union and 12th, RS. Grauce Caudhill set it up(the gal back on the pictures page on this site with McAlister).
(Note from Rob: Here again Kevin offers his extreme wisdom, claiming the woman pictured in the pic I snapped of Scott McAlister was Grace Caudhill, McAlister’s wife. It wasn’t Grace. It was Tempe Municipal Court Judge Schattenberg. Just one more example of why whatever Kevin claims to know needs to be taken with a grain of salt.)
The party was said to have been for Bill Bertram who was McAlister’s only investigator at the AG’s office. He resigned at the same time that Scott did, and went to work for Hal Whitley in Carson City while Scott left a few days before to head for Utah with Al Imig in tow, and Grace, after dumped his girlfriend who died several years ago. Lot of dead folks in this deal. Smilin’ Al Chandler was there, along with Kennicott, chief of security, and other DOC and AG folks. It’s funny how on a Tuesday night, dead of winter, all the key players had an alibi at public locales. The crew at Union St. Pizza, Dick Peterson at Elmer’s, Tom Fuller at the Black Angus—
Some folks said they saw Scott that night, but he was "in Idaho"; or was he? Bertram said Scott left the Thursday before. I don’t think so!
If anyone can come up with a solid alibi for McAlister, Natividad and Burgess, I’ll kiss the Pope’s ass at the Dome Building wearing a pink tutu or an altar boys outfit—-his choice.
Ya’ll talking about Eyerly; what about Frank Thompson and him blowing the whistle on Cub Houck and all the good ol’ boys, only to come up a floater on the Willamette two weeks after asking for a subpoena before the ethics commission?
Big ol’ gash on his head—must have hit the water pretty hard. Doesn’t explain all the blood back at his house from that morning he went missing and then walked downtown and took a leap off the railroad tressle, after he stopped for a drink at the Stagecoach. Another funny about that one—this whole thing’s got me laughin’ my ass off—when his body floated two weeks after he "disappeared", a gal called the police and said she saw a guy take a header off the tressle.
She and her boyfriend were boatin’ that day, spun around and didn’t see anybody so went home. Duh…call the police then, bitch! Also, the gal was the sister of the bartender at the Stagecoach bar downtown; last place Thompson was seen alive that Sunday.
Thompson was into alternative sex; fine, to each his own, unless it compromises innocent kids or people; or themselves and others that have to cover it up to protect their jobs/family/empires. He had a weird deal going with Mary Wendy Roberts; the daughter of Sect’y of State Barbara Roberts(Goldshit cronie), and soon-to-be-guv. Heard talk that Mary Wendy was a little light-footed too, but, as I said; as long as…
So there’s another little weird sex angle in this thing, and another body; another "suicide".
Want another one? Julian Burroughs. That’s a good name to not ever mention around Salem. See what Shorty has to say about the porn-king and his son, the dear-deceased Julian jr.
John Lucas anyone? RIP. Waldner’s grinning ear-to-ear, and his chicken-shit sons Michael and Pat just pick up stakes and move the operation to Florida.
McAlister’s gotta’ be enjoying the hell out of this when he logs on and reads through these posts. But there’s a bonfire burning in his brain that is the big "what if?". Folks roll Scott, you now that. folks get a conscience to; you wouldn’t know that; but you may find out the hard way! Keep slogging down those Lil’ Debbies with a rum and Coke; they like the porkers in the joint.
  1. Ex-Salem says:

    Yeah, they are kind of funny. But then it reminds me of how pissed off and worked up I get over all this crap.Again, it is like the 6-degrees of Michael Francke, Salem seems like such a small world sometimes.I wonder if the upholstery shop every came up in the mix, because that has it’s own 6° connection. hmmm

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