Louise Glass-Yvonne Heinrichs-Kevin Francke-Capital Car Wash-Lucas Chevrolet-The Natividad Family

Posted: May 30, 2009 in EMAILS-KEVIN FRANCKE
Had a little email exchange with Louise Glass yesterday. Here’s a portion of it.

From: louise glass
To: robtaylorus@yahoo.com
Date: Thursday, May 28, 2009, 11:46 AM

You have no clue what "my" story is! LOL
Date: Thu, 28 May 2009 11:13:48 -0700
From: robtaylorus@yahoo.com
To: Louise Glass

You’re right, I probably don’t have a clue what "your" story is. So everything you told Yvonne, Kevin and I must’ve been BS, otherwise I’d have some clue, wouldn’t you say?
Louise Glass wrote:
Yvonne is and has been a mental case,you…you are spun by spinning to much and Kevin is a friend…enough said!
—end of email exchange—
Yvonne is Yvonne Heinrichs. I personally don’t believe for a minute she is or has been a mental case. Ms. Heinrichs is a person who has been connected to this case since the night of the murder and was questioned by the police due to the fact she drove past the Dome Building during the alleged time of the murder. Her story about her dog acting strange and barking wildly while they were driving by is a "truth" that people like Louise Glass use to pass judgement on her and call her mental.
Well, time for me to pass judgement…again! Haha! ‘Course I’m going to do so by supporting my opinion with Louise’s own words and actions.
If anyone should be labeled "mental," it’s Louise Glass (LG). LG contacted Ms. Heinrichs long before she contacted me or Kevin in 2005. She spun the same story to Yvonne then that she spun to Kevin and I in 2005. If Yvonne is, and always has been a mental case, then why did LG spend so much time spinning her story to Yvonne, a mental case as LG says?
When LG claims I spin too much on my website, what is she referring to? The stuff I’ve spun about her which might compell some to question HER mental state of mind? Is she referring to me spinning the same story she told Yvonne and Kevin? The same story Kevin posted in Phil Stanford’s column? Yvonne, Kevin and I all three have spun the same story LG told us, yet Yvonne and I are attacked by her, and she calls Kevin a friend. Kevin, the guy who, along with his wife at the time, claimed to see apparitions of Michael standing in front of him if you want to talk about the state of ones mental capacity.
LG claims I haven’t a clue what her story is, yet I spun the same story Kevin did in Phil’s column. Does this mean Kevin doesn’t have a clue either and we’ve all three been misled by some crazy, loony woman calling herself Louise Glass? LOL!
LG and I had an email exchange a few short months ago and she ended up posting here in my blog. She’d post one day, then delete her post the next. Is this something normal people do? 
Anyway, the following post appeared in my message forum a few years back. It was an anonymous post made by Kevin Francke, (Well, it came from the same computer Kevin made other posts with. I know-I’m the webmaster remember?) and it was a response to a post made by LG. A lot of interesting points addressed, and comical in other aspects. Comical because Kevin was portraying himself as a former inmate clerk and weaving LG’s story into his and Phil Stanford’s Vince Capitan and Philip Kellotat story. Phil even wrote about some of this stuff in some of his final columns at the Trib. Personally, I’d like to see whatever evidence Kevin and Phil have that any of this is true. I believe a lot of it came from stories they were told by various people. People like Louise Glass, which doesn’t give their version much credibility IMO.
I mean, I could’ve come on my website and said I found Shorty Harden and he told me he lied at Frank’s trial. Would that have been as credible as Shorty himself stepping up and admitting he lied?
Oh, I’m sure Kevin and Phil are going to spin this Vince Capitan, Phil Kellotat, LG, Steven Daniels inmate clerk, Coyote Inc stuff in their book, but it will just be a story to hopefully sell their book to a publisher. They will try to weave that inmate clerk stuff into the inmate clerk stuff mentioned in the Warden Report. Know what I mean? If not, then read the Warden Report. I think there’s a copy in the files section of this site and also in the files section at my Yahoo Groups site.
What’s that? You didn’t know Phil and Kevin were working on a book? Yeah, Phil told me himself. Said something about hoping it might help Frank and all. LOL! A book of hearsay is what I’m afraid it might end up like, but we’ll wait and see. I don’t think a book will help Frank though, unless Nell Brown can use it in court at Frank’s appeal. LOL!  
In all fairness, some of what you are about to read can be supported by court documents.
Originally posted by Kevin Francke on Sep 20, 05 – 9:08 AM
LG, the question was who was murdered down in No.Cal.

Shasta County, specifically. Answer, Vincent Louis Capitan. Two guys did the hit out of Oregon; both recently released out of OSP. The hit was ordered by Philip Charles Kellotat, inmate-boss who was the big-dog at the joint, and later ran the annex working with Captain Budreau and later, Armenikas.
OR Police Glover(one of the members of the Franke task force) and Hart were on the take too and covered everyone’s ass. Whitley and McAlister were the overseers of all the illegal shit going down. It was not his first ordered hit, nor his last.
He had protection inside, and out when he was released shortly after being tried for Capitan’s murder and acquitted. His two stooges that gunned down Capitan that had agreed to plea-out for the state showed up, and clammed up.

Kellotat had an inmate law clerk on his payroll named coyote that could script passes for anyone at any time, even max-security people like Kellotat. He had his own computer he was using in therether state’s prisons like NV and CA and NM; there little Murder Incorporated pals. Check out the riots down in NM back in early 80’s; Kellotat was there and lit that fuse, along with his lieutenant Buck Burgess(I seen his pic on this site too!). I was a clerk too, but didn’t have or want the business with these guys, just do the time and get the fuck out.
I tried to get the information out to the right people and it damn near got me killed. They put me in Ad. Seg. for my "safety". Woke up one night and Hoyt Cupp’s(the warden)son was shining his mag-lite in my face. "Just making sure you’re alright snitch!"
The feds were starting to get warm to the deal so State tarted there own big investigation. Glover again, and that lt. O’Donald out of Bend. Cover-up anyone?
Look back at Capitan and his connections with the mob out of Portland and how he was the big boss in the joint and they killed him in a power struggle. Anybody who got in there way got wacked. Franke to. He knew to much and was to smart for them.
Originally posted by Kevin Francke on Sep 21, 05 – 9:39 PM
#1 re: Ferder. Yes he is a druggie…attorney, that is. His tie-in is who he represented at the time, and what sort of deals he worked out for HIMSELF and his clients, who just happened to be the major shots at Gable at trial. Concigliere for the Marion County boys and to keep his ass out of bar reprisals anyone?
#2 Capital Car Wash. Long story here, but to make it short, David Waldnerpartner with and the guy who iced John Lucas of Lucas Chevrolet, who was dealing coke and other drugs through car dealers up to Portland like Tonkin group, Hilyer in Woodburn et al. See Pepe Chavez and Tim Natividad. Who killed John Lucas, and why didn’t his sons who were knee-deep in the shit ever go after the killers? Anyone mention Towery, one of Lucas’ partner, and what about his daughter and dear old John? And who put the money up for Lucas’ Chevy dealership…dealer being the operative word here, in South Salem. The boys in the canyon(Santiam, for you outsiders); the Mormon Mafia as they called half the deal; Young and Morgan Lumber Co.(oh, Brigham Young would be so ashamed Vern!), and Freres Lumber. Freres Jacque, dorme vou? Lotsa’ nice landing strips up there above Idanha for Vern and Hoyt Cupp, warden at OSP huh George? Your dad’s governor, so we’re all bulletproof. Dow at Capital Car wash was a stupid, fat-ass patsy, just like the jackass that Waldner got to do Lucas.
#3 Lancaster and Silverton? I think you may mean Portland Road and Silverton Road. That was a used car dealership with Lucas/Waldner ties, and the shop out back was used by Shorty and Natividad to cook crank, along with Bill Sweeney, Butch Hammel and Joe Logan. Sweeney and Hammel would later be tried and convicted for the murder of Julian Burroughs, drug dealer and son of Mega-Porn dealer Julian Burroughs who owned a string of porno shops up from northern CA up the valley, and used to truck illegal porn(think about that one) into Canada for a huge profit…whom also is the the largest private depositor on record at Pioneer Bank in downtown Salem, by the way. Natividad’s sister was married to the guy’s father that owned the joint, that was just a front for drugs and moving money through the system.
#4 Pinning on a dead man would have been a great deal for everyone, except the dead man was Natividad, and everyone would have asked too many questions about him, and most importantly, his relationships. People with the AG’s office(get it Scott?), Governors office, DOC, local business icons et al would be stained…some, permanently(right Neal?).
The Natividad’s are part Native American, true, but a potpourri of lotsa’ other stuff, like most of us. Mother Carol was not Indian. Mother Carol was involved in a murder for hire down in Northern California that involved the mob and the Hells Angels which she pleaded out on, and that is how the whole group got to Oregon in the first place. Thank you CA.
Finally, if you still have the stomach for this shit, is that Kevin Franke and his family are about as stupid as a mud fence if they think they can come into a state and a community so well-entrenched in drugs, corruption and good-ol’ boyism that they think they can make a dent. Frank Gable is actually lucky to be alive this long. Hope he does get a new trial though. It’ll make a good read.
Isn’t it weird all this criminal activity Kevin posts about anonymously concerning the Natividad’s. Even Rooster’s mother!
Yet he says his family and the Natividads are all on good terms and have socialized in each other’s homes. Don’t know about you, but if any of this stuff is true I’d think twice about having them in my home.  

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